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Deep Conditioning Natural Hair & Relaxed Hair with Coconut Oil & Olive Oil

Salona wants my advice on the best deep conditioning product for relaxed hair and natural hair because her daughter is natural while she is relaxed and she wants products that can apply to both of their types of hair.   Hair Tip #1 Avoid Deep Conditioners with Silicones Water Soluble and Non Water Soluble It is o.k. to use water soluble silicones (PEG 8 or higher) in your deep conditioning treatment product but to avoid … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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DIY Hair Cream Treatment For Natural Hair Growth!

Priscilla asks what product makes hair grow and promote hair growth. She heard that banana, honey and egg help.   Hair Tip #1 Banana, Honey, and Egg is Great for a Mild Moisturizing Protein Treatment Since egg is present in this deep conditioner with banana, this homemade deep conditioning treatment will serve as a moisturizing mild protein treatment. Using egg and honey for hair growth is just fine without banana because using banana for deep … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Box Braids On White People | Single Braids With Extensions

Samantha wants to know if her frizzy hair will stay smooth while trying box braids for the first time!   Hair Tip #1 Deep Condition Your Hair Before Installing Braids It’s important that you hair has been moisturized to prevent dry hair and frizzy hair while wearing your single plaits. If you want to safely add color with your single braids, you can do your box braids with color braiding hair. Colored Braiding Hair … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Make Black Hair Grow FASTER & LONGER!

Falicia is relaxed and if she does go natural, will her hair grow longer and faster without a relaxer because her hair is always thin from relaxers. The question always asked is “Can black people grow long hair?” and the answer is simply yes but it takes a combination of hair care methods and products to achieve this!   Hair Tip #1 Relaxed Hair and Natural Hair only Thrives with Proper Care You can grow … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Why Do Black People Have Short Hair??? I GOT THE ANSWER!!!

Monisa (not Reeta) wants me to talk about why black girls still have problems with short hair with so much information out there in the world to grow longer healthier hair, is she missing something?   Hair Tip #1 Its Common For Black Girls to Have Relaxed Hair and This Alone Can Cause Damaged Hair Relaxing your hair does not mean you cannot grow long hair, it is the culprit for many individuals whose hair … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Find A Professional Natural Hair Stylist – Natural Hair Salon

Yolanda is scared to go natural without a hairstylist because she would need to go to a trusted stylist weekly but how does she find a reputable hair salon? She wants some advice on how to choose a hairstylist for natural hair. Hair Tip #1 Research Online for Reviewed Natural Hair Salons You Can Travel To Research to find local hair salons or salons that you are willing to travel to and choose one that … Continue Reading ► ► ►