Salon Quality Box Braid Tips And Advice Tutorial Part 3 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve the Box Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;


When braiding your Box Braids/Single Braids extensions, make sure to take your time! I know it’s fun and even if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful with the way that you handle the hair on your head. Be careful that when you braid your hair that it isn't too tight. Your extensions should feel snug with only a slight pull, if you feel uncomfortable, have headaches or pain, that is your scalp letting you know that the tension is unbearable. Braiding the hair too tight does help the style last for a little bit longer but it also encourages hair loss which no one wants! You can reduce this greatly by braiding at a tightness that is comfortable for you. So many times, I used to braid my hair too tight just to make it “last longer” and I would be hurting myself in the end.Take your time and stick to what you know works for you and keep working and practicing as your do your Box Braids/Single Braids!


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You are step number three of the single braid style in this that I will be giving you my tips and tricks for doing a beautiful single braid extensions tip number one beauty is not pain preventing hair loss and alopecia if you or anyone you know suffers from hair loss or alopecia one of the leading reasons why is probably because they wear their hair extremely too tight when you're getting any styles done whether it’s a weave or braids or twists you want to make sure that is installed comfortably because over time we constantly wear styles that are too tight you end up losing hair so be extremely careful when you are getting your hair or if you are doing your own hair you want to make sure that once the style is finished you’re comfortable in your able to sleep at night and go throughout your day without having so indicate that beauty is pain that is not true because beauty is not tip number two braiding close to your roots when you are getting your single braid extensions install you want to make sure that your braiding as close to the roots of your hair as possible this ensures that your style with me and then look as fresh as they can be when you are braiding you braids and you are noticing that your weave is starting to slide down your hair simply restart the bread over until it looks the way it is supposed to make sure that you are braiding as close to your roots because it will look the difference between a style that is freshly done verses a style is probably a couple of weeks old tip number three brick parting when you are parting and braiding your hair you want to make sure that you use brick parting method to ensure that not much of your scalp is revealed n your style so the way you do your brick parting braids is to imagine athe way that bricks are laid for the wall home so for your first layer of bricks you have one brick and for your second break that meeting together for the first layer is a layer you take your next break in you place it directly over the crease all those to bricks this ensures for a sturdy wall and when you are braiding your hair this ensures that you conceal as much scalp as possible by doing this meant that you're able to have more of a more of a fuller style without as many braids tip number practice this is by far my most important to for you and also my most overlooked tip of them all in order to be better at doing your single braid extensions you must continue to practice at it no one ever gets it right on the first try it's extremely rare when it important to be great at doing your hair you have to continue to work on the technique and apply the tips and tricks as well even though sometimes it can be confusing and difficult and frustrating just know that if you continue to apply the same techniques when doing your single braid extensions eventually they will turn out exactly the way that you would like so that is all the tips that I have for you when you are doing your single braid extensions in the next step, step number four I'll be showing you how to do your single braids in a rush


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