Beehive Sew In Fold Over Method Full Head Wig With Chinese Bangs Tutorial Part 3

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To achieve the Full Sew In Wig With Straight Hair, you will need as follows;


(2)Packs of Weft Human Hair Extensions

Flat Iron

Hair Comb


Curved Needle

Spool of Black Weaving Thread

Black Dome Cap

Snappable Wig Clips

Manikin Head




You have the choice to purchase different colored weaving thread but you

want to use the thread that best matches your hair color.

Since my extensions are more black than brown, it’s appropriate to use black weaving thread. If you are installing, for instance, blonde, red, or brown weave/extensions, you want to weaving thread to color coordinate with your tracks.

This helps greatly in camouflaging the fact that you have extensions installed in your hair.

It would be an awful feeling knowing that you and the others around you can potentially see blonde or red thread peeking through your black or brown extensions!




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