How To Seal The Ends of Your Patra Box Braids Tutorial Part 4 of 7

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As you are finish braiding your hair for your Patra Braids Hairstyle, next you will be sealing the ends of your hair. Usually the hair that you use to achieve this twist style is synthetic so it is not best advice to use your curlers or a curling wand to curl the ends of your Patra Braids extensions.

Adding heat from a curling iron can potentially melt the extensions or the curl from the curling iron may not give you your best curl result for this style. It is best to simply dip the ends of the Patra Braids in hot water.

Be careful and avoid dripping hot water on yourself and avoid burning your scalp with hot. Once you thoroughly dry off the twist, run your fingers through the braids and to trim away any flimsy ends.


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Welcome to step number four of the patra braids style with weave in this that I will be showing you how to seal the ends of your braids and to seal the end of you braids you are going to be dipping the ends into hot-water to do so this helps prevent the braids from simply because it locks the fibers into place so that they do not unravel in the future so here on my table I had a cup of hot steaming water this water was previously boiling before I transferred it to my cup you can also transfer a cup of water in the microwave until the water starts to boil as well when you are using a cup to get the braids in you want to make sure that it has the handle that does not get hot the reason why is because if at any time you need to quickly grab your cup you want to reach a handle that is cool and does not get hot because of the contents inside of the will be very dangerous for you to go and grab your cup and burn your hand which brings me to my point make sure that you are being safe when you are dipping your ends of your braids into water the steam from the water and the water itself could potentially burn you and harm you so know that your safety is in your hands and you must be careful when you are using and dealing with hot water so also what I am going to be using is hair cutting scissors once I dip the ends of my braids out of the water Im going to snip any ends that stick up and out of place so that's what you want your scissors for and also when you bring your braids on the water you want to make sure that you have a thick towel in front of you the towel serves as a barrier between your body and the wet braids once you pulled up out of the water so right now I am going to take my towel and positioned that right in front of me so that I can dip my braids so you want to go ahead and move all of your braids to the front of you and we are just going to concentrate one half of our head at a time so now to pull all the rest of the braids to the fromt and go ahead and divide that braids down the middle of my head so that I have two even sides and I will start with my right side you want to gather all of your braids make sure to position this right grab all of your braids and twist them just a little bit so that you have a firm hold all of your braids on the side of your head and then you just simply take the ends and guide them into the water but before you do this make sure you have your towel in front of you because when you pull your braids out of the water your braids are going to be extremely hot and you want to have your towel so you can wrap your towel around your braids so now that I have all my braids gathered on the side just take the ends and go ahead and lower the engine into one now there's no specific amount of time you need to leave the braids inside the water you just want to make sure that they are fully saturated with water and I just like to swish them around to release any air bubbles and just leave them down there for a couple of seconds and then I am going to raise the braids out and I have towel in front of me and then I'm going to dry the braids off so go ahead and wrap your towel around your braids and then you are going to squeeze all the way down to the bottom of your the night to make sure that my braids really smooth at the ends is to go ahead and rub the dry towel to the very bottom of your braids another thing that I like to do to make my braids smooth on the ends once you notice that your braids aren’t dripping any water in it safe for you to touch doesn't feel hot you want to go ahead and take your scissors grab a bundle of braids and use your scissors to snip off any hairs that are still frayed and that don't lay smoothly so I'm just skimming across the bottom you don't was actually cut a braid because I will make your brain unravel you just cut those hairs that stick out at the very bottom of the braids so once you've done this to whichever side you chose you are going to do the same thing to the other side to snip the ends as well so now you know how to sell the ends of your braids continue until you are finished with all of your braids and then in the next I'll be showing you the finished results of my Patra braids with weave


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