How To Do Senegalese Twist In A Rush TUTORIAL! Step 3 of 8

Breanna Rutter


For The Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve the Rope Twists Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(5) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair


Hair cutting scissors

Hair gel

Hair Water Spray Bottle

Hair Ties/Head bands

Bobby pins


When doing your Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions, there may be a time, or two, when other priorities intervene.

There may be times when you have to go out to get something to eat, you may have to cook for your family, or make it on time to work.

Doing your individual twists/Senegalese Rope Twists Extensions in a rush with my method will show you results that seems as if your hair has been finished.

Twist your hair around the perimeter of your head so that when those inconveniences force you to take a break from your hair, you can put your hair into a ponytail to continue on later.



You are in step three of the Senegalese style in this step I will be sharing with you more of my best tips tricks and advice for doing your to twists tip number one unity is not preventing hair loss an alopecia if you or anyone you know suffered from any type of hair loss or even alopecia one of the leading reasons why is because women get their hair installed braided or twisted entirely too tight if it hurts as you are getting your hair done even if you are doing your hair please make sure to loosen up the tension so that you can actually keep your hair the tighter you braid your hair the more prone you are to breakage in hair loss in itself so in the case of beauty is pain that is not true because beauty is not pain tip number two twisting close to your roots when you are twisting your Senegalese twist make sure to twist as close to your roots as possible this does not mean you have to twist extremely tight you want to make sure that your twists are installed properly and comfortably so the closer to you twist to your roots the more fresher style looks when you are twisting your twist and you notice that your weave extensions seem to slide down your hair simply restart it was over again and make sure that is installed comfortably and properly tip number three brick parting when you are parting and twisting your hair is back to do party and brick layering with your twists just imagine the wall of a home the way you would lay breaks down for your first layer you would have a brick and another brick that meets to one another the second layer of bricks would go directly over where the crease is to ensure that all those bricks ensure a very sturdy wall so when you are twisting your hair make sure to layer twist in this fashion so that not much of your scalp is revealed your style this ensures that your style looks a lot more full and your twist appear to be very close together tip number four practice this is by far my most important to you have to offer you and is also my most overlooked of them all in order to become better at doing your Senegalese twist you must practice without practicing the style there is no way that you can get better at doing it on your first try you got your Senegalese heartbeat congratulations but just know that that is extremely rare in order to be good at doing your hair you always have to practice at the styles so even though it may be difficult and frustrating and even complicated just know that the more you put in time and work on the style the better you will be at doing your Senegalese twist so there you have it 4 all my best tips and tricks for doing your Senegalese twist in the next step, step number four I will show you how to do your twists in a rush


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