What Is The Best Hair Treatment for Dry Brittle Hair Ends on African American Hair?

Dry ends are devastating! Especially when you want to wear certain hairstyles that depend up nice smooth, healthy hair ends.When figuring out how to fix your dry hair, searching for that #1 hair product for your hair care remedies may not solve your dry brittle ends. There could be a single reason or multiple reasons why you are experiencing a bit of frizzy hair. The more process and hair products you put your African american hair through, the more difficult it is to diagnose such an infamous question..
“Why are the ends of my hair so Dry and Brittle?”

When growing your hair long (if that’s what you chose to do) remember, the health of your hair is a direct reflection of your knowledge about how to take care of your hair. If someone else does your hair, their knowledge will be reflective upon your hair. The thing we must keep in mind about black hair is that it wants gentle products and hair practices. Black hair is not complicated at all! Below I will give you my top 6 reasons why your relaxed hair or natural hair may have dry brittle ends.Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #1 Hair Handling/ Hair Manipulation

The way that you handle and manipulate your hair is extremely important when preventing dry brittle hair ends, ultimately hair damage! It is very easy to detangle you hair while it is moist and slippery.

To detangle my natural hair, I use a cheap affordable Vo5 Strawberry Rinse Conditioner and an extremely wide tooth comb. Using a comb with teeth that are close together pulls harshly on the ends of your hair which leads to… (drum roll please)…DRY BRITTLE ENDS!

Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #2 Overuse/Overkill of Sulfate Rich Hair Shampoos

Sulfate shampoos are ONLY neccessary when you have extreme buildup on your hair and or scalp so using them on the regular dries out your hair so much, that you’re probably convinced  the Sahara Desert exists right on top of your head! Many who experience dry brittle ends often times use harsh hair shampoos to cleanse their hair. Use something a lot more gentle, and natural, I like Dr. Bronner’s Shampoo.Also, aim to find hair shampoos that are made with all natural ingredients. If you want 100% organic natural ingredients in your hair shampoos, it can become exhausting trying to find that product. Even then, it may be not cleansing enough or too short of a life span for your use! Experimentation is key. Buying an all natural hair shampoo for black hair may be too expensive for you to afford, your hair probably wont mind using products that have chemicals or synthetic ingredients in them. I personally don’t have a natural product standard, I start cheap to see what works before things become more and more expensive. Below are a couple of Organic Natural Hair Shampoos that may interest you, all three have received some of the best customer reviews.



I personally have two shampoo staples that I stick to, ever since I have been natural, I have always used Dr. Bronners Lavendar Shampoo for a regular shampoo and If I need a good wash because of mineral deposit or product build up on my hair, I use Organic Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo.


Also, are your products PH balanced? Hair wants to have a PH balance of 4.5 – 5.5. Make sure to test your hair products to make sure they are PH balanced. This will ensure that your hair lives in a perfect environment as it keeps your cuticles closed (ultimately sealing in moisture)!
Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #3 Protein and Moisture Hair Needs

Does your hair appear to be extremely elastic? What about if it feels very hard and brittle to the point where it breaks off? Making sure that your hair is balanced with protein and moisture is important. Figuring out how to achieve this does not require an in depth scientific experiment, you simply want to go by look and feel.

You need more protein in your hair if your hair feels gummy, limp, or too stretchy.

You need more moisture in your hair if it feels hard, brittle, and you happen to be experiencing breakage.

To restore moisture into my hair, I like to coat my hair in either olive oil or coconut oil with an intense 20 minute session under the Heautiful Hair Steamer. I also don’t have problems with protein so I do not use protein treatments to balance my hair, instead, I use Africa’s Best Braid Sheen Spray With Conditioner that I spritz on my hair about every other day, give or take.




Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #4 Hair In Contact With Moisture Absorbent Materials

The main culprits that likeS to steal moisture from your hair are materials made of cotton or wool. The best preserver of moisture would be materials made of silk. Sleep on silk pillowcases or with a silk bonnet or hair scarf to prevent your cotton pillowcases from taking moisture from your hair. Also, make sure that your hair doesn’t brush against the shoulders of your clothes so much. This will cut back on the dryness and brittleness that you may be experiencing with your hair. Overtime if you avoid protecting your hair with silk, dry brittle ends can start to creep up your hair shafts.






Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #5 The Ends Are Most Pourous
Did you know the ends of your hair are the most porous parts of your hair? Since the oldest parts of your hair are the ends of your hair, overtime it’s cuticle scales start to weather away. Remember, hair is composed of dead keratin cells..its not a living organism. Overtime, its only natural that the hair looses some of its cuticle scales and because of that, it adds difficulty when trying to keep them moisturized. Cuticle scales close against the hair shaft (In a balanced PH environment) and provide you with a moisture protection for the inner layers of your hair. The ends of your hair will naturally, feel a little bit on the dry side sometimes.
Dry Brittle Hair Ends Hair Tips #6 Have You Had a Cut, Trim, Or Dust To Your Ends?

Its probably about that time ladies! Holding on to those dry, crusty, flimsy ends gets you nowhere in your hair journey. If you want to regress with your hair growth hair care regiment, just simply never cut, trim, or dust the ends of your hair. Trimming the ends when necessary will reveal the true health of your hair in most cases. If you have tried everything above, you probably haven’t tried this solution. Please don’t run from this, just snip of the very itsy bitsy ends if that’s all you have the courage to do. The more damaged hair you trim, the better your hair will look. Please take care of this when you only have a little bit of hair to cut off rather than waiting so long that it seems like now, you have to have a haircut.

Make sure to use stainless steel hair cutting shears to cut your ends. The best trim happens when you only use stainless steel hair cutting shears for your hair. You will have clean cuts and better hair quality.

How do you treat the ends of your dry brittle hair?
Leave your comments and questions below!


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