How To Curl The Ends Of Havana Twist Hair Tutorial Part 5 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve this Havana Twist Hairstyle, you will need these hair supplies as follows;


(10) Packs of Marley/Havana Twisting Hair Extensions

Rat Tail Comb

Hair Comb

Water Spray Bottle

Hair Scissors

Hair Gel

Duck Bill Clips

Blue Cold Wave Hair Rollers

Bobby Pins

Dry Towel


As you are finish twisting your Havana Twist Extensions, next you will be sealing the ends of your twists by curling the ends with hair rollers.

The hair that you use to achieve this twist hair style is synthetic hair so it is not best advice to use your curlers or a curling wand to curl the ends of your Havana Twist or Marley Twists Extensions.

Adding heat from a curling iron can potentially melt the extensions or the curl from the curling iron may not give you your best curl result for this style.

It is best to simply dip the ends of the Havana Twists in hot water.

Be careful and avoid dripping hot water on yourself and avoid burning your scalp with hot steam from the water..

Once you thoroughly dry off the twist, run your fingers through the twist extensions trim away any flimsy ends.


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Welcome to step number five of the Havana twist hairstyle in this that I will be teaching you how to curl the very ends of your Havana twists so the supplies you will need to achieve this that will be your hair rollers a very thick dry towel or T-shirt you will also need your hair cutting scissors a hot cup of water and you will and in your duckbill clips just in case you need help keeping your hair sectioned so now the your Havana twists are installed this is a moment where you want to be curling the very ends of your twists so now that I have all of my materials here in the table I'm going to begin by talking just a little bit about the type of hair roller you will need to type of hair roller that you will need when dipping your ends of your twist in hot water are cold wave rod rollers the reason why is because this material is made of rubber and plastic foam rollers wouldnt be a very good idea simply because yes you can still dip them in hot water to achieve your curl because their foam rollers they hold a lot of water so when you use your towel or your thick T-shirt to dry off you can easily burn yourself because of the water that foam rollers hold because this is plastic the only water is going to be in contact with the hair is the water that is on the hair and a size roller I will use is a 1/4 inch roller the smaller your plastic roller the very tighter your curl will be if you want your is to have more of a wavy appearance you will use a thicker or bigger roller maybe anywhere upwards of half an inch to 2 inches but to get that very small tight ringlet that you want to achieve with your Havana twist I suggest that you use a 4th inch roller and we simply want to do is locate the end of your Havana twists and you want to roll them individually says to twist are pretty big you grab your ends you wrap the very end around the roller and then you just roll your hair as you are rolling you want the hair to roll right at the very end of the hair that put so what I mean by that is you locate the end of your twist you rotate it about 2 to 3 times around you can tell that there's a little bit of the twist exposed to what you want to do is lay this very end as flat as possible and then as your rolling roll the twist over the spot and they continue to roll it against the roller then you take your very end your stopper and you place it inside the hole of the roller in their you have your end rolled you don't want to go all the way up the twist because this will give you that Havana twist look you were hoping for you only want to curl the very ends so once again just going to grab another twist and you only want to concentrate on the ends as is getting thinner so as you can see it starts to get thin around this area and this is the area that you're going to roll we're not going to go all the way up this twist you only want to roll that very small portion so you are going to grab another twist starting with the end in your going to wrap the in about 2 to 3 times around you have a little bit sticking out with a little bit sticking out late last possible they continue to wrap the hair around that spot and continue to wrap around the roller and then close your plunger on the end so now that you've rolled all of your Havana twist this is the moment that you going to dip your individual rollers into your cup of hot water when you are preparing your cup of hot water make sure that the water was previously boiling so that it's as hot as it can be the reason why is because if your water is extremely hot it will lock in that curl for you once you release your roller if the water isn't steaming at all or if it's only lukewarm you will not be able to effectively curl the ends of your Havana twists also when you are dipping your twist you want to make sure that your cup of water or bowl of water has a handle that you can immediately grab when you are dipping your twist in the water and you feel like you’re at a uncomfortable position in your scared the water me to rip for that you need to adjust it you going to grab a handle that's not affected by temperature of the cup so you want to handle that comes our that's not to touch so that you can grab it and move it wherever you need fit so now this moment you're going to grab your twist to begin dipping them into your cup of water so depending on the size of your twist the length of your twist and the amount of rollers that you have you need to guess as far as how much can fit into your container so to be safe when I'm want to do is grab about 2 to 3 twist and I want them to be about the same length so that I can easily see them and dip them all at once so what you want to do is just lower your twists into the water and cover up the area that's on the roller you want to cover up too much hair because it's going to create more water for you to dry off once you finish so not as good as what around to release any air bubbles so that it can become completely saturated with hot water and then want to take these twists out I already have something nearby to catch the water which is a very thick T-shirt so I just raise the twists right out of the water make sure to drip the water off that I see and then bring it over to my towel and cover the twists up just like that in you going to squeeze all of the water out of your Havana twists next you are going to take one of your twist and feel if it feels too hot to touch just put it back into your towel and continue to wick away water because it should feel warm to touch when it's warm to touch that means that there is no water or there's barely any water in the twist but it should feel warm to touch it that means you still need to release water from your rollers and the ends of your twists to take that back out and it actually feels warm so what you want to do is take off your plunger and unroll your twist just like that you are going to take the very end that's a little bit rugged its maybe not as consistent as it should be to take your scissors and just snip that very small piece of the bottom then you can do the same for you twist you want to unravel you want to examine the end it doesn't need like you need to be cut so I am going to leave it as is and then I am going to unravel my third one that dipped into the water and I'm going cut the very end of that twist take your scissors and just snip so far we already got these 3 done and it’s just a little small very tight curl at the ends so now for your next section you gone grab a couple more twists you are going to lower them in the water and continue to repeat the same process until curled all of your ends to review all for the step of the Havana twist hairstyle we focused only on curling the very ends of our twist so to curl the ends of your twist we used 1/4 inch cold wave water rollers we rolled the ends of our twists and then dipped them into hot water after you have dried your twist off you unravel them from each rod and snip any ends so that you have a very curled consistent so now that you curled the very ends of your Havana twist in the next step, step number six I will show you the finished results of the Havana twists hairstyle


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