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Damaged Hair To Healthy Hair Treatment At Home For Natural & Relaxed Hair

  Amina only likes to use natural ingredients in her home since she has a small child and she needs remedies for hair damage that don’t involve any or much chemicals.   Hair Tip #1 Deep Condition Your Hair With Coconut Oil To Hydrate Your Hair Coconut oil is a great deep conditioning oil, moisturizer and oil sealant for some. Those with fine and or thin hair benefit greatly with the use of coconut oil … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Sew In Techniques | Alopecia Sew In, No Edges Sew In & Thin Edges Sew In

Joan loves sew ins but she needs tips and tricks to give her the best results in all situations.   Hair Tip #1 Weaving Net for Alopecia, Thin Hairlines, and Bald Spots This material is best for someone who has thin/fine hair or bald spots and in this case, use a weaving net that is sturdy. For weak hair or fragile hairlines, use a flexible light weaving net for gentle support. Sturdy Weaving Net For … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Dreadlocks | Sister Locks VS Traditional Locs Vs Free Form Locks!

  Elsa has always wants to lock but doesn’t know the difference between lock styles to know exactly what she wants.   There are many different varieties of locks based on the look of them when they are personalized to taste but there are only 3 different kinds of locks. Traditional Locks are standard locks many individuals wear. The sizes of these locks are about the width of your index finger. Sister Locks are very … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Blend Weave With Natural Hair

  Monica needs help figuring out what extensions to wear with her 3C and 4A hair without applying heat to her hair or dealing with heat damage trying to blend her curly hair with straight weaves.   Hair Tip #1 For Braids and Twist Use Kanekalon or Toyokalon Braiding Hair The texture of your braiding hair can make your twists or braids look seamless or disastrous so make sure that you are choosing the appropriate … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Go Natural With Short Hair Or Long Relaxed Hair

  Linda has incredible thick relaxed hair and she is not sure if going natural with thick hair is attainable. She wants simple hair care techniques to help her go natural.   Hair Tip #1 For Easy Detangling, Detangle on Wet Hair With Conditioner or Oils Use a quality moisturizer or conditioner on wet hair to help you to detangle or handle your hair appropriately. For instance, if you detangle and handle dry hair it … Continue Reading ► ► ►