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Natural Hair Growth Journey Tips + Length Retention Tips

  Crissy is convinced that black hair grows slow because she takes great care of it but her length does not show all the hard work she puts into taking care of her hair.   Hair Tip #1 Naturally Curly Hair Experiences Shrinkage Which Hides Your True Length It’s a given that natural hair shrinks and depending on your texture and curl type, you will experience shrinkage dramatically or subtly. Implementing a healthy natural hair … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Human Hair Extensions & Braiding Hair For Black Women

Vanesia needs help shopping for weave for different situations because human hair weave is getting too expensive and she is not sure if she needs to buy it to achieve the look she wants. She needs advice on some cheap weaves that look good for different hairstyles.   Hair Tip #1 Human Hair Weave for Beginners or Hairstyling Practice The best weaves for beginners are the cheapest weaves that will allow for you to thoroughly … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Natural Hair & Silicones WORK FOR DRY HAIR! – Silicone Conditioners

  Brittane asked this question because she has been using a deep conditioner that has silicones in it and she does not experience hair a problem so why is there such a stigma with silicones in the hair community.   Hair Tip #1 Silicones are great for Heat Styling and getting Humidity Free Straightened Hair Silicones can be used to protect your hair against frequent heat usage and also from the heat of using a … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Get Very Curly Hair WITHOUT HEAT!

  Teranna has afro like hair with small coils scattered throughout her hair but she wants to enhance it so make it more curly.   Hair Tip #1 Curls fall in the Type 3 Hair Category and Coils fall in the Type 4 Hair Category Understanding how to get your hair curly without heat goes hand in hand with trial and error by using different hair styling tools no matter your curl pattern or curl … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Fix Damaged Dry Hair Extensions

  Kara is new to wearing virgin Remy hair extensions but her new hair has started to look dull and dry.   Hair Tip #1 Use Quality Hair Products to Keep the Hair Moisturized & Healthy This is my most referenced tip to fixing any situation with your hair because hair products are used to preserve the health of your hair. Avoiding ingredients like sulfates, silicones and petroleum are very important for keeping extensions of … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Best Oils For Dry Hair – Benefits of Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil For Hair Care!

Mondra is trying to find the best oils to help her dry hair because some oils are too greasy and essential oils are too expensive for so little product.   Hair Tip #1 Use Oils That Penetrate the Hair Shaft Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil The best oil that has the ability to moisturize because it has the ability to penetrate your hair shaft is coconut oil! You can treat your hair with a … Continue Reading ► ► ►