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How To Braid Yarn Braids On Your Own Hair Step By Step

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The Steps to achieving the Yarn Braids goes as follows;

Step 1: Hair Supplies
Step 2: Yarn Braid Technique
Step 3: Tips & Advice
Step 4: Yarn Braids In A Rush
Step 5: Finished Results
Step 6: 3 Yarn Braid Hairstyles
Step 7: The Take Down

About The Stylist

Breanna Rutter is a World Renowned Hairstylist who has taught millions around the world through her DVD styles. Breanna is also the Author of The Natural Hair Bible
& Founder of HowToBlackHair.com

The Yarn Braids Hairstyle is a great hairstyle to wear whether you have relaxed hair or natural hair. Hairstylist Breanna Rutter demonstrates how to do yarn braids on her own natural 4c hair. This style can be achieved with great results on any and all hair types.

This DVD will save you a lot of money because the money that you would spend to have your hair braided at a salon, is money that you can save for other purchases and services!

Breanna continues to receive an overwhelming amount of fan mail because her DVD styles has helped so many people save money by doing their own hair.
Here are some of the testimonies sent by email to Breanna from purchasing customers!

Lorraine B: Hi Breanna, I love your instructional dvds and I had to purchase this one because I have never seen this style before and I wanted to try it out. I can’t stop rocking my Yarn Braids now thanks to you!

Shanda G: Thank you for the yarn braid dvd Breanna! I took the weekend off of work to do this style myself and it turned out so pretty! I love your dvds keep up the good work!

Victoria D: Hi Breanna, thank you for being so informative! I like the way that you go over steps during the entire process and even at the end of the process. You are a really good teacher who has taught me how to do beautiful styles on my hair. I will be purchasing your other dvds soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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