Tips On How To Do Cornrow Braids Tutorial PART 3 OF 4

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Supplies Used to do Cornrow Braids on Natural Hair;


(1) Comb

(1) Hair Gel


When braiding your Corn Rows make sure to take your time! I know it’s fun and even if you know what you are doing, you want to be careful with the way that you handle the hair on your head. Be careful that when you braid your hair that it isn't too tight. Your braids should feel snug with only a slight pull, if you feel uncomfortable, have headaches or pain, that is your scalp letting you know that the tension is unbearable.

Braiding the hair too tight does help the style last for a little bit longer but it also encourages hair loss which no one wants! You can reduce this greatly by braiding at a tightness that is comfortable for you. So many times, I used to braid my hair too tight just to make it “last longer” and I would be hurting myself in the end.

Take your time and stick to what you know works for you and keep working and practicing as your do your Corn Row Hairstyle!


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Step number three of the cornrow braids that I will be sharing with you by of my best tips and tricks for doing your cornrow braids tip[ number one beauty is not pain preventing hair loss alopecia you or anyone you know so hair loss or alopecia one of the leading reasons why is because they wear styles that are too tight when you are getting your brain your roles or any other type of braid you want to make sure that they are installed early and come when you your head night and go throughout your day you shouldn't have to rely on pain medication because of your hairstyle when you install your cornrow braids you want to make sure that you comfortably move your head around and is extremely comfortable to wear over time you continue to wear tight styles and eventually leads to hair loss and in extreme cases alopecia so the case that beauty is paying that is not true because beauty is not pain tip number two braiding call to your roots when you braiding your cornrow braid you want to make sure that you braid as close to our roots as possible this does not mean you have to braid as tight as you can you want to make sure that at the same time you are braiding firmly the style is still comfortable to wear you should not be in pain as you are wearing your cornrow braids but remember the closer your braids are roots of your hair the fresher you style looks tehe further you are from your roots older your style looks or appears so braid comfortably but make sure that you braid neat and as close to your roots as possible tip number three narrow your parts in the back if you take a minute to notice your hair line in the front of your head and in the back of your there is more space in the front of your hand of your hairline then there is the nape of your neck so naturally even though all of your braids are even as you slightly reach the back of your head right to get a little bit more narrow so that all of the ends can fit at the back of your head this is natural you want to make sure that when you are parting your hair as you reach closer to the back you are a little bit more thinner amount of hair that you need this ensure s that all of your braids can go directly to the back of your head even though your hair line in the front has more space than the nape in the back of your head tip #4 thumbs width per braid to give you an idea of how to measure how big or small you want your braids to be I to use the width of my thumb to give me a measurement of my typical side braid so as you can see my braids are not big but they're not small there of medium-size average braid so what you do to make sure you get that average side cornrow braid is to use your thumb as a measurement place it up to your scalp and them part that width on your head this ensures that your braids are nice size if you will like to braids to be smaller than that just take half the width of your thumb and if you will like them bigger double the width of your thumb so just use your thumb as a measurement for each individual cornrow braid last but not least tip number 5 practice, practice at doing your hair and so you are comfortable with doing your cornrow braids just know that if this is your first time doing your braids it can be a little bit challenging but the process is extremely easy to do sometimes you may struggle or stumble but just know more you practice it doing your cornrow braids the better you will be so don't give up or quit or get discouraged because usually when you try anything for the first time it doesn't come out the way of continue to work on the braiding technique until you master it in practice and doing your cornrow braids until you get your desired result so that all my tips for doing your cornrow braids make sure to follow along with those five tips that I share you or your neat braid style in the next step number four I'll show you the finished results of your cornrow braids


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