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Hair Growth Products and Hair Damage Treatment | Dead Ends and Hair Repair

  Kara has 2 inches dead hair at the ends and she knows that she needs a trim but she needs to grow more hair first before she is comfortable with cutting it. She has struggled with hair growth since the age of 14.   Hair Tip #1 You Can Not Retain or Gain Hair Length with Damaged Ends Damaged hair will continue to break off an cause more damage upward your hair shaft! Refusing … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How Fast Does African American Hair Grow

  Trish wants to know how fast she can grow her hair. Her dream is shoulder length hair when straightened so what can she do to make her hair grow fast.   Hair Tip #1 Hair On Average Grows ½ inch Monthly This is a natural growth of hair from your scalp but it can grow slower or faster depending on your diet and lifestyle.  A diet high in B Vitamins and Omega Fats allow … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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My Box Braids are Loose | How To Get Tighter Individual Plaits Braids

  Duwana is struggling with getting her box braids close to her scalp!   Hair Tip #1 Perfect the Box Braiding Technique Perfecting box braids is not as simple as overlapping one leg of the braid over another because perfect box braids are the result of practice! Even if you know how to install box braids you still need practice to make them uniform and neat. If you want to learn how to do box … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Sew In Braid Pattern Thinning My Hair | Bald Spot on my Crown

  Shavonda thought sews in were good for her hair but obviously not if she has had the same bald spot for over 1 year and she thinks it the same braid pattern   Hair Tip #1 The Same Sew In Braid Pattern Will Train The Parting Of Your Hair Change up the direction that you choose to braid your braids as well as your braid pattern. If straight back braids work for your sew … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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How To Blend Natural Hair With Weave | Straightening Your Leave Out

  Enjoli wants to straighten her leave out to blend with her hair but she also wants to have more curly hairstyles so what should she do. She wants to know how to blend her natural hair with curly weave.   Hair Tip #1 Too Much Heat Even With Proper Care Can Lead to Heat Damaged Hair If you are going to use heat on your hair to help blend your texture of hair with … Continue Reading ► ► ►

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Hair Thinning at the Crown of Head | Why Do I Have Hair Loss

  Rochelle says that I give great hairstyling ideas but she needs help with her thinning crown even though she has gained 2 ½ inches of growth recently   Hair Tip #1 Thinning Crowns Indicate Poor Health If the crown of your hair is thinning, this is an extreme side effect to indicate a decline in health, especially at a young age! If premature thinning runs in your family you can predict how and when … Continue Reading ► ► ►