How To Stop Hair Loss and Excessive Shedding Naturally

Are you shedding hair like crazy? One time or another, everyone experiences some sort of hair loss in their life. Having a general understanding about hair loss will help you diagnose whether or not you are experiencing excessive shedding, hair breakage, or normal shedding. Hair loss and hair shedding are different situations even though in both situations you are losing hair. In hair loss, you are losing your hair in larger quantities. You will notice that every time you handle your hair, you seem to be loosing more and more hair. Shedding hair on the other hand is normal. You have to shed hair because that is the life cycle of hair. It grows, rests, and the sheds (ejects itself from your scalp). I will help you understand whether or not you are experience normal shedding or if you do have a problem on hand.
Normal Hair Shedding or Hair Loss Hair Tip #1 White or Clear Bulbs on Your Hair Strands
After a detangling or combing session, take a look at the ends of your hair, look very closely. Do you notice a white or clear like bulb on the very end? This means that you are not prematurely loosing hair, your hair is going through it’s own natural shedding process.
“Well, I see bulbs but I am still losing a lot of hair!”
Try not to worry, panic, or stress yourself out because there is always a reason why it may be this way.
Do you have thick or dense hair? Do you have long hair? Just one of these reasons along will make it appear as if you are loosing large amounts of hair.
Are the shed hairs shorter than the length of the hair on your head? You are experiencing hair breakage. The products you are using or the way that you are manipulating your hair can be the reason why your strands are breaking instead of naturally shedding.
Another reason could even be because you are experiencing hormonal changes. As our body changes within, it may reflect through our health with includes our hair, skin, nails, and body parts. Menopause and Pregnancy may be the reason why you are experiencing hair loss.
What you can do in these situations, if your doctor allows, is to apply essential oils to your scalp to encourage hair growth. Essential oils like Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and even Lavender Oil and Spearmint oil naturally increases blood flow to your hair follicles. The more blood flow to your scalp, the more nutrients your hair needs to flourish. I suggest that you dilute the oils with water and mist them on your scalp or rub your scalp with a q tip dipped in the oil to apply. The strength of the oils can make your scalp irritated because of it’s potency so do what’s comfortable for you.
Normal Hair Shedding or Hair Loss Hair Tip #2 More Than Normal When Taking Down Your Hair
How often do you wear weave extension hairstyles? Sometimes when I wear certain styles, I may even leave them in for three weeks at a time. Everyday you loose on average 100 hairs a day. Multiply that by 15 days and that adds up quickly!
When you take down hairstyles that you have been wearing for a while, it will appear as if you are loosing hair. As soon as your hairstyle was installed, all of your shed hair will remained trapped within your extensions or natural hairstyle until you detangle and comb through your hair. This will appear to be more shed hair than normal. The amount is normal, you just happen to see a collection of shed hairs all at once that were shed through your hair’s natural shedding process.
How Do You Stop Premature Shedding or Hair Breakage?


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