Perimeter Crochet Kink Twists Step By Step Tutorial Part 3 of 8

Breanna Rutter


In The Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Kink Twist,  I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this cornrow hairstyle.


To achieve the Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Kink Twist, you will need as follows;

(5) Packs of Marley Braiding Hair

1 Pack of Kanekalon Braiding Hair

Wide Tooth Comb

Rat Tail Comb

Bobby Pins

Duck Bill Clips

Hair Cutting Scissors

Curved Weaving Needle

Weaving Thread

Plastic Beader

Large Dry Towel


This is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do cornrow braids with extensions as well as Kink Twists to understand how to do this hairstyle. Purchase the Cornrow Braiding DVD and the Kink Twist DVD to learn how to do this advanced hairstyle.


Cornrow Braid with and without Extensions DVD

Kink Twist DVD


This step teaches you how to do The Mrs Rutters Perimeter Crochet Twists from start to finish! For you have to do Kink Twist Extensions on your hairline or perimeter edges of your hair by braiding at the base and doing two strand twists the rest of the way through your extensions piece. After completely braiding your edges or baby hair area, you have to crochet marley hair on your cornrow braids (dutch braids) with a plastic beader. Using a plastic beader prevents breakage and thinning on your hair and braids.


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Here we are in step number three of the Mrs. Rutter's perimeter crochet kinky twist hairstyle in this that I will teach you how to add hair extensions onto your hair step-by-step so we already have our braid pattern braided in now we have our loose perimeter hair ready as well want to start by braiding individual kinky twists along the perimeter of our head and then once you finished I will show you how to crochet your kinky twist onto your braid pattern so as you can see you already made plenty of progress I'm almost finished braiding all of my hair but I'm going to show you step-by-step how to braid your perimeter kinky twist and also how to crochet the kinky twist onto your braid pattern so to begin I will demonstrate on one small area how to braid so first you are going to use your duckbill clip in your righto can't help section the piece of hair you'll be working on some next what you are going to do is reach for your table and you going to grab two pieces of Marley hair now this is original piece that you will be working on but you want to make sure to split this piece into two so when you split this piece into two these are what your pieces will look like so now I'm just going to grab 2 to 3 pieces which I will grab three and I'm going to begin braiding so now to show you how you will position is hair in your hands and if you already have previous knowledge about doing kinky twist this will be very easy so very briefly I will show you exactly how you want to position hair have three pieces of hair here in you want to grab one piece so that you have a third and two thirds section of hair grab a piece that's by itself you going to wrap it around the two pieces of hair is like that with your dominant hand use your thumb and index and middle finger to hold the hair very closely to where they cross to use your other hand is our your index and wrap the rest of your figures around this is our fingers will be positioned now turn his head under and insert your index finger pinching a small amount and now you can begin braiding to go to her scalp you are going to grab all of our hair here and pinching between her index finger and our thumb so once you grab that hair with all your fingers are going to continue braiding your kinky twists so you are going to grab this piece here with your other hand you turn your dominant hand insert your index finger through and continue braiding your kinky twist just like that turn your hand enter your index and grab section of hair and braid it just a couple of times so that you can actually begin twisting you know you braided down far enough to let go of your braid and it doesn't unravel at this point what you want to do is locate that middle section you want to cross these two pieces in the middle just so you don’t have a gap right at the beginning of your braid for both sides very firmly and just begin to two strand twisting you just going to rotate one section of hair over the other and you can do this all the way down to the very bottom this is exactly how you doing kinky twist and if you need more in depth step-by-step instructions on how to do a kinky twist start to finish I highly suggest that you check out for the kinky twist DVD so you are just overlapping one piece over another as you near all the way down to the very bottom when she braid all the way down to the very bottom you're going to release and finish kinky twisting the rest of your hair on the edges so now after I finish this was will show you how to crochet your hair onto your crochet braid pattern so now were at the point where I have braided my kinky twist around the perimeter of my hand so as you can see here I filled in all the area of hair that wasn't braided and now my perimeter is completely finished now I am going show you how to crochet your hair onto your braid pattern so as you can see I'm pretty much almost done it does have a few more kinky twists to add and I am going to add two so I am going to add one here and then I'm gonna add one close to the beginning of my braid make sure when you're crocheting your kinky twist you're doing so at the very start of your braid so there's not a gap between your perimeter kinky twists and your actual braid pattern itself so the first and add one here and then I am going to add one here so the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have your hair sectioned and as you are adding your kinky twist you only need two pieces of hair you need about three pieces to add kinky twist onto the perimeter but you will need about two pieces to put them onto your braids so the first thing you going to do is you grab your beader and you can add your beader directly underneath your braid so I am going to place that right here and use your finger to guide the beader straight up there like that and that's the beauty of this plastic hair beader is that its super flexible so that way is not tugging and pulling against your hair like a metal beader would the plastic beader you can move in with his some just to push that straight through and this is where I'm going to put the hair through to form the kinky twist so you can go and you going to grab your two pieces of hair and as you can see I have already sectioned 2 amount of hair for both kinky and I am going to grab this piece so you locate the very middle of the strand of hair makes your pinching it very well together and use your hands to turn just to make a very tight wind of hair here so that way you can insert it through the beader hole or the beader eye so you are going to go back up and this is where we can insert our piece of hair that we gather very tight to just going to put that through the opening just like that make sure all the hair is in there and now the very next day you and it is very simple going to grab the beader and just slide it through your braid just like so and the end comes right back out take your beader off make sure you grab both pieces of hair open it up insert the rest of the hair through the opening and just pull through very secure and making sure to use your fingers to lay it very flat against now you going to do this once again so once again I am going to show exactly what to do going to grab this beader and you going to put it directly underneath your braid now as I know that you have to give very close to the beginning of this braid and you don't have to worry about the pieces being close together because this takes up a lot of bulk so you just going to grab your beader insert it right at the beginning of your braid right just like that use your finger to guide the beader straight up grab your section of hair locate the middle make sure it's very smooth down so that you can gather all the hairs and you just need to just twist a little bit so you have a very nice grip on both sections put into through opening of your beader is like that slide your beader underneath the braid you can press your braid to help sliding easier to take the beader off if you get a little bit of hair in there just pull it off so now you are going to grab both sections of your hair there grab your hair make sure you only grab the section you are working on open and put the hair through and then just pull down pressed against your braid was that its very firm as you can see both of these will be your kinky twist in our just wanted to two strand twist each section down to the very bottom just like so if one of your legs are starting to get shorter like you see here all you have to do is take a little bit of hair from one side and then continue twisting once you do the same thing to the other section of hair your kinky twist will be complete in this step of the Mrs. Rutter's perimeter crochet kinky twists I taught you the techniques that you need to follow to installing your braids just to preview you want to make sure that you kinky twist the edges or the perimeter of your head and then crochet your kinky twist onto your braid pattern and of course if you need step-by-step thorough instructions on how to kinky twist from start to finish I highly suggest that you visit how to black for the kinky twist DVD so after you braided the perimeter you were to crochet the hair onto your braid pattern and remember when you crochet the hair you have to twist from the top all way to the bottom but when you add kinky twist once your edges you have to braid first and then to two strand twist to the ends so now that you know how to do the technique and you completely install your kinky twist in the very next step, step number four I will teach you how to seal the ends of your kinky twists extensions


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