Natural Hair Twist Out 2 Strand Twists Take Down on 4c Hair Tutorial Part 3 of 4

Breanna Rutter


For the Two Strand Twist Out Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;

Duck Bill Clips

Hair Comb

Afro Pick

Hair Oil (Olive Oil)

Water Spray Bottle


Taking down your twist out can yield you your best result or your worst results depending on how you handle your hair.


Twisting your hair in to 2 strand twists is the easiest part and its usually an error free ordeal.


But, when it is time to do a twist out (take down your 2 strand twists) the biggest mistakes can happen simply because of the way that you decide to detangle your twists as you take them down.


Twists are meant to be defined so when you unravel a twist, you want to leave it as is.


Separating the twist further will leave your used to be defined twist out into a fluffy wavy piece of hair.


It is best to conceal obvious sectioned of squares of hair by simply fluffing your hair at the roots with an afro pick.


You don't want to bring the pick all the way through your hair, you just want to pick at the roots to give your hair more volume and to also leave the ends of your hair in a defined twist out.



Here we are in step number three of the twist out hairstyle in this step I will show you how to take down your individual twist and also how to fluff the root of your hair to disguise any visible scalp from your style so to begin you want to make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry an easy way to test this is to squeeze one of your twist if your fingers do not feel moisture your hair doesn't feel wet at all that means all of your hair is dry after your hair is dry we will begin by unraveling each twist so now that all of your twist are dry you are going to begin to unravel each twist I'm going to demonstrate on the twist is closest to my right ear and I will show you how you want to take them down it's important in the way you're going to unravel your twist because you don't want to unravel too much you only need to separate each side from one another by roughly unraveling it was or excessively pulling as you unraveling your twist this will disturb the curl pattern that you have set on your wet hair so I'm going to show you how simple it is and how easy it is to unravel your twist for your look so I'm going to grab his twist here on the right side and when I want to do is grab my pinch finger was my index finger my and I'm going to run my fingers all the way down to the bottom just to consistently find the end once I find the end I'm just going to separate the two pieces from one another just like that you just going to separate you don't want to disturb either side you just want to unravel each side from one another so just continue to separate each winglet from one another for each side of the two is not one another as you work your way up so here you have two consistent ringlets from your twists now going to demonstrate on another twist so you want to locate the bottom of your twist separate the two strands in the work your way to the top so there you have it you should have for a little ringlets for each of your twist here and that's why it's important that you make sure to divide the section you are working on into two parts and then twist consistently to the bottom you don't want to have to share a lot of hairs along the way as you are twisting because a lot of these was will be disturb from different hairs that were transferred from different sides of your twist so you should only have work consistent ringlets when taking down two twist you don't want to have a lot of different way the pieces because I mean you didn't twist your hair correctly so now that you know how to properly take down each section to keep each twist intact I'm want to do so over my entire head so now that you have finished unraveling all of your twist we will be using our Afro pick to help fluff up the roots of our hair by using the Afro pick this will give you more volume at the base of your hairstyle and this will also disguise any visible scalp that peeks your look you want your style to look very voluminous and very full you don't want any of your skin or your scalp to pick through your twist so you will be using this Afro picked to fluff the base of your twist and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that so with my Afro pick in hand I'm going to concentrate on this area here to show you how you want to disguise your scalp from showing so as you can see I don't have a much scalp showing but I do just a little bit between my parts so from this area here I will show you how to disguise that you are going to take your Afro pick you want to slide in at the roots of your area that you want to fluff so I am just moving my hair little bit to the side to expose where I want to slide my pick and I'm going to press it firmly against my scalp and I'm going to slide it right in under in this area of twist now what you want to do is lift up your Afro picked just a little bit and as you can see the twist of stirrings and then you want to release you want to take out you want to visually see if you have any scalp that showing I don't have much Showing in this area in the back and I am only going to focus on the area that I want to fluff slide my pick in and I'm going to bring the pick up just a little bit you don't want to bring all the way through because this will disturb the pattern of these twisting that you have set so and I'm just going to pull back through and examine my hair again now I am going to go inj at another angle slide firmly at the roots of your hair against her scalp and you going to lift up just a little bit you want to go up too far because that will disrupt the curl of your hair so not I think we are pretty much disguised and what you want to do is to continue to work all around the entire head until all of your scalp is disguised to complete your look in the step by show you how to take down your individual twist and I also showed you how to fluff the roof of your hair with the Afro pick so remember when taking down your twist you want to make sure to do so gently from the ends of your hair onto the roots of your hair this will help you to have a consistent ringlet and you want to make sure not to disturb the pattern any further for your look next to you will want to your Afro pick and you use the pick to fluff the roots of your hair for two reasons one reason is to give you more lift and volume in your style and your second reason is to disguise any visible scalp that peeks through your hairstyle so now that you have all of your twists taken down you want to also continue to fluff the roots of your hair over your entire head to complete your look so in the next step, step number four I will show you the finished look to your twist out hairstyle


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