breanna rutter wearing two kinky twist haiirstyles skeleton braid and bow bun

Kinky Twist Full DVD Tutorial

In The Kinky Twists Hairstyle, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular braid twist hairstyle!   To achieve the Kinky Twists Hairstyle, you will need as follows; (4 ct. Color #1B) Packages of Kinky Twist Braiding Hair Wide Tooth Detangling Comb Rat Tail Comb Duck Bill Clips Hair Cutting Scissors Perm Rods Hair Ties/Head Bands Rubber Bands Bobby Pins Thick Dry Towel   Author and Internet … Continue Reading ► ► ►

close up of breanna rutter hair edges and hairline

How To Slick Edges For Natural 4C Hair

Amber has 4c natural hair just like me and wants to know how to get smooth edges like mine so how do I achieve them.   #1 Slick your edges with water, a little oil and a silk scarf If you have fine hair, a heavy oil or butter and the assistance of your silk scarf is all you need to slick down the edges of your hair. Using gels or holding sprays will leave … Continue Reading ► ► ►

back of breanna rutter head bantu knot twist on natural 4c hair

How To Do A Hot Olive Oil Treatment For Natural Hair!

Juliet wonders if after doing a hot oil treatment if you are supposed to rinse with cold water.   #1 Leave warm oil on your hair and scalp for at least 5 minutes Leaving the warm oil on your hair and scalp for about 5 minutes allows the oil to penetrate your scalp and hair. Warm temperature opens up your pores and raises the cuticles that protect your hair shaft and this is why the … Continue Reading ► ► ►

breanna rutter looking to the side kinky twist braids natural makeup look

How To Stop Breakage With Transitioning Hair

Olivia is having troubles transitioning with her hair from relaxed hair to natural hair and constantly has inconsistent breakage with her hair an she also doesn’t know how to style her hair.   #1 If hair breaks at the line of demarcation increase protein and deep conditioning treatments When your hair is breaking at the line of demarcation, which is a clear sign that your hair is missing an adequate supply of protein and moisture. … Continue Reading ► ► ►

quick weave glue in on african american hair

Removing Bonding Glue From Tracks | Remove Glue In From Hair

Cecellia wants to know how to remove glue from the weft of her tracks to reuse her extensions because she notices that it does not attach again well after because of the glue.   Hair Tip #1 For Easier Styling, Apply Bonding Glue to Hair You Don’t Mind Throwing Away It’s crucial that you do not ruin good quality hair extensions with bonding glue especially if you want to reuse them over and over again! … Continue Reading ► ► ►

breanna rutter smiling kinky twist extensions to the side with natural makeup look

Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding When Baby Turned 3 Months Old!

Trina is experiencing excessive shedding after the birth of her new child and it was not this bad after the birth of her first child so what can she do to reduce her shedding.   #1 Your hair will finally shed 3 to 4 months after child birth Once your hormones have become balanced again and also as your internal organs shift back into place, everything will resume as normal. Since the shedding phase of … Continue Reading ► ► ►