Perimeter Crochet Kink Twists Tutorial Part 4 of 8 - Curling Your Hair

Breanna Rutter


In The Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Kink Twist,  I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this cornrow hairstyle.


To achieve the Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Kink Twist, you will need as follows;

(5) Packs of Marley Braiding Hair

1 Pack of Kanekalon Braiding Hair

Wide Tooth Comb

Rat Tail Comb

Bobby Pins

Duck Bill Clips

Hair Cutting Scissors

Curved Weaving Needle

Weaving Thread

Plastic Beader

Large Dry Towel


This is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do cornrow braids with extensions as well as Kink Twists to understand how to do this hairstyle. Purchase the Cornrow Braiding DVD and the Kink Twist DVD to learn how to do this advanced hairstyle.

Cornrow Braid with and without Extensions DVD

Kink Twist DVD

To curl seal the ends of your hair extensions for The Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Kink Twist, you have to use a cup of hot water, hair cutting scissors, and a large t-shirt or dry towel. Grab anywhere from 3 to 4 twists (depending on how big your twists or braids are) and wrap the tail end around the perm rod as the plunger hangs downward. Slightly wrap the rest of your twists around the tip of the tail end of extensions that you previously wrapped to stop the ends from unraveling in the hot water. Sealing your braid twists with steaming water prevents your extensions from unraveling and this is the same way to seal the ends of micro braids, seal the ends of senegalese twists and seal the ends of box braids.


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Welcome to step number four of the Mrs. Rutter's perimeter crochet kinky twists and in this step I will be teaching you how to seal curl the ends of your kinky to sell the materials that you will need to do so will be your T-shirt or dry towel you will need a cup of hot water a couple of perm rods and you will need your hair cutting scissors to assist so once you have all of your materials set and ready on your table you want to begin by first rolling your kinky twist into your perm rods so depending on the size your kinky twisty going to use anywhere between 2 to 4 twists per perm rod you want to make sure that you have enough on your rod instead of too few so I'm going to do is grab about three of my twists because I want to make sure that it's not too bulky as I roll it onto the per rod this is that the size so now I'm going to do is smooth the twist down and I'm going to locate close to the very end of all of those twists now you are going to grab your perm rod allow your plunger to hang down and you are going to wrap that hair close to your plunger just like this and you're going to just roll the tail end around the plunger excuse me around the perm rod once you do that hold it down with your finger or your thumb of the end of your twists and then roll the perm right against your kinky twists making sure is very flat the moment becomes a little bit too tight to roll to where it can lay very flat down you’ve gone far enough and you just going to grab your plunger and insert it on the opposite end of your perm rod so you have one finished here and then a show example how to do one more some good grab three more twists roll down to almost the very end grab my next perm not that the plunger hang down and just wrap the ends around the perm rod just the ends once you do that hold the very end down roll the rest of your kinky twist on to your perm rod and then take her plunger and put it on the opposite end so now just for example and then also show you how you want to seal the ends now you want to be extremely careful when you're dealing with hot water because it's potentially harmful and if you spill it, it could burn your skin harm you to take full responsibility are going to be using hot water to curl the ends of your twists as a safety precaution you want to make sure that you have your dry towel for your T-shirt directly in front of you because if at any time your water spills for hot water drips from your twists you have your shirt or towel here to catch any water so to begin when I'm going to do is carefully remove this cup of extremely high water very close to me and make sure to use a cup or bowl that has a handle that is not get hot or is affected by the temperature of the water so that way if you need to quickly move it or just shifted around your table area the handle is very cool to touch the now the very first thing I'm going to do is make sure that this towel is right here so I can grab it from going to grab my two sections that I rolled here and I'm going to dip them and one by one if you decide to roll all of your kinky twist into your perm rods make sure that you only inserting into the cup of water one perm rod it so that way you're not having too many in here which could result in a massive mess or spill so now to insert one and the other want to make sure they are fully submerged and also you just going to wiggling around just a little bit to release any air bubbles so they can fully saturate the ends and you only needed and therefore about less than a minute so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab my shirt you want to do this first before you raise your head out of the water you raise your head out of the water directly over the cup and you going to wrap the shirt right around the perm rods so that way you're never a contact with any hot water then you are going to squeeze any water out of your perm rods as it absorbs into your shirt or into your towel and just open your shirt up just a little bit to check to see if it's any water dripping whatsoever something so I am going to squeeze just a little bit more there is no water dripping and now I'm going to unravel each perm rod so just focus on one at a time you going to take the plunger off and simply unravel the hair from your actual perm to keep the curl in place rake your fingers through your hair very gently and if you notice any scraggly ends just use your scissors to snip the very ends of the twists and then go on to the next one rake your fingers through very gently and then trim off any so just to contain the things throughout your entire head until all of your kinky twists have been curled at the very ends so now that I have shown you how to actually curl the ends of your kinky twist you of course are going to repeat the same thing over your entire head until all of your curls are complete now in the next step, step number five I will teach you some haircare tips for maintaining your new hairstyle


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