Invisible Part Closure Sew In WITHOUT GLUE! Step 5 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve the Invisible Part Full Sew In Hairstyle, you will need as follows;


(2)Packs of Weft Human Hair Extensions

Flat Iron

(1) Black Wig Cap


(1) Curved Needle

(1) Spool of Black Weaving Thread

(1) Hair Comb

Hair Spray Bottle

Olive Oil


As you sew in your weave extensions, keep in mind how you would wear your hair. Finishing off your full sew in invisible part weave is the deciding factor as to whether or not your hair will be hot or not.

Installing your closure is the most important part of this style because if it is installed improperly, it is the first thing you notice. Sometimes it may look like there is a piece of hair floating on top of your head which is not good.

You should not be able to look through the closure piece, it should be completely flat and undetectable. Sometimes, the closure is installed with glue and even if it looks beautiful, when it comes time to uninstall, the issues arise.



Here we are in step number 5 of the invisible part sew in hairstyle in this that I will show you in detail how to sew each individual piece of extensions onto your braids or your invisible part now that all of your extensions around your head have been sewn in this step are going to concentrate on finishing our style on our individual pieces of extensions to finish our invisible part closure so to begin I want to talk a little bit about the needles that I have prepared on my table I have a lot of needles you can use only one needle if you like but using multiple needles will help you to continue to flow as you are sewing on your extensions the thread on these needles are short because as I am sewing on my pieces for my invisible part closure I want to make sure that I have a small amount of thread to control the amount of tangles and knots that could happen but when I am sewing throughout my entire head I wind up literally 2 to 3 feet of thread to help me to continually flow and sew without having to make multiple stops because I have ran out of thread on my needle so I highly suggest that you use many needles to achieve your style so that you don’t have to reload them more than you need to so now we are off to actually closing up our invisible part closure at this point you want to take your extensions that you have since you will be only using small amounts at once you do not have to worry about your hair running out because you really want to use this much hair so now you just want to take one of your ends of your extensions and you want to place it on one of your first braids that’s closest to your hair line we will start on the right side I will measure a piece for this from this track piece and then I will sew it on to the braid you will notice that as you sew up all of your braids it will show the illusion that the only thing is your scalp showing with all of your hair sewn so just to make the simple were going to go one at a time when to take my extensions place it on the braid first to my hairline and measure it so once I measure it there I am going to measure it here and stop before the weft so at that point that is where you want to cut your weft of your extension you can overestimate just a little bit to make sure you cover all that space that you need so now that marks the spot where I want to cut I'm going to take my scissors trim that portion you slide your scissors in and just go ahead and make a quick snip so now are going measure this piece back to our first braid to see how it looks and it still overextends a little bit when we saw this piece onto our braid alongside it we can just turn off the excess to make sure if it's just perfectly so now what you want to do it this piece is take your needle and thread and make sure to secure 2 knots on here so you can begin sewing the piece onto your braid doing your invisible part closure is the same thing as if you're sewing all of your extensions on the only difference is that were just focusing on a little amount of hair at a time so as you so on the amount of hair to finish with your braid you go on to the next braid and you do the same process so now I'm just going to get my needle and thread ready at the beginning of my track so I go through the weft I am going to do my knot technique so retie that knot open thread once once twice and pull through and that is why you cut that excess thread that's above the knot to make sure that it doesn't stick out from your style now we are going to creat our second knot at the very beginning of the extension piece so that we can begin to sew so I am going to go around the thread once twice and pull-through now the needle and thread is ready for me to begin sewing it onto my braid so just as you don't about your head you going to do the same process to sign on a smaller section of braid so I am going to bring this up to the beginning of my braid here now overextend pass my braid I would just snug and as perfect as I can to get it right at the beginning of my braid at this point the same thing applies taking your needle you go through the braid and then you go through the weft as well from the braid through the weft and then I'm going to pull the needle all the way through and create my knot so hold that thread open it up and wrap it around once twice and pull-through and there's my first knot remember at the beginning of your track piece and at the end you want to create 2 knots so here's my 2nd knot once again under the braid under the weft this time pull-through and them my knot technique once twice all the needle through there's my 2nd knot right down the so now just to do single knots along the way until I make my last stitch there which will be two knots under the braid will under the weft pull through wrap it around the string once wrap it around twice and pull the needle through so now here I am with my last stich there and I'm going to make 2 stitches but first let me go ahead and take my scissors and trim off this excess weft here so estimate how much you need and cut that piece off and I'm going to make sure to go under the braid and through the weft since that's the end of my weft under the braid through the weft my knot once twice pull through and then do it a 2nd time at the end under the under the braid under the weft and pull-through do my knot technique and pull my needle straight through from now you've done that I just like to open a thread just a little bit to tighten it up just a notch and then I take my scissors and cut the thread off the actual piece and there you see you have sewn your first piece of hair for your actual invisible part as you notice there is a very small gaping hole there you do not have to worry because as you stack more and more pieces of hair it will look extremely flawless and seamless so as you stack more extensions for example in the grab my next one and put it back up to the 2nd braid you can see that it covers the first braid as you stack up more and more and more and more you will notice that the hair will flow downwards to show your scalp in the same thing will happen on the other side so now we are going to go to our 2nd braid the same thing applies to the measure it you are going to take your scissors and cut that piece and are you going to prepare your needle and thread on your track piece through the weft do your knot technique put it around the weft the 2nd time and do your knot technique you have a little knot there just a little bubble of the thread I am just going to snip it off and now you are going to begin sewing this to you 2nd braid so I am just smoothing the hair out of the way some stray hairs bring it up to my braid an I am going to begin sewing go directly underneath the beginning of my braid here and through the weft pull the needle through create my knot once twice pull-through and I do the 2nd time since this is the beginning of my extension under the weft the same knot technique now continue with a single knot here and then a double knot at the very end under the braid through the weft create your knot to make your 2nd again and in the open up the thread the just that and then you are going to trim with your scissors an there you go your 2nd piece just going to continue to work your way up you will notice that if there is a small gap in between the hair here is starting to close up as you add more pieces of hair along the way so now that you have finished sewing on all your individual pieces for your invisible part section last I will show you how to create your closure for your invisible part style to finish your invisible part style you need to create your final closure and sew it once your head the materials you will need to do that will be a piece of your extensions needle and thread scissors a comb and you will need flat irons to flatten your closure before you sew it onto your head so with the amount of extensions that you need you want to take your extensions and grab one end and measure across the opening that is left on top of your head so this is about how much space from one side to another it is my closure to make sure you have the perfect amount extensions you want to double that amount which I have here and trim off your extension or track piece this will serve as your closure piece to to create your closure piece what we will do is always start our closure the way we always knotted it you go through the weft create your second knot and then do your knotting technique and then go around the weft again to create a 2nd knot so you take the needle and thread you going to go through the weft create your knot then you going to create a 2nd knot so from this point on there will be only one not along the way until you reach the very end of your track piece remember at the very end you go through the and weft you want to make sure that you do a double knot at the end as well so from this point what you want to do is go ahead and actually roll your extensions in a certain direction so if you are starting on the left side you are going to roll to the right because your extension will start to actually form a circle so you want to continue to roll the extension only one at a time make your stich roll it again make your stich you are going to do that throughout this piece until you've reached the very edge to create your circle to show you have is done to start at the beginning I'm going to roll it to the side just on end this time to go underneath all of the wefts and make one single knot and I'm going to continue to roll in the direction until I finish so I am going to roll a little bit and went to take my needle put it underneath all of the wefts and create a knot roll it again underneath all of wefts and create your knot now at this last moment you're going to go through the wefts then you go underneath all the wefts and create your knot and once again through that last weft underneath all the wefts bring it up and now you tie your last knot now at this moment what you want to do after you have secured your last knot is to cut the string off from your closure piece now from this point we're going to flip closure piece over to this side will spread the hair is evenly all around as we possibly can and flatten it as flat as we can with our flat iron so I am going to spread the hair as much as I can all around and take her flat iron insert it underneath try your best to be careful and just go ahead and flatten the weft and the hair it may take a little working on but just be careful and continue to flatten as best as you can so now my closure piece is finished and to make sure that it's flat what you want to do is spread the hair and lay on the table to make sure that it's flat against now the point of make sure that your closure is land so that when you so it onto your head it doesn't stand on top of your you wanted to lay a splat to your head as possible so now what you want to do before you begin sowing your closure is to take your closure turn it around to expose the weft you need to connect your needle and thread onto this closure piece to make it easy to sew it onto your head so now I am going to take my needle and thread and am simply going to scoop up some thread that's already connected onto this closure put my needle through and create my knot open up thread once twice and pull-through you want to do this 2 times just to make sure it secure go through the thread again on the closure piece with your needle pull your needle out and wrap your needle around the string once will and twice and pull-through so now your strand and your needle is connected to your closure piece from this point we can begin to so the closure piece onto our head so right before you actually so your closure piece once your head you are going to take your closure piece and secure all of the hair around with a rubber band so that it does not get tangled or in knots so you are going to turn your closure piece around to let the hairs fall down you are going to gather all of the hair making sure to leave the string out and you are going to take your rubber band and simply secure it around the hair now that its secured we are going to begin to so our closure onto out head so in my left and I have my closure piece in my right hand I have the needle so what I'm going to do is take the base of my closure and apply that directly on my scalp to begin sewing so once I place it there when I want to do is take my needle in either scoop up some thread hair or weft from another piece to make sure that the closure is pinned down on top of my head so making sure that positioned I am going to take my needle scoop up some hair and then I'm going to go underneath the closure through a little bit of weft pull the needle through and do my knot technique now that you create your first knot you going to work your way all the way around your closure piece until you reach that point again but once again to the only hair back to the little bit to expose the weft to pick up either some hair was string for weft of another piece pull it through a little bit put it through the weft of my closure just little bit of the weft on the outer edge push the needle through and I not take one twice an pull through so as you can see is only held by 2 stitches here the back has not been sewn down you are just going to continue to work your way around in little areas at a time to make sure you sew the piece down so I am going to go a little bit underneath the hair and I am going to sew my actual closure piece push the needle through and do my knot depending on how big or small your closure piece is will also vary with the amount of knots that you tie around your closure piece so now we are back here and I probably have to do 2 or 3 more stitches to secure the side here I am going to dig under a little bit of a braid out to see their go underneath some of the weft of the closure push the needle through create my knot and now I can feel here that I only have one more stitch to do in this spot just to make sure it secure so now I am going to go underneath some of my hair some of the weft of the closure piece as well mainly on the outer edge push through the weft for the needle out create my last knot I am going to tighten that and open up the thread just a little bit is something that I like to do is to secure a little bit more for a little bit and then I want to take my scissors and I'm going to cut that thread off now as you remove the rubber band and comb your hair all the way down from all sides you have secured your closure in this step I showed you how to create your closure and also how to sew it onto your head remember that creating your closure and installing your closure is an easy process you just want to make sure that you practice the same sewing techniques that you have been doing with your hair all along in the next that step number 6 I'll show you how to cut and style your invisible part sew in


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