Bantu Knot Out Curls On SHORT HAIR! Part 3 of 4

Breanna Rutter


In The Bantu Knot Out Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


Taking down your bantu knots can yield you your best result or your worst results.

Twisting your hair to form your Zulu Knots/Bantu Knots is the easiest part and its usually an error free ordeal.

But, when it is time to take down your Bantu Knots the biggest mistakes can happen simply because of the way that you decide to detangle your twists as you take them down.

Bantu Knots are meant to be defined so when you unravel a knot, you want to leave it as is.

Separating the knots further will leave your used to be defined bantu knotout into a fluffy wavy piece of hair.

It is best to conceal obvious sectioned of squares off hair by simply fluffing your hair at the roots with an afro pick.

You don't want to bring the pick all the way through your hair, you just want to pick at the roots to give your hair more volume, conceal the parts, and to also leave the ends of your hair in a defined bantu knot out.


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Part 3


Part 4




Here we are in step number three of the bantu knot hairstyle in this step I will show you how to take down your Bantu knots and I will also show you how to fluff the roots of your hair so before we begin taking down our knots I will show you how your hair must look before you begin so this is similar to what your Bantu knots should look like once all of your knots have been twisted and dried so now I will finally show you how to take down your Bantu knots and how to fluff the roots of your hair so now that you are ready to take down your Bantu knots we are going to begin so I'm going to take my olive oil that I used to seal the moisture into my hair and I'm just going to spray a little bit of it into my hands and lubricate my fingers to take down a little bit to take down my knots and I take my main fingers and I just lap up some of the oil in my hand and then once my fingers have been lubricated I'm going to grab one of my Bantu knots and I'm going to twist in the opposite direction to unravel it so if you don't know which direction to twist it just pick a direction so I am going got twist to the right and I feel that my bantu knot gets tighter so that means I need to twist to the other way around and then I start to feel my knots get looser this is the direction you want to go you don't want any resistance when you're taking down your bantu knot because if you have any resistance you should twist in the other direction so now it is going to continue to twist and as you can see is starting to unravel and my roots are starting to get a little bit untwisted so you can use your other fingers to help you unravel the rest just a little bit more you don't want to pull on your hair you just want to gently unravel and smoothly her strands with your oiled fingers as you work your way down just like that so now once more I am going to lubricate my fingers you don't have to lubricate your fingers every single time you take down your Bantu knot what is best do that to provide extra slip and extra coating of oil onto your strands some going to take my will once again the spray just a little square in my hand you don't need a lot of oil you take your fingers left of your oil rubbed into your hand and start taking on the other knot so I'm going to do is about to twist in a direction that gives me no resistance and I am goin got continue to turn that twist until I work my way down and gently slide my fingers to the bottom and then I can release so that's the same thing that you do to all of your twists to unravel them to work on the section little bit of oil rubbed into my fingers and I'm going unravel this twist this way gives me more tension and it gives me resistance and stops me from unraveling so I want to twist in the other direction then use your hands suggest gently rub all the way down to the bottom really softly to unreleased that bantu knot so now I'm going to finish taking down the rest of my knots on my hair so now that all of your Bantu knots have been released and unraveled we will begin as I show you how to fluffed the roots of your hair with an Afro pick so now your Bantu knots have released we are ready to start fluffing the roots of our hair so in my hand here I have an Afro pick and it doesn't matter what size teeth you have just want enough teeth on your comb and one long teeth to help you to lift your hair slighty at the roots of your hair you do not want to drag the pick all the way up from roots and you just want to lift a little bit of the ways about a third to about half of the way up your Bantu knot so now I am going to start on the section here and what I'm going to do is take my Afro pick and I'm going to slide in firmly against the roots of my hair some cannot press the pick I am going to slide straight and right underneath this group of Bantu knots to slightly lift up as you can see I am not bringing the pick all the way through I'm just lifting up probably about a fourth of the way to a third of the way I'm going to work my way around on the other sides of my Bantu knot as well doing this method is supposed to help give you more volume in your look and also to disguise the parts in your hair so you just going to lift until you get the desired volume that you want or just left just enough to make sure that none of your scalp is showing in your certain section so as you can see my scalp is pretty much covered and if not you could just continue to fluff and even if fluffing doesn't provide enough for you you can simply put your pick down and then you can just use your fingers to just slightly pool at the roots just slightly open the base of your actual Bantu not to widen it up to cover up more of your scalp remember you do not want to separate the Bantu not here at the root you just want to pull apart your roots just slightly to open it up to create more volume at the base soon as you can see the section is concealed but as you can see in other sections you see my scalp showing so you want to make sure to go ahead and finish and consider all of your scalp to complete your look so in this step of the Bantu knot hairstyle I showed you how to take down your Bantu knots and also how to fluff the roots of your hair to help you complete your look so to begin you want to make sure that you lubricate your fingers with oil and twist in the direction of your knot that gives you the least amount of resistance once all of your Bantu knots have been unraveled you will then use your Afro pick slide against the root of your hair and begin to lift to fluffed the roots of your style this in itself will give you more volume and lift and it will also conceal any visible scalp that you see peeking through your hair so I only work on a small section just to show you the process of fluffing the roots of your hair in the next step, step number four I will show you the finished results to your Bantu knot hairstyle


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