How To Remove Your Braids WITHOUT BREAKAGE! Goddess Braids Tutorial Part 5 of 5

Breanna Rutter


In The Goddess Braids Hairstyle Tutorial I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this hairstyle.


To achieve this braid hairstyle, you will need as follows;


(5) Packages of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair

(1) Wide Tooth Comb

(1) Rat Tail Comb 

(1) Hair Cutting Scissors

Duck Bill Clips

Open Bobby Pins

Hair Jel


Now it’s time to take down or uninstall your Goddess Braids.


When taking down your under braids with weave all you have to do is unravel them from the bottom and work your way up towards the roots of your hair.


Sometimes I like to cut of the very bottom of the braids because they can become extremely interlocked which makes it hard to take them down but taking them down by hand is just fine.


If you are sure or unsure as to whether or not where your hair ends along the braids, take them down with your hands until you are comfortable with cutting the ends to speed up the process.


Its really easy and simple and once you get the technique down, you will be addicted to the ease of this style!



Welcome to step number five of the goddess braids hairstyle in this that I will show you how easy it is to take down and remove your hair extensions for demonstration purposes I've unraveled one of my braids to show you how to take them down you simply take down your pin by just taking out all of your bobby pins from your braids and then you're going to use your fingers to unravel the braids from the bottom and work your way towards the top so now we are going to begin by unraveling our first braid so you just going to grab your braid locate the bottom of your braid and then you're just going to unraveling with your fingers if you do have a difficult time unraveling your braid if the end of your braid is a lot thinner than what you can do then you can use the end of your rat tail comb to poke through the braids unraveling down what you can simply use your scissors and snip off the very ends of the braids and unraveling your braid by hand is of course optional because you have to start at the very ends of your braid you could simply cut the braid at a length you're comfortable with if you know the true length of your real hair and then you can unravel my guide for cutting off a braid that's close your real hair is to make sure that you know where your real hair ends and if you do want to cut high of the braid that you cut up about 2 to 3 inches away from your real hair but as a safeguard for you want to make sure to start at the very bottom and just unravel your braid also depending on how long you been wearing this hairstyle you will see shed hair its natural we can shed up 100 hairs a day on our head so give or take depending on how many days you wearing a style you want to style for say five days is about 500 shed hairs as you can see so don't worry when you see shed hairs because its simply is a natural process when your hair falls from the scalp the longer you wear these braids to more shed hair see so as you can see this is really easy even when you get up toward your scalp just gently unravel the hair and make sure that you're raking for with your fingers very gently to just continue to separate as you are the top so you can completely take down the braid so as you can see you can grab some sections of your real hair out of braid be very gentle so that the extensions don't snag on your ends of your hair in this step of the goddess braids hairstyle I've taught you how quick and easy it is to take down and remove your hair extensions of course before you begin taking down your braids make sure to remove all of the bobby pins from your hair then what you want to do is use your fingers to take down your braids from the bottom until you work your way up towards the top of course you can always use scissors to snip off the bottom of your braid if this helps you to take down your braids more effectively as well as teaching you how to take down your goddess braids I've taught you a lot of different techniques and tips as well as far as how to do the goddess braiding technique had a section your hair gel your roots extend the length of your braids and even how to style your goddess braids so thank you so much for watching them be sure to check out our videos blog and online store at thanks


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