Why Do Dreadlocs Grow So Fast and Long?


Growing Dreadlocks, Dreads, Locs and even Sister Locks is such a patience game. Many wish that their hair could just lock immediately with a couple of palm rolls but the nature of your African American hair has to take it’s course. Even if you hair has the kinkiest of kinks, time still has to pass for the hair to actually “lock”. A lot of times, others on the outside looking in can’t help but envy the incredible lengths it can reach. There is even a woman named Asha Mandela who has been growing her dreads for 20 years! Her hair reaches a length of 8 feet 9 inches. Even taller (or longer) than the tallest man in the world! It seems that those with natural or relaxed hair, can’t seem to reach floor sweeping lengths, why is that? Even those that take the best care of their hair have to fight for at least mid back to waist length hair! “Does Dreadlocks grow faster and longer than natural hair (or un locked hair)?”   The answer to this question isn’t an actual hair tip but more so a piece of hair advice. Better yet, an insight on why it appears that dreadlocks grow extremely fast and extremely long. It’s not polite or understanding to say that dreadheads don’t experience breakage on their ends so retaining length is a given. To a degree, I can understand the “un locked” side of the argument but for anyone who is trying to grow their hair, especially African American hair, it can be quite challenging. Its not a breeze achieving perfect hair conditions for flourishing hair. When we examine natural unlocked hair and those who have locs, those who have locs don’t have to deal with breakage on the ends of their hair. Also, technically speaking, it is probably easier retaining length because of that very thing. I believe that if you have someone who has had natural unlocked hair for 8 years, their hair will probably be shorter than someone who has rocked locs for 8 years as well. So do I believe dreadlocks grow faster and longer. No. On average, everyone’s hair grows at the same rate. I just believe that it appears so because it is easier for those with locs to retain length.   Does dreadlocks, locs, or sister locks grow longer and faster in your opinion?




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