How To Remove Ghana Braids on Natural 4c Hair Part 4 of 4

Breanna Rutter


In The Ghana Braids / Banana Braids Hairstyle Tutorial I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this hairstyle.


To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(6) Packages of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair

(1) Wide Tooth Comb

(1) Rat Tail Comb

(1) Hair Cutting Scissors

(4) Duck Bill Clips

Olive Oil

Hair Jel


Now it’s time to take down or uninstall your Ghana Cornrow Braids.


If you would rather sport your hairstyle for another couple of days or even weeks feel free but remember to take care of your hair.


When I wear any type of hairstyle, it is a MUST that I add moisture to my hair at least once a week.


I use my spray bottle concoction to add moisture to my hair.


Remember to release your braids out of a pinned style (if you have done so) at least once a week to add some moisture to your hair.


If your hair requires less moisture, thats fine, do to your hair what is needed.


When taking down your braids, all you have to do is unravel them from the bottom and work your way up.


Sometimes I like to cut of the very bottom of the cornrow braids because as the ends thin to a finer point, it can be difficult taking them down once you start.


If you are sure or unsure as to whether or not where your hair ends along the braids, take them down with your hands until you are comfortable with cutting the ends to speed up the process later on.


Its really easy and simple and once you get the ghana braiding technique down, you will be addicted to the ease of this style!



Here we are in step number four of the Ghana braids hairstyle it in this that I will show you how easy and simple it is to take down and remove your braid extensions so what you want to do and taking down your braids is simply use your hands to unravel your braids on the bottom all the way up to you work your way to the top to take down your extensions you can also take down by using hair cutting scissors cutting off the braid length that you’re comfortable with and then continuing to take them down by when taking down your Ghana braid extensions of course you are going to do the same process to take down all of your braids so you can take them all down by hand or if it's comfortable for you can cut off a portion of the break and take it down as well so I'm going to do is demonstrate on the braid here on the right side of my head when I locate the bottom of that braid and I'm going to cut the break off so you can just cut the very end if you want or if you're very comfortable to wear the length of your hair is you can cut where ever you would like someone want to do is just cut right here whether braid starts to become take just so it's very easy for me to take down the Ghana so I am just going to use my scissors to cut that off then I am just going simply continue to unravel and take it down by hand so as you can see it's very easy taking down your Ghana braid extensions because you start off with such a small amount of extension at the beginning of your braid it's very useful to use the end of your rat tail comb to help you further take down and remove your extension hair so in this style I taught you plenty of techniques and tips that you want to incorporate to make this look very beautiful I taught you how to off your extension hair to feed into your braid also shown you how to do the Ghana braid technique as well as other temps like parting sectioning and even the finished results as well as the take down so now that you've watched the style be sure to check out our video blog and online store and thanks for watching


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