Tree Braids Hair Care Regimen Advice Tutorial Step 3 of 7

Breanna Rutter


To achieve the Cornrow Tree Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(4) Packs of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair
(1 Pack color #1B33) (3 Packs color #2)
(1) Wide Tooth Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Blow Dryer
Paddle Brush
Closed Bobby Pins
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Ties
Hair Cutting Scissors

This is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do cornrow braids with weave to understand how to do this hairstyle. Purchase the Cornrow Braiding DVD to learn how to do a basic braid with and without weave first


Cornrow Braid with and without Weave DVD


For the Cornrow Tree Braids Hairstyle, you will be provided with a couple of hair care tips that will help you to extend the lifestyle of your hairstyle while also more importantly, take care of the health of your real hair as well.


Hair Tip #1: Dilute your shampoo and conditioner and other products in an applicator bottle for easy distribution and rinse.


Hair Tip #2: Use a travel size spray bottle to spray moisturizing conditioner on your cornrow braids and to further lock in moisture by spritzing your favorite oil(s) on your braids. Also treat the extensions the same as your cornrow braids if your hair is human hair.


Hair Tip #3: Allow your hair to air-dry or sit under a hooded dryer or a flexible dryer bonnet to dry your hair.



Welcome to step number three of the cornrow tree braids hairstyle in this step I will be sharing with you some haircare tips that will apply with your new style to help you to take care of your hair my very first tip is to make sure that you are cleansing your scalp and braids if you wash your hair maybe twice a week once a week or every two weeks whatever the frequency is that you like to apply with washing your hair the same thing will go with wearing this tree braids hairstyle so when you are getting ready to wash her hair make sure to braid your extensions in large-size braids or put them into large ponytails the reason why is because this will prevent your hair from tangling as you concentrate on cleansing your hair and scalp when cleansing your hair and scalp you want to make sure to use the shampoo that you normally use when washing your hair of your shampoo has a watery consistency this is the perfect consistency to wash with but if your shampoo is a little bit thicker than that make sure to place it inside of the applicator bottle with a little bit of water to get it to a very watery consistency this is very important when using it on your braids because this will help you to effectively cleanse your scalp as well as wash out all of your product with ease if you take your normal shampoo especially if it has a thick consistency to wash your hair and will take you a long time to wash all the soap and a lot of soap will build up on your hair over time and that could lead to breakage so when washing your hair wind up all of your extension hair in large braids or ponytail and then use a watery consistency shampoo to wash your hair and braids my second tip is to make sure that you are moisturizing your hair when you're wearing this tree braids hairstyle you won't see your hair until you take out your extensions so it's hard to gauge whether or not you know if you need moisturization are not and that's why daily moisturizing will best so make sure to put your favorite leaving moisturizer work conditioner into a small travel size bottle with a little bit of water so that it's a watery consistency the key to keeping your hair very moisturized clean and healthy is that when you are caring for your hair that all of your products are watered down this will stop you from adding too much product to your hair as well as incorporating all the moisture that you need so take your favorite leaving conditioner or your favorite regular conditioner whichever you like to use out it inside of a small travel size spray bottle with a little bit of water and then spray your braids this will keep your braids moisturized in the to follow up use your favorite oil to spray directly onto your braids and oil your fingers to run him down the parts of your scalp my very last tip that I will often use to make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry when wearing this tree braids hairstyle is very easy to have a buildup of moisture if one you had you sweat a lot on your scalp or you haven't thoroughly dried your hair will washing make sure that you're able to dry your hair by using a hooded drier her to sit under the your hair is dry or by using a bonnet dryer to thoroughly dry your hair that's prolonged with moisture and is not being dried out correctly or enough will lead to mildew and sometimes you can tell because it will have a weird smell so to avoid that make sure they always cleansing your hair moisturizing and drying it so those are all of my haircare tips that you will be using to make sure to take care of your style and your real hair while wearing the cornrow tree braids in my very next step, step number four I will be teaching you how to straighten out your extensions with a blow dryer


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