How To Seal & Curl The Ends Of Your Zillion Micro Braids Tutorial Part 5 of 8

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The Hair Supplies you need to achieve The Micro Braids Tutorial Hairstyle, you will need as follows;



As you are finish braiding your hair for your Zillion Micro Braids Hairstyle  next you will be sealing the ends of your hair. Usually the hair that you use to achieve this twist style is synthetic so it is not best advice to use your curlers or a curling wand to curl the ends of your Zillion Micro Braids extensions.

Adding heat from a curling iron can potentially melt the extensions or the curl from the curling iron may not give you your best curl result for this style. It is best to simply dip the ends of the Zillion Micro Braids in hot water.

Be careful and avoid dripping hot water on yourself and avoid burning your scalp with hot.Once you thoroughly dry off the twist, run your fingers through the braids and to trim away any flimsy ends.


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Welcome to step number 5 of the micro zillion braids style in this step I will be showing you how to curl and seal the ends of your braids the supplies that you will need will be plastic hair curlers you will also need hair cutting scissors and a dry towel to dry the ends of your braids you will also be dipping the ends our braids in a cup of hot water before you begin currently sealing the ends of your braids I must explain the type of rollers is that I have also been dealing with some type of role is that has cold wave rollers and these rollers could be used to place on your hair why your hair is already cool or to achieve a girl with water so you have a little stretchy rubber piece with a plunger and also hold your hair into place as you are currently in your hair now for I like to use small curlers because I like the ends to be more of a tight curl the size of these rollers are 1/4 inch you can even use a 1/2 inch or an inch size roller if you like the higher you go up with the size of the rollers to more wider or looser your curl maybe also this one that I have here is just a couple of extremely hot water I made sure that the water is already willing before I transferred it to a cup now when you are using a cup of water you need to make sure that you have a handle on a cup that does not get hot when I touch this handle it feels very cool to touch because when you're curling your hair any situation you have to reach and quickly grab a cup of water you want to reach the handle instead of the hot cup so remember that the water is extremely hot and you have to be safe in your safety is in your so when you are dealing with anything hot whether its water or any other type of solution you have to take the necessary precautions to make sure that you do not burn yourself be extremely careful and take your time as you are curling the ends of your braids so now we have a cup of hot water in our rollers want to begin by grabbing a section of our braids and rolling the hair with the rollers itself so the braids are extremely small you may note ecause these are micro braids probably going to grab about 6 to 8 braids in the want to take a roller and roll the ends of the braids now from the distance from my root to the ends I like to the rollup a third of the way on the braids if you roll up any higher you risk the chance of the steam or the water burning your face or your scalp or your skin in general you so I only like to roll up the amount of hair as I go third of the way the braids so you just want to get all of the braids to you get to the right your roller and you can place either on the top or behind so I am going to place it on the top and pin the tail end of the braids I'm going to roll around my roller once I do that I'm just roll up just a little bit more until I've achieved the bottom third of the hair about there and then you simply take your plunger and put it into the opening on the other side of roller and that's how you want to roll your braids with your you go ahead in your role all of your hair with your hair for demonstration purposes I will be showing you how you want to safely dip your rollers into the water to achieve your desired so make sure that you have all the materials out of the way so they will be focusing on your cup of hot of hot water so I am just going to move my cup here and I want to position my dry towel in front of me so that when I pull my roller out of this water I have a barrier of protection to make sure that no hot water drips on me at all so with my towel here I take my roller and I simply dip it into the water now if you roll all of your hair you can take as many as 5 to 6 rollers to dip into your cup of water for you want to make sure you do and you SR one row at a time so you do not splash water so that is going to go ahead and swish it around to release any air bubbles and then when I pull it out I am going to grab my towel to use as a protection for my skin in the hot water and then raise the roller out as you see there and then cover with a towel and dry so you just want to squeeze all the water you possibly can out of it may have somes team coming out of it but it should be comfortable to touch them at all the wires out simply want to remove the plunger and unravel it from the ends of your braids so once you've done that which you could do is unravel all of your braids after you get to the water and then clean the ends but I like to go section by section so what I mean by cleaning the ends is that once I had to get my roller into the water I like to rake my fingers through the curls to release and separate them once you start cleaning the ends you see that some of the pieces at the bottom poke in different directions or they are extremely sparse with long pieces of hair so what you want to do is just go ahead and take your scissors after you break part all the braids you just going to cut off the little bit of hair that that the very bottom of your curls doesn't quite curl those are the hairs that you want to cut so by taking your rollers and rolling them on your braids and dipping them into hot water that is how you effectively seal the ends of your braids unraveling and also providing a curl for your style so now that you know how to roll your braids and dip them into water to achieve this curl you do the entire thing over your entire head for the same exact way in this step I have shown you how to seal and all the ends of your micro braids continue the same process over your entire head until all of the ends of your braids have been curled in the next step, step number six I will be showing you the finish results of your micro zillion braids style


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