How To Use Heat On Braiding Hair | Tree Braids Tutorial Part 4 of 7

Breanna Rutter


In The Tree Braids Hairstyle Tutorial I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this hairstyle.


To achieve the Cornrow Tree Braids Hairstyle, you will need as follows;

(4) Packs of Synthetic Kanekalon Braiding Hair
(1 Pack color #1B33) (3 Packs color #2)
(1) Wide Tooth Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Blow Dryer
Paddle Brush
Closed Bobby Pins
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Ties
Hair Cutting Scissors

This is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do cornrow braids with weave to understand how to do this hairstyle. Purchase the Cornrow Braiding DVD to learn how to do a basic braid with and without weave first


Cornrow Braid with and without Weave DVD


When doing Tree Braids with synthetic hair, it is a common occurrence to have the final installation of your hairstyle to look voluminous. To tame the volume of your hairstyle, especially in terms of using synthetic braiding hair, its is best to relax the hair with low heat manipulation.


The same technique that you would do when doing a blowout on natural hair is the same in this situation as well. Most blowdryers have a setting of low, medium, and high and according to these ranges, you can slightly relax the volume of your hair on towards straightening out the hair with a blow dryer. Use caution on high blow dry settings because since this is synthetic hair, it is very possible that a high blow dry setting to melt your hair extensions.



Hello we are in step number four of the cornrow tree braids hairstyle in this step I will be teaching you how to straighten your hair extensions with a blow dryer this technique is the same technique that you would do when doing a blowout with a blowout you make sure to use a blow dryer and a paddle brush on wet hair to dry the hair while also stretching as well even though this hair is not wet this technique is perfect for relaxing the volume of this look mind you with this tree braids hairstyle I am using synthetic hair so when using synthetic hair it's always advisable never to use heat but you can always use a very low heat to manipulate the hair to take on more of a flatter or sleeker look that is why I'm using a blow dryer to straighten out the extensions with a blowdryer the heat is a lot less than your typical flat iron when using a flat iron or a smoothing iron what will happen is that the heat is usually too high and it will actually melt your extensions so to make sure that you can relax the look of this synthetic hair just a little bit I highly suggest that you use a blow dryer and a paddle brush to do so first I'm going to show you with a very small section at the very front of my head how to blowdry your amount of hair but when blowdry your hair for more relaxed or sleeker look work from the back towards the front to eliminate knots entangled when straightening your hair extensions with a blow dryer I highly suggest that you work your way to the back of your head towards the front of your head the reason why is because this will make the process a lot more easier for you to do while also stopping a lot of knots and tangles from happening along the way for demonstration purposes I will show you at the very front section of my head how to blowdry the hair I will also be using a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair as well so that I can release any table that may be in the hair by using the paddle brush as well to straighten out the section so you can use my hands to separate the section I am going to work on and is better to work on sections that are smaller than bigger so that way you can effectively go through the hair just to use my hands to separate a section of hair here and I'm going to use clips to keep this hair from falling down you want to make sure that all the hair is pushed out of the way so that you can effectively straighten that section before you move on so you are just going to use a couple of duckbill clips or hair ties to keep the hair pinned out the way so once you have sectioned your hair you going to grab a section you going to come through with your wide tooth comb and then go in with your blow dryer in your brush to actually elongate and relax the volume of the hair by doing this blowdry technique it's not done to make the hair dry from being wet is done just so that you can release some of the volume in your look so once you done that you're going to use your paddle brush in your going to start about midway on the hair or near the ends whichever is more comfortable for you and then when blowdry me hair test the settings on low medium and high to get the desired results if you blowdry the hair on low it will relaxed the texture and make it lie a little bit flatter and then the higher you go with the setting of your blowdry the more sleek and straight the hair will look always be careful when applying any heat especially to synthetic hair is too much heat will melt the extensions so to begin I'm just going to start from the middle to work my way down while blowdry on my medium setting no one to straighten out this section to your liking you will make sure to straighten out the rest of your hair with your blowdry make sure to test the settings on low medium and high to achieve the look that you would like in this step of the tree braids hairstyle I taught you how to straighten your hair extensions with a blowdry because with this style I have used synthetic hair so I highly suggest that you only use a blow dryer one of my eat to help relax the volume of the hair I chose to use synthetic kanekalon braiding hair to do this tree braids hairstyle and because so the hair is just a little bit too bulky so it was best to use a blow dryer to help relax the volume of style with this style there's so many options of hair that you can use which will give you a different result if you have chosen to the same exact hair for this style make sure to use a blow dryer if you want to tame down the volume of this look so once you've finished your entire head in the very next step, step number five I will show you the finish results to the cornrow tree braids hairstyle


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