Perimeter Crochet Senegalese Twist Step By Step Tutorial Part 3 of 7 - Installing Pre Made Twists

Breanna Rutter


Breanna Rutter presents you all with her brand new hairstyle called Mrs. Rutter’s Crochet Senegalese Twists! These Rope Twist Extensions were achieved on her own natural 4c hair. You can perform this style on relaxed hair as well to achieve similar results.


In The Mrs. Rutter Senegalese Crochet Tutorial, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular hairstyle!

To achieve the Crochet Senegalese Twist Hairstyle, you will need as follows;
(7) Packages of Kanekalon Braiding Hair
(2) Color #1B (5) Color #4GOLD
Wide Tooth Detangling Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Cutting Scissors
Rubber Bands
Bobby Pins
Nylon Weaving Thread
Curved Weaving Needle
Wig Clamp/Wig Block Holder


The Mrs. Rutter Crochet Senegalese Twists is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do rope twists, crochet braids, and cornrow braids to understand how to follow along with this new hairstyle!

Purchase those DVDs to prepare you for this advanced hairstyle!


Senegalese Twist DVD
Crochet Braids DVD
Cornrow Braids DVD


To follow this Senegalese Crochet Tutorial, you want to make sure that you have purchased the appropriate braiding hair to give you the look and length you desire whether expressions or kanekalon braiding hair is best for you. You can purchase your Senegalese twist color of choice that you would like or you can match the color of your braiding hair to your natural hair color. Make sure that you have all of your hair supplies listed above to do this hairstyle on your own hair or to do this twisted hairstyle on another.


Rope Twists your edges/hairline with small to medium sized Senegalese Twists to give you your best results. Gently twists your edges to avoid breakage and add minimal hair needed to avoid thinning your hair from the weight of your braiding hair! After creating premade Senegalese Rope Twists, crochet twist onto your braid pattern or crochet braiding hair onto your braid pattern to manually rope twist your extensions!



Here we are in step number three of the Mrs. Rutter's perimeter crochet Senegalese twists in this that I will be showing you how to actually do your Senegalese twists as well as the Senegalese crochet technique first I will be showing you how to do your Senegalese twist for your perimeter area of hair and then I will show you two different ways you can create your Senegalese twists for your crochet area one way will be by pre-making your Senegalese twist extensions than the second way will also be how to actually create the Senegalese twist on top of your braid pattern as you can see I've already done Senegalese twist around the entire perimeter of my now next I'm going to go want to show you how to actually pre-make your Senegalese twist but before I do that I want to show you quickly how to actually do a Senegalese twist remember that this is an advanced hairstyle for you have to know how to do braids as well as Senegalese twists to make this look very easy for you to achieve but for the sake of the tutorial sure you really quickly how to do it so I've saved a small portion of my hair in the front here and this is the last Senegalese twist that I have to twist to complete the entire perimeter of my head that way you want to do is make sure that you divide your last section or whatever section working on in half then you are going to grab your extensions you want to locate the very middle of it at top so you just want to make sure that both sides are even so that way your twist is consistent when you near the ends so now you locate the middle section of your extensions which is here for me and I am going to place that directly at my scalp now the next thing you want to do you want to use a less dominant hand which is my left hand and you going to hold your real hair in your extension there you are just holding it so that it doesn’t shift as your twisting you grab the hair on the other side and twist towards your face going towards my face twisting like that make sure that you have all of your hair as you are twisting towards your face so after you twisted very securely you are going to hold that hair make sure you don't let go and on the other side twist that hair towards your face as well now once you finished twisting take your left side and overlapping over the right side an then you are going to twist both sides like that cross again twist both sides cross again twist both sides so you have to consistently do this so that way it actually forms a rope twist or Senegalese twist and that way it doesn't unravel if you are noticing that your twist is becoming loose that's because you are losing your grip or you are twisting tight enough before you rotated each section so with consistency the Senegalese twist will turn out just fine but if you need further help and more details on how to actually achieve Senegalese twist you have to refer to my DVD to do so for my DVD I see how to prepare the hair had a part your hair so that way you have consistent twists had even style Senegalese have to take care of your hair so on and so forth so once you reach the ends of your twists you are going to take your scissors in your going to cut off any frayed hairs at the very bottom of your twist as well so that your twist look very neat after I do this and to show you have to actually pre-make your Senegalese twist and then I am going to show you also how to install them on your crochet braid pattern so now that my perimeter Senegalese twists are finished I will be showing you how to premake your Senegalese twists so here on my table I have already premade all my Senegalese twist here I have some pieces that are colored and then I have some pieces that are black you can mix coloring if you want to you can do it all the natural color for you will be more creative and actually do colored pieces I am going to show you how to actually pre-make these so that way you don't have to twist them by hand when you crochet them on your head they are already premade so that way when you hook them onto your braid pattern they are really easy and fast so I am going to show you how to make them and i make them on a wig clamp this is a wig clamp that you use to set a mannequin head on top of when you're creating wig pieces or styling a manikin head this is a wig clamp it moves with this knob here so that way you can adjust the mannequin head where you want to be what I'm going to do is use the circular part here as a base for creating the top part of the extension piece because this is where you actually have to look the twist through when you are crocheting which is the top of the Senegalese twist so I am going to show you how to do that you want to grab your braiding hair and you want to pinch off an amount of hair that you normally using when creating the size of your Senegalese twists you could put the hair on your lap if you want to or you can just secure it by just placing it right there underneath your wig clamp next what you are going to do is locate the middle section here because that's the area that's going to go around this actual part of your wig clamp but first you have to twist it really tight the reason why you have to twist the first before you start twisting it on your clamp is because it keeps the loop at the top of the Senegalese tidy now the problem is if you don't twist this first before you actually begin twisting on your wig clamp the top of your Senegalese twist the premade twist will look very fuzzy it won't look as tight as these are these were twisted so as you can see it actually looks little bit twisted there any keeps the hair's closer together so as not to be so you have to make sure to twist your extension hair like that then you want to place it around the clamp like this and continue twisting your Senegalese twist so the same technique of twisting that you do at your scalp is the same technique you do when you're actually twisting on the clamp for the movable head of your wig clamp now if you don't have a wig clamp and you really need to find something of a small circumference that you can put your Senegalese twist extension on you can use a marker you can put a marker in between your thighs to hold it and then you can twisting hair around that you can even use a CD case a CD case but a CD holder or DVD holder that you support CDs or DVDs on top of as a collection you can use that little piece because it has a small circumference of a on piece that sticks up is it holding the DVD case or a collection of cds so now you are just going to keep twisting until you reach the bottom you and you are going to do the same things you are going to trim off any frayed hairs that stick out and also you want to trim and so it looks more tidy now that I've shown you how to premake Senegalese twist I'm going to show you how to crochet them onto your braid pattern then after that I'm going to show you how to crochet braiding hair and Senegalese twist those as well if you prefer another option so first were going to install premade Senegalese twist so I'm going to do is I'm going to grab my beader and I'm going to insert my beader first before I actually worry about adding my Senegalese twists (rope twists) when you're inserting your beader onto your braid is very important that you start at the very beginning of your braid the reason why is because if I added the beader here for example and placed my Senegalese twist there you see how much space will be left so that way when actually push my twist back it will be spaces at the beginning of my braid you have to get as close to the beginning of your braid as possible and that's when you want to insert your hair beader to actually add your crochet or your Senegalese twist so now I am going to grab my twist first and add it at ends end because it easier it at its end first and and I'm just going to folded so that way I can inserted through the eye of the beader a lot better so now just insert it through the eye of the beader and then I'm going to pull the beader through my braid pull the twist down and when locate the top of my Senegalese twist and open it up once I open it up I am going to add the end of the Senegalese twist to its opening just like that then I'm going to pull it straight down do you see how easy that is I did not have to stay up here for very long time and twist all the way down because it was already premade all I had to do was crochet at the very beginning of my braid patter this is make installing your Senegalese twists so fast such a unique and cool idea that is going to speed up your installation process and also so that way when it is time to take them down you can simply just unravel it because you just looped it around your braid this is the way I prefer to do my crochet Senegalese but I'm going to show you another example just in case you don't want to pre-make them the other example going to show you requires you to add braiding hair once your braid pattern and then manually Senegalese twisting the reason why I don't prefer that way is because I have to spend a lot of time up at the top of my head twisting but pre-making you just have to loop them on and then you go right to the next one to fill in all of your braids so I'm going to do is show you how to add braiding hair to your braid pattern you want to locate the middle section of this and what you want to do is twisted just a little bit so that way you can put it through the eye of your beader very easily I am going to place that through there make sure you gather all the hair really good and then you want to push the beader through your braid pattern so I am going to go right up and I'm going to go a little bit over the space of my Senegalese twisted just make sure that you're eyeing about how much space is in between each twist so that way it looks natural so Im just going to go a little bit over right there to push my beader all the way through I am going to take the hair out of my beader, take the beader out of my head right here now open the loop bring the hair through one time and it push all of your hair down make it very neat and secure make sure is very tidy against your braid just like that open it up two ways make sure this is even as possible and then Senegalese twist so i am going to twist to the direction towards my face and the other would twist towards the direction of as well overlap left over right into it this twist so as you can see you can do the technique as well if you do not want to pre make Senegalese twist by that means you have your hands up a lot longer to actually add them so this is perfect if you choose to do it this way and its also perfect if you choose to actually install them a lot faster by pre-making them now that I've shown you how to do the Senegalese crochet technique you want to continue the same process over your entire head until you install all of your extension the beauty about this style is that if you remake your Senegalese twist extensions you can actually install them and complete your style very quickly but also the other option is to look braiding hair underneath your braid pattern and then Senegalese twist from there either way is fine one technique is just a little bit faster when you are installing your twist so remember on important note to keep in mind is that when you are putting your Senegalese twist on your braids you want to make sure that the very first twist you at your cornrow braid is as close to the beginning of the braid as possible so that way there's not a huge gap from your perimeter twist to the actual twist on your cornrow braids so now that you know how to do the technique and then after installing all of your twists in the very next step, step number four I will be teaching you how to hot water still the ends of your twists to prevent them from unraveling


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