Crochet Braid Pattern Tutorial Step 2 of 6

Breanna Rutter


Hair Supplies Used to do Latch Hook Crochet Hairstyle with Curly Hair;


(1) comb

(1) scissors


In Part 2 of The Latch Hook Crochet Braids Protective Style I will show you how to do your braid pattern. This braid pattern is different from doing a full sew in or partial sew in. You will even be doing your braid pattern different than you would for an L shape wig or a U shape wig.

When doing your braid pattern, you will have twice as many braids in the front of your head and half the amount in the back. Typically, you can braid 12 braids in the front of your head and then connect them and turn them into 6 braids in the back of your head.

This helps reduce the amount of braids that you actually have to braid.


Here we are in step number two of the latch hook crochet style in this step I will show you in detail how I do my brain pattern for this look so just to give you some background about your braid pattern you want to make sure that you have double the amount of braids in the front of your head than you do in the back of your head as I read about 10 to 12 braids in the front of my so once I reach the back of my head I should have about 5 to 6 the reason why is because you need more braids up front and more fullness than you do in the so the design of this braid pattern also allows you to move your hair in sections at the top of your head to create a natural part when you want so in detail I'll show you how I do my braid pattern for this last hairstyle to begin braiding your hair you want to do is use a water spray bottle to mist the section you will be working on especially if you have thick or coily hair like I do using water help significantly with parting and sectioning your hair so I will do is mist the very right side area of my head and then I will begin to part my hair for my first braid when you finish parting your section appear you will take a little bit of your hair gel and apply at the very beginning of your hair along your hairline this will help keep the hairs taught and neat as you braid your hair for your style so now that your hair has been prepped I will show you how to braid your hair right before I begin to braid I will mist my hair just a little bit more with water now to begin what you want to do is pinch off a small section here at the beginning of your part now you going to divide this piece of hair that you sectioned off into three equal parts your left hand will hold the outer strands between the three main fingers of your hand which is your index finger your middle finger and your thumb in the other two hairs here on the side will be held as well in your right hand the hair the middle will be held between your index finger in your thumb and then your hair on the outer edge will be held between your ring finger in your middle finger so now what you will do is you will rotate one of your hands to either side since my right hand has two hairs in two sections I will rotate the right hand to the right just a little bit then I'll take my index finger of my left hand inserted through the opening of those two strands and I will hook this outer strand in along with some hair from my scalp though at the same time I put in my index finger through the opening I'm hooking this outer strand and grabbing hair from my scalp as well so now my hand placement has swithched I have one area of hair my right hand and I have to in my left hand here to another my left hand has to strands of hair I need to take my right hand of my index finger insert it through the opening and hook the outer edge of hair with some hair from my scalp to the same thing as my right hand has two strands I have to take the index of my other hand insert it through the two strands hook the outer edge along with some hair from my scalp so now just continue the same process all the way along your hair until your braid is formed and finished so after I finish braiding my braid on my scalp I like to braid almost to the bottom of my hair as my hair is extremely coily and tight texture I leave a little bit of the bottom of the braid undone so when it's actually time for me to take down my style is easier to separate the hairs then braiding all the way down into a very fine braid at the tip so this is the moment where I just like the stop believe that a little bit undone and then I will continue braiding French braids on the top part of my head so now I've made a stop part way through my braid pattern process so you can see how your braids should be in the front of my head I have 12 braids so once I reach the back I should have six braids when you're doing your braid pattern tried to keep even number amount of braids for the top so once you reach the back you can braid them evenly if you have an odd amount of race in the front in your last braid will have to connect to one break and you want to make sure that you do double in the front than you do in the back so as I turned to the side you can see how my braid pattern is for every two braids in the front of my head I connect into one break in the back of my and I just keep repeating the same thing as I braid along my hair is so also I connected each braid along the way as I braided into one braid to ends up with this tail ends braid and this process is really easy you braid down and what you finish your brain you go ahead and do your next break and just connect the tail end of the break in itself alleges forms one though as I repeated the same process all of these braids started to gather and become one braid here so now I will walk through and show you how I connect to braids in the front of my head to form one braid in the back and I will also show you how to connect the bottom of all of your braids so that once your braid pattern is finished you only have one tail length of a braid that hangs in your so now to begin I am going to take my spray bottle and I'm just going to mist my hair I will mist this section here and I have four braids left in the front of my head so I will have two braids in the back so now I am going to show you how to process happens so now just to use my comb and since I know that the back will come to braids I am going to divide the section of hair into two parts so now the use my clips to keep the rest of my hair out of the way as I braid and then I am just going to pitch a portion off from the hair here that's not braided to form the third leg of my braid so I am going to have to grab two braids here to form my braid and the way show you how to braid your hair is just the same way you just going to bring all the way down until you reach the bottom now as I am nearing closer and closer to the end of my braid I want to make sure to take the tail end of the other braid and add it into the braid that I am braiding now so as confusing as it may sound is extremely simple so what I do is almost finishing up my braid is that I take this tail ends and then I'll just add it over as if it's another piece of hair so now instead of two braids hanging down now I have continuously one braid that hangs so once the style is finished I will have one braid that hangs out after my style that is easier to tuck than trying to talk six braids from the back of my head so now they go forming one braid here to simply continue to braid and then take the tail end of another braid and then continue to add it onto itself until you have braid here now I like to make sure to leave a little bit of the ends undone with every braid that I braid because it is time to take down my hair it's easier for me to take down a braid that isnt so close at the very ends so this gives me enough area to be up to take it down with ease my need to now the same thing as what happened with the rest of the hair that I have here which forms my last braid so here are my scalp I have two braids here in front that has to connect into my last braid and then once I connect this braid at the bottom as well I will have one braid that hangs down after I finish braiding as last braid I will show you how to tuck your remaining braid in your style so that it helps you to extend on your extensions so now that I gathered that braid break here and now here's my one single last final braid for this last when I try to bring it close to the bottom so now I will show you how I tuck this braid into my head so that I have a flat surface all around to do my crochet style I do not suggest that you hang this braid and leave it down because the purpose of this style is to make sure that all of your hair stuck the way so what I will do is grab my hair beader in show you how to pin your braid down onto your head so now with your hair beader using his beader makes it extremely easy when you're pinning down your extensions and also when you're tucking or braid you simply want to slide this and under a braid take the tail end of your braid insert it here and just pull it right back so I will show you how easy it is and how simple the process will be so right now I'm just going to take my beater, I will close up the wings of the beader just a little bit and then I am going to slide it through this braid here so I'm just going to put it directly all the way under my braid and just like slide it through now that take the tail end of the braid and put it through the opening of my hair beader so now that I have a through the opening hair my beader I'm going to grab the other side of my beader and I am just going to pull my braid through and that is how easy and simple I keep my braid pinned down onto my head if your braid is longer just continue to take your beader slide it under a braid and keep pulling it through certain braids to make sure the braid is tucked down to scalp so once again I'll show you have I pin it to my head so I am going to take a braid and slide it out of that braid there and now what I'm going to do is tuck it right here I am actually going to tuck it down for the little bit longer further so I am going to take my beader close the wings close the way is just a little bit longer and i am going to insert it though my braid here pull it right back out now to take the tail end of my braid insert it through the eye of the beader just like that just insert it just like that then I am going to grab the other side of my beader and I'm going to pull the braid and tuck it right back through and that keeps the braid really pinned down on so my hair here so when I crochet my style I don't have any of my hair hanging down out of my style here is your complete braid pattern for your latch hook crochet hairstyle now that your braid pattern is finished in the next step, step number three I will show you step-by-step how to crochet your extensions onto your braid pattern


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