Individual Tree Braids Step By Step Tutorial Part 2 of 7

Breanna Rutter


In The Individual Tree Braids Hairstyle, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular braid hairstyle!


To achieve the Individual Tree Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(4 ct. Color #1) Packages of Wavy Braiding Hair

Wide Tooth Detangling Comb

Rat Tail Comb

Duck Bill Clips

Hair Cutting Scissors

Hair Ties/Head Bands

Rubber Bands

Bobby Pins

Super Nail Glue

Thick Dry Towel


The Individual Tree Braids Hairstyle is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to cornrow tree braids and individual braids to understand how to follow along with this new hairstyle!


Purchase those DVDs to prepare you for this advanced hairstyle!


Cornrow Tree Braids DVD

Box Braids DVD


To follow this Individual Tree Braids Tutorial, you want to make sure that you have purchased the appropriate braiding hair to give you the look and length you desire whether wet and wavy human hair or synthetic blend wavy hair is best for you. You can purchase your Tree Braids hair in the color of choice that you would like or you can match the color of your braiding hair to your natural hair color. Make sure that you have all of your hair supplies listed above to do this hairstyle on your own hair or to do this braided hairstyle on another.


To do individual tree braids step by step, you have to prepare your braiding hair if necessary but for this tutorial, you will simply use two to 3 locks of hair that are already pre sectioned in your hair package to serve as your braids. Begin braiding your hair and interweaving your extensions firmly but not tightly as close to your scalp as possible to create a neat individual braid. After braiding a couple of times away from your scalp, leave out very small pieces of hair on each side of the braid every time you braid down a couple of times. Braid an inch to 2 inches past your real hair, depending on what is best for your length of extensions, and place a drop of super nails glue at the length of braids to prevent them from unraveling.



Hello and welcome to step number two of the individual tree braid extension hairstyle and in this that I will be teaching you step-by-step how to do the individual tree braid technique so first in order to begin I will demonstrate by showing you how to actually part out your sections of hair how to actually incorporate your braiding hair onto your real hair and then how to do the tree braiding technique step by step okay so now I will be shown you how to do the individual tree braiding technique step-by-step so first before you actually begin braiding you have to make sure to prepare your section of hair you will actually be working on so use your rat tail comb for parting and your wide tooth comb to help you detangle your hair I've already done so I have two braids to do and I'm going to demonstrate the technique on one of my braids so here's the section of hair and I will be working on right here its already been detangled and parted and this is another section have to do as well so I am going to show you on this section here once you have your section ready now you are going to prepare your hands with your braiding hair so depending on if using curly or wavy hair usually most times there are already predetermined sections as you can see so that way you don't have to further divide the hair in order to actually braid with so what I'm going to do is grab two pieces and I am going to show you how to actually position hair in your hand you want more detailed information all about doing individual braids you have to refer to my braiding so when preparing you want to either take the smaller piece and wrapped around for your 3rd to 2/3rd section of the both the same size just go ahead and wrap one around the other and then position braiding here in your hands just like you are doing an actual individual braid box braid extension so now I am going to show you have actually braid your individual tree braid so first just begin by braiding an actual individual braid you want to braid down about 6 to 8 times for you actually start pulling out pieces of your extension hair now if you want the tree braiding technique to be of a more extreme effect you would only braid a couple of times from the scalp before you actually begin releasing hair but to make sure that you have your braids solidly on your hair you can braid about a couple of inches of braid before you actually begin releasing now I am going to show you how to actually do the tree braiding take some just pushing over front of me so that I can show you how to take out individual pieces of braiding hair keep all three legs of your braids separate but you going to grab one leg of your braiding you pinch off a small piece of the hair make sure to detangle it all the way through and after you separated piece with a going to push it over your head just so it doesn't get back into your braid now what you can do is use a duckbill clip to stop the hair from falling back down by clicking right here or you could just push it over your head if you're more comfortable and then continue braiding your braid a couple of times and then you going to release one of the legs again or part of a leg so after you braid a couple times release some of the hair on the opposite side of your braid this is a similar technique to doing an actual cornrow tree braid that's why you have to know how to do the tree braiding style for cornrows so you can understand more and he thought to do this process so now you just pinch off a small piece and you put that over your head just to move it out of the way so as you can see there is a leg here and there is a leg here that I aslo just took out if it helps use a duckbill clip course to keep the hair is falling down but until then just continue to braid and alternately take out a piece on each side of your braid until you have braided past your real hair so for flood so now just keep doing this process and then once braid past your hair and to show you how to seal your braid with your super nail glue so now were so close to the end of my real hair that I'm just going to braid all the way past now once you braid about half an inch an inch past your real hair then it's safe to actually bring some individuals like to do the slipknot technique when you actually use a small piece of hair to form a knot around the bottom of your braid for to make sure that this braid DO not unravel it's a great idea to use super nail glue to actually seal the braid so the reason why I did not continue to release all the way down as well couple of reasons one is because of braid gradually gets thinner so if you constantly release hair it will be very hard for you to effectively braid past your real hair without leaving your real hair out on accident this braid is vastly thinner than the braid at the root as it began because of all the hair I've left out along the way so I am gonna show you how to actually seal the end because it's very simple going to use my glue and what you want to do is put just one drop or couple of drops on there just so it doesn't unravel you don't want to soak the end of your braid with glue you just want a small drop so that way it doesn't unravel so just tap it a little bit squeeze just a little bit and put one drop right there on your braid and I like to rub in a little bit with the neck of the superglue then I like to blow fan it just a little bit so that it can dry and then you can release your hair down and your tree braids since as you can see when all of the braids are put together you will see the actual small piece of braid when all of its added because you constantly put out pieces along the way and then when you push it over to blend with the rest of your hair it will look very seamless so as you can see the individual tree braiding technique is a very simple process just as long as you know how to do on cornrow tree braids as well as individual braids also so just to recap make sure that you already section out your appropriate area of hair to begin braiding and then when braiding use two pieces of hair or as much as you would like for braids and actually begin braiding an individual braid now if you want less of your braid to show closest to your root then start releasing pieces of extension hair very early on but just to make sure that your extensions onto your hair and they won't slide out whatsoever I suggest that you braid about it inch or two of your individual braids before you begin releasing hair so you can braid a couple of times to start releasing as soon as possible or you can braid it inch or two and then starts release pieces of hair as you would like so after that you little bit of glue to seal you look and then continue over your entire had to finish the look so now in the very next step, step number three I will be showing you how easy and simple it is to braid the back of your head


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