Invisible Part Weave Closure Hair Install Tips Step 4 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve the Invisible Part Full Sew In Hairstyle, you will need as follows;


(2)Packs of Weft Human Hair Extensions

Flat Iron

(1) Black Wig Cap


(1) Curved Needle

(1) Spool of Black Weaving Thread

(1) Hair Comb

Hair Spray Bottle

Olive Oil


As you sew in your weave extensions, keep in mind how you would wear your hair. If you would like to curl your hair or wet the hair, buying human hair is your best choice.

Synthetic hair is appropriate if you don’t want to wear the Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave style for too long. Synthetic hair is also great for practicing.

The hair is very inexpensive so if you are not successful in your Full Sew In Invisible Part Weave attempts, you won’t have to spend much money for practice. Also, you want to stay consistent with the technique that works for you.

Always make sure that you are comfortable when doing your hair.Sometimes its not best to do your hair out of frustration or fatigue because it can wreck havoc on your hair.



You are step number 4 of the invisible part sew in hair is that I will be sharing with you 7 of my best tips and tricks for doing your style number one the distance between your tracks and you thread knots when you are a on your tracks to your head you want to make sure that they are good distance apart you don't try to be some too close together which creates a bulky look or too far apart which creates spacy look I use my hands as a guide for how far apart I want my tracks and my not to be a guide will use your index finger to test how far are each track is you want to snuggly be able to slide your index finger in between each track to make sure there had a good distance so one of your tracks should be gently against the bottom of your index finger while one is positioned on top of your index finger using your finger as a guide helps you to sew your extensions close enough to one another but not too far apart also the distance between you're knots ae key when you are sewing and you are knotting your extensions you want to make sure that you use your hands again as a guide for how far apart you want your knots to because you can make it not as close as you would like but it's unnecessary what do you want to make sure they are not are too far apart because this will allow area of error so your child is simply slide your head because you're not so what I like to do is used to do is use the break of my index finger to the tip of my finger or use my pinky finger there are both kind of about the same size so from the first break of your index finger to the tip of your index finger is the distance that you want to have from one knot to another this ensures that your knots aren’t too close together or far apart for your style tip number 2 when to double knot when you are sewing on your extensions there are 3 instances that you need to make sure that you double knot your extensions every time you begin to sew in your extensions its a must that you double knot at the very beginning of your extension piece through the weft you simply go to the weft once and twice in 2 nights at the very beginning this ensures that the very beginning of your extension pieces then as you go along and sew to reach the very end of the extension piece you want to make sure that you double knot the very ends as well in the 3rd instance you must double knot your extensions when you do the fold over method once you have sewn down far enough you need to flip your track piece over just to begin sewing a new row that very point where the track piece starts to lift at its fold you want to make sure that you double knot that spot so in those 3 instances those are the only times that you need to double knot your thread onto your extensions this ensures that your style will look flat and that your track pieces will not start to lift in certain areas tip number 3 through the weft and under the weft when you are sewing on your extensions as you know every time you begin to put your extension peace to your head you must sew though the weft a lot of people don't suggest sewing through the weft but when you sew though the weft this ensures that your style lays as flat as possible that is the number one problem with any sewin hairstyle is that at the beginning of the weft extension it start to lift simply because number one it has not been double not in number 2 the person who did it or if you have went through the weft I only suggest going to the weft at the beginning of your track now to go under the weft you will do your entire style once you have passed the beginning or the very end of a track piece you will go underneath the weft to sew and hold down your tracks remember you're only going through the weft at the beginning and end of the track piece when you're always going to go underneath the weft throughout your entire sewing process tip number 4 beauty is not pain if you or if anyone you know may have issues with alopecia or even hair loss one of the leading reasons why is because a lot of times they make get their extensions installed too tightly make sure that when you are sewing your hair or if anyone is sewing your hair or your invisible part style that is done properly and comfortably you want to be able to wear your style without any pain if at any moment is hard for you to lay on your head or you simply have to go today by taking pain medication thats your body letting you know that your extensions are installed too tightly by constantly having tight style your hair you will eventually lose hair it always happen so make sure when you sew on your extensions that is does not hurt make sure that is done comfortably and properly so in the case that beauty is pain that is not true because beauty is not pain tip number 5 braid close to the roots when you're braiding your braid pattern for your invisible part hairstyle you want to make sure that your braids are as flat as possible this does not mean you have to braid them as tight as you can remember they need to be installed properly and comfortably by making sure you braid as comfortable close to you as you can this ensures that when you sew on your hair extensions it looks more realistic because the extensions will be more flat to your head so as you are braiding your hair just being cautious and do what’s comfortable and make sure that you braid as close to your roots as you can tip number 6 practicing with synthetic hair I highly suggest for a beginners that if you are new to doing your hair or if you're actually moved to doing the invisible part style to first practice with synthetic hair synthetic hair is extremely cheap so if you make a mistake cut your extensions or simply can't sew it on right you will do so with hair that is extremely inexpensive if this is your first time going into your style please do not buy expensive hair to begin with if you make a mistake if you cut the hair what can you really do about you want to make sure that you first have mastered the style before you choose to buy pricey hair and then the whole thing turns into a big mess so continue practicing with your style and also with synthetic hair if you make a mistake there is no loss there is only a gain because the hair is cheap before you actually decide to use a more expensive hair extension last but not least tip number 7 go at your own pace go at your own pace when you are doing your hair your hair what you have to live with so treat it nice and be comfortable as you are doing your style so people can get their hair done literally in half an hour or maybe even 10 minutes some people it's an all-day event however takes you do what you have to do to make sure your extensions are installed properly and comfortably don't be distraught or upset that someone is quicker than you or that you're even slow at doing your own hair if you go in your own pace that leaves less room for mistakes and more chances of you actually getting the style that you would like so those ae all our set of my best tips tricks and buys for doing your invisible part style in the next step, step number 5 I will show you in the how to sew on your hair for your invisible part


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