Patra Box Braids Tutorial Tip, Trick, and Advice Part 3 of 7

Breanna Rutter


When braiding your Patra Braids/Poetic Justice Braids Hair extensions, make sure to take your time! I know it’s fun and even if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful with the way that you handle the hair on your head. Be careful that when you braid your hair that it isnt to tight.

Your extensions should feel snug with only a slight pull, if you feel uncomfortable, have headaches or pain, that is your scalp letting you know that the tension is unbearable. Braiding the hair too tight does help the style last for a little bit longer but it also encourages hair loss which no one wants!

You can reduce this greatly by braiding at a tightness that is comfortable for you. So many times, I used to braid my hair too tight just to make it “last longer” and I would be hurting myself in the end.

Take your time and stick to what you know works for you and keep working and practicing as your do your Patra Braids!


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This is step number three of the patra braids style with weave and in this step I will be giving you four of my best tips and tricks for achieving beautiful patra number one will be braids when you're writing your hair and you notice that the braids are bulging in certain areas the best thing that you need to do is take down your braid and redo it to make sure it is not bumpy also you notice a consistent bulge throughout your braids most times he probably didn't evenly distributed the hair before you start so when you divide the hair with the third and two thirds maybe once I was a little bit bigger than the other side so make sure that you take down your braid and retry so that the braids do not bulge and it lays a lot letter to number two sticks out of the braids when you're braiding your hair and you notice that your hair sticking out the braids most times this is probably because your hair is dry before you braid your hair you have to make sure that your hair has been moisturized so that you can combat any frizziness and dryness with your hair so one thing that I do and that I always do whether or not my hair has been properly moisturize or not is that I use a hair gel to slick the ends of my hair as I am braiding sometimes I find jel over all of my hair for the specific section on braiding of most times I put you on the when I braiding and I noticed that I am in the near the ends of my hair where the ends of my hair will have a braid past that point I used gel is the job in of my hair as I am braiding this ensures that the hair does not stick out and that the look is flawless to number three braiding all the way down to the ends of your braids when you are writing your passion braids you must make sure that you braids the very ends of your braids to prevent your braids from unraveling when you are doing your braids you may become slack simply because you're doing the same thing over and over again but you must pay attention to detail and braid to the very ends to prevent your braids from unraveling it will be a shame for all of your hard work to go to waste simply because you were not consistent throughout your braids in our my last two to number four practice this is by far my most important to and also the most overlooked tip practice makes perfect when you are in no person in you're doing your hair in your just not used to the motions you must practice in order to be better and also you must expect your first time to be a worse time simply because you have zero experience just know that you will get better as you continue to work on your hair and practice at the techniques for doing your patra braids your braids may start off lumpy they may be bumpy your hair may stick out the braids may even unravel or it may not even look nice you have to practice in order to get the braids that you would like so please stay determined do not give up and just know that the more you braid your hair the easier the process will become and the better your braids will so now that I share with you for of my best tips for doing your patra braids in the next step number four I'll show you how to seal the ends of your braids for that finished look


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