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Should I Big Chop? Severe Breakage and Thinning Relaxed Hair!

Sherrie started having problems after switching relaxer treatments and immediately notices thinner straighter hair with breakage.  #1 Switch to a milder version of the relaxer offered by the brand you were originally using Go back to using the original relaxer that you were previously using or you could use the mildest version of the relaxer you were once using. Since a relaxer is a chemical processing treatment, I suggest that you consult with a licensed … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Cold Weather Hair Care Tips NO WEAVE NO BRAIDS!

Corisa is 2 years natural and Canada’s cold weather makes it hard in the health of her hair and she wants some techniques to keep her hair healthy and maintained without the need of extensions  #1 Extreme temperature negatively affects your strands of hair Temperature affects your hair in way that raises your cuticles or causes them to flatten. When your hair is in a warm or hot environment, it causes your cuticles and raise … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Shampoo and Conditioner Wash For Natural 3c 4a Hair

Henrietta shampoos and conditioner washes every 3 to 3 days and her mom thinks that is too frequent.  #1 This frequency is fine if you are active but not necessary if you aren’t If you are working out intensely and frequently, then washing or co washing your hair every 3 days is fine. Be sure to keep your hair wound in braid or twists when shampooing and conditioning because this decreases your need to detangle … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Dye Natural Hair Without Hair Damage | Without Bleach and Natural Dye

Faith wants to know how to dye her hair without permanent hair damage.  Hair Tip #1 I Highly Recommend a Licensed Cosmetologist for Coloring Your Hair When coloring your hair and especially of it is very important to you that you attain desired results with your hair color, its best to leave this in the hands of the professionals who have been trained to properly perform chemical treatments to your hair. Even though YouTube is … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Clean & Moisturize Thick Fine Protein Sensitive Natural Hair

Cheryl uses protein rich products and it is making her hair dry and brittle she needs suggestions.   #1 Only use protein products when your hair feels very elastic and limp Protein products are vital for strengthening hair that tends to be naturally weaker such as thin or fine hair. Without the use of protein, your hair can become very fragile if it isn’t already and this causes a lot of issues with breakage since … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Frizzy Hair Ends & Damaged Ends Hair Treatment Repair

Latasha has frizzy ends even when straightening her hair and no matter what, styles do not look good so what should she to prevent frizzy ends when she straightens her hair.  Hair Tip #1 Dry Damaged Hair Usually Looks Frizzy If you hair is dry and/or damaged, it will look very frizzy all over. If all of your hair looks evenly frizzy, it is likely that you have dry hair and to repair that, a … Continue Reading ► ► ►