How To Do Ghana Braid Cornrows Step By Step Part 2 of 4

Breanna Rutter


In The Ghana Braids / Banana Braids Hairstyle Tutorial I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this hairstyle.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(6) Packages of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair

(1) Wide Tooth Comb

(1) Rat Tail Comb

(1) Hair Cutting Scissors

(4) Duck Bill Clips

Olive Oil

Hair Jel


When braiding on natural hair, you always want to be extremely gentle!


In this step I am teaching you how to braid your own hair for beginners step by step in regards to this invisible cornrow braids hairstyle!


If you are not careful with your hair, that will reflect in the health of your hair.


Too much rough handling on your tresses will result in split damaged ends and hair loss which in the long run stunt the growth of your hair.


Wearing a protective style like this Ghana Braids Hairstyle is great in retaining length but if you always comb aggressively or handle your hair in a rough manner, many of your hair saving methods will go to waste.


Also, remember when that you do cornrows/french braids you can make your braid or your twists as long in length as you want.


To make them longer in length, you just have to add more braiding hair alond the way.


The ultimate look of a style is to your discretion.



Welcome to step number 2 of the ghana braid hairstyle in this that I will be showing you in detail step-by-step how to do ghana braids on your very own hair so first before you actually begin braiding your hair you want to take your rat tail, and part off a section that you will be working on once you have your size of area of hair you will be working on I will then show you how to measure out pieces of your extension hair to gradually feed into your ghana braids before you begin going to braiding your hair you first want to section off the amount a pair you will be working on so I'm going to start right here on the right side of my head and I'm going apart area of hair that I would like to be the size of my braid if you want smog on embraced and part your parts small you want big ones part the bigger the part about medium-size amount of hair to do my ghana braid extensions in the way that you want to accentuate the parts so that it looks very natural and realistic as to slightly part a curve near your actual hair line so near my edges want to do with going to take my comb and then I'm going to slightly part at an angle as I part straight to the to take the end of your rat tail comb and use that to help you part your hair so can take a couple of duckbill clips and you want to keep your hair sectioned from the amount that you have sectioned off for your ghana braids so now that your hair has been sectioned you want to take a wide tooth comb make sure your hair is thoroughly the detangled and then I will show you how to section off your extension hair for your braids so now that you parted your section of hair to serve as the size of your ghana braid I will now show you have to section your pieces of extension hair to feed into your ghana braid so to begin you want to make sure that you have of one package or bundle of synthetic braiding hair ready you want to take off any rubber bands or any hair ties that binding the hair together so that you can section the hair off effectively so to begin what we're going to do is we're going to part off 10 pieces of extension hair you only need about 10 pieces for your ghana braid and as you go up in size you want to section off the amount of hair bigger than you were with your first braid so to begin when you want to do it you want to first pinch off a small amount of hair because when you start doing your ghana braid you going to start off by cornrowing and then gradually feed the hair so this is about the amount of braiding hair you going to start with to know how much to actually section off you have to practice at doing style so now does gonna pinch off this hair here and then I'm going to lay it on the edge of my table you want to keep your sections of hair separate from one another so they don't get mixed and so that the braid can gradually grow in size so that it looks natural so now when you sectioning off your 2nd piece you are going to make sure to add about a 3rd mount more of the size that you have here so the best way I'm going to explain it so you understand how to section pieces of hair is for someone to show you that I'm going to pinch off double the first amount of hair that I have here so as you can see here by comparison the first piece that I sectioned is about half of what the 2nd piece is but that's not how you going to go in size you going to go a little bit less than half so per se for this first piece you're actually going to go up by adding about a 3rd amount that you did with your original so instead of going double as you go up with your strands you going to go up by about a 3rd of its size so I'm just going to pinch a little bit of hair off from this piece here this is about the size you want to have from one piece to another you don't want your pieces to go up by doubling in size you want them to go up about 30% size of which originally started with so now that I have my first piece here in my 2nd piece here I'm going to go up and about the size of about 30% of what this is so I am going to add an extra 30% of hair to my 3rd piece so you are going to pinch off another amount in this is your 3rd piece of hair you are going make sure it's a section off 10 pieces total so that you can ghana braid your first braid so once you have your 10 pieces of hair sectioned the first will begin by grabbing the smallest piece of hair are going to begin by cornrow braiding our hair and then I will show you the technique of how to gradually feed every piece of your extension hair for your ghana braids so now that you have your 10 pieces of hair sectioned off for your GHANA braids were going to begin I will first lubricate my scalp with a little bit of oil so i am going reach to my table to grab my hair oil in this Olive oil and I'm just going squirt in on the back of my hand and then I'm going to use my fingers to lap up some of the oil and I'm just to rub it against my part if your scalp is feeling just a little bit dry you can put a little bit of oil on your scalp and also on your hair to help lubricate your strands as you begin braiding so to begin the first take your fingers in your going to pinch off a small amount of hair here at the beginning of your braid a very good going to braid starts off with a very small beginning so I am just going to separate a little bit of hair from the beginning here with pinch off that there so this is the amount of hair you are going to Start very small number not going to reach to my table and I'm going to grab my smallest piece of extension and the way that you start your ghana braids as you start your ghana braid as a cornrow braid in a previous DVD I teach you how to do cornrow braids on your hair you first have to know how to do cornrow braids with extensions to do this style because this is like an advanced version of cornrow braids this called ghana braids some just going to go a little bit faster than normal since I'm not teaching you how to cornrow braid Im teaching you how to ghana baid so we go through the motions of starting a going to break in a separate this hair by pinching off a 3rd of its size from itself then you going to put that 3rd piece over the bigger piece to form your 3 legs of your braid you are going to grab a small piece of hair with you 3 fingers toward your hand underneath and then open your pincher finger to hold that hair and now we are going to begin ghana braiding so you go right up to the scalp and I'm going to start and that little piece of your here that sectioned off you are going to grab that small amount hair and you going to proceed like a regular cornrow braid with weave 11 times so that's one to 3 is going to go to 11 so now braid all the way to 11 and now my right hand is free you are going to reach the table you going to grab your 2nd piece of hair remember its increasing by length you are going to grab your 2nd piece of hair you locate the middle area of the hair now what I like to do is throw the hair around my back like this bring my hand up you are going to hold your hair with this hand hair but you're going to open up your ring finger to hook the hair in your hand here because you need just a little bit of assistance to hold the hair so now once you do that keep that small for the other portion of hair behind you grab this hair and incorporate it with one of the legs of your braid so I am going to pinch that together and then continue braiding you going to braid about 4 times so that's one two 3 and 4 now whichever hand is comfortable for you make sure if you're right-handed that you and with your right hand someone a braid one more time so that way I can let go of my right hand to grab another portion of hair so you're right-handed you want your right hand to be free to grab the next portion of hair with your left-handed you want your left-handed hand to be free that's just the way to help go a little bit easier with this style so I have braided about 4 to 5 times down just so that way I can free my right hand to grab my 2nd piece of hair so I am going to go to my table once again grab that other piece of hair this is my 3rd piece I am going to bring it back up and I'm going to make sure one strand of the hair is behind my back and one is in my hand so that I have that middle section of this hair I'm going to go use my ring finger to hook the hair into my hand just to hold it there for security because this portion here will feed into my hair that I have in my hand some just going to grab the other portion of my braid here that I originally already have incorporated add that into the braid and braid down about 4 to 5 times until my right hands free again and you are just going to keep repeating the steps in to you at all of your braiding hair another my right hand is free I am going to grab my other portion of your here put it behind my back bring it up and hook it around my ring finger just like this and then continue to braided into the actual braid itself that's was very important that you already know how to cornrow braid because if you don't know how to cornrow braid to style will be very confusing so as I grab my next piece just going to continue weaving it into your braid until all of your pieces have been incorporated as you are braiding down make sure that you occasionally stop to run your fingers through your sections of hair to make sure that it is not tangled and then just continue to braid to the very bottom there may be times also we start to run out of hair on one leg of parade so as you can see this is certainly in her hair these 2 are about the same with this one doesn't have much hair so you want to do is just pinch off one of the legs to add a little bit more hair to the leg and then just continue braiding so as you can see that is your finish look to your first ghana braid in this step of the ghana braids hairstyle I taught you how to do your ghana braids on your own hair step-by-step as you may have already noticed ghana braids is an advanced hairstyle so in order to know how to do going to braids you first have to know how to do cornrow braids you can always refer to my cornrow braiding dvd where I teach you how to do cornrow braids with and without extensions because once you know how to cornrow braid with extensions then you are able to do in advance style called ghana braids so to begin with I going to braids we make sure to pitch off 10 pieces of extension hair from our bundle as you begin to start off with a very small piece and you increasing in length by about 30% so that the graduation of each piece of your extensions will help give you a very natural flow to your ghana braids you also use your rat tail comb to part of the section of hair that you will be braiding and a very good tip that you want to put along with parting your hair is that when you are close to your hair line you want to part at a small curve this allows for you to have very natural looking ghana braids so as you continue to braid your hair you want to continue to part a small curve at the beginning of your hair line going to the right and then when you reach the left side of your head you want to continue to part a curve at the beginning of your hair line that goes to the left side so now that I've shown you how to do your first ghana braids you want to continue braiding all of your hair to you complete your look and then in the next step, step number 3 I will show you the finish results to your ghana braids hairstyle


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