Havana Twists: How To Braid The Back Of Your Own Head Tutorial Part 4 of 8

Breanna Rutter


To achieve this Havana Twist Hairstyle, you will need these hair supplies as follows;


(10) Packs of Marley/Havana Twisting Hair Extensions

Rat Tail Comb

Hair Comb

Water Spray Bottle

Hair Scissors

Hair Gel

Duck Bill Clips

Blue Cold Wave Hair Rollers

Bobby Pins

Dry Towel


Twisting the back of your head can be difficult if you are new to doing this Havana Twist Hairstyle let alone new to generally doing your own hair!


Its easy to do but of course that is always better said than done and the only that twisting or braiding the back of your head will become easier is if you practice!


Keep practicing, the same hand positioning and twisting direction applies as you do the Invisible Roots Marley Twist/Havana Twisting Technique.


The same twisting technique is the same technique you would do if you were doing Senegalese Twists or Jumbo Rope Twists Step By Step.


Make sure to use two stand up mirrors or stand alone mirrors and position them with chairs so that you can see the front of your head and the back of your head when you are doing your Havana Twists on your own hair.


Stand Up or Stand Alone Full Body Mirrors  


Thanks For Watching!



This is step number four of the Havana first hairstyle and in this that I will be showing you how to do a Havana twist in the very back of your head this seems to be the biggest problem when it comes to doing braids or extensions or any type of look because we don't have eyes in the back of our head so I will show you step-by-step how you are going to do the same exact thing to the very back of your head for your Havana twist hairstyle here we are at the very back of my head and I'm extremely comfortable with doing the back of my head because it's really easy for me after doing her for a while so is second nature but if your beginner it will be troublesome especially if this is your very first time doing your hair but one thing I want you to be confident about is that when you are doing the back of your head you are going to do the same take me you were doing in the front of your head but you just have to play around with your arm positioning as you reaching the back so everything is still consistent use your twisting in the same direction and continuing to work your way down onto your twist is finished so I'm going to go through the motions through detangling my hair by my gel and twisting my section so I am going to go to my table right now grab my comb and then I'm going to bring it up and I'm just going to detangle my section of hair now I am just going to use my fingers and I'm going to divide this two sections here so not going to take a little bit of gel and apply it to both as you can see I am parting consistent like what you are doing front of your head just going to divide it right so it's kind of like too small rectangles now we're going to do is you want to grab your hair and you want to locate the middle section like you've always done but this time you just going to bring your arms to the back of your head you are going to place the middle area right against your scalp like you've always done and you can take that top piece of hair like we have been doing the entire style put over your head and then you are going to rest your hand there grab the hair at the bottom into his counterclockwise nothing has changed the only difference is that your hands are awkwardly in the back of your hand but you will get use to now you going to now you are going tO grab that top section and you going to twist that counterclockwise as well make sure to gather all of your hair to so since this is taking place in the left side of my head when I'm going to do is hold both of these pieces and bring my hand over to the left side so what I've done is I've freed my right hand to bring it around to the left side so I can twist easier so now what you want to do is take desktop put it over the bottom piece like we have always the right of the bottom of the continue to twist each section counterclockwise so we going to twist little bit down about 2 to 3 times and then folded over twist the section about 2 to 3 times bring it over and you want to continue to do the same thing you've done at the very top the reason why some of you that are watching may have a problem with doing the back of your head is because it's very intimidating and I understand it's hard to see back there you don't know what's going you don't know how looks and that's why is very important that you have mirrors to help right now I am not using any mirrors I can just go by feel and I'm pretty used to it so I can just twist my hair not a problem with but if you can't see in your having problems my best suggestion is to get to stand up mirrors want to get mirrors that could to stand up along its own you want to position one in front of you in position one behind so that way you can see the reflection of the back of your head as you are doing your hair style also you can even goes your bathroom with your stand up there and position your mirror with the chair behind you so that way you can see your reflection from the mirror in front of you in your bathroom so whatever works for you whatever you are willing to try you just have to make sure that you can see the very front of your head and the very back of your head as you are doing your hairstyle so the same method applies even though you're in the back of your head you're just going to continue to twist counterclockwise each section and then you take the top piece of put it over the bottom piece to review over this step of the Havana twist hairstyle I showed you how to do the invisible roots method in the very back of your head this is an area that will be much difficulty for you if you are not used to doing this style let alone actually twisting the very back of your head but just know the same exact take me applies when you're in the front of your head the same way parted your hair section your hair and twisting your hair applies to the very back of your head going to grab each section one at a time you want to twist counterclockwise and then you locate your other section which is the top and you twist counterclockwise and in your top piece goes over the bottom piece as you continue to twist each individual piece counterclockwise so just continue to practice at twisting the back of your head even though it may feel awkward or different just know that if you do the same exact technique and practice as you do in the front you will achieve the same results in the back so continue working on that as you complete your look so in the next the step number five now that your twists have been twisted I will show you how to curl the ends of your Havana twists


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