Yarn Wraps Step By Step Hair Tutorial Part 2 of 6 - How To Do Fake Dreadlocks

Breanna Rutter


In The Yarn Wraps / Yarn Locs Tutorial, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular hairstyle!


To achieve the Yarn Wraps Hair Style, you will need as follows;

(4) Spools of 100% Acrylic Yarn
Wide Tooth Detangling Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Bobby Pins
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Cutting Scissors
Measuring Tape


Yarn Locs is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do Yarn Braids to understand how to follow along with this Yarn Wraps Tutorial.


Purchase the Yarn Braids DVD to prepare you for this advanced hairstyle!

Yarn Braids DVD


To follow this Yarn Locs Tutorial, you want to make sure that the yarn you purchase for your Yarn Wraps is 100% acrylic yarn because this is the only yarn that is safe for this Yarn Wrap Style. You can purchase your yarn in any color of choice if you want to have yarn locs with color or you can match the color of the yarn close to your natural hair color. Make sure that you have all of your hair supplies listed above to do this hairstyle on your own hair.


Breanna Rutter demonstrates yarn wraps on short hair with her natural 4c hair. When doing these yarn wraps on natural hair or any type of hair for that matter, make sure that you begin on clean moisturized hair to prevent any breakage or dryness during the duration of these faux locs with yarn. Braid individuals with pieces of yarn just past your real hair and then begin wrapping your yarn around your individual braids. Tie two knots at the end of your fake locs and trim each individual end of yarn with your scissors to avoid accidently cutting the knot on your yarn wraps.


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Welcome to step number two of the yarn wrap style in this that I will be teaching you step-by-step how to install yarn wraps on your very own hair so now that you have your hair supplies ready I will first show you how to prepare your yarn by using your yarn scissors and measuring tape and then after that we will go into detail on installing our yarn wraps so now that you have your supplies ready we're going to begin measuring our yarn for our yarn wraps before show you how to measure your yarn first want to talk about the type of yarn you have to you gave to use the yarn that I have here in my hands is called 100% acrylic yarn and this is in the color black you of course can get shades of brown if you want to match more of your hair color if you don't have a black hair color but black matches more to my hair color and the reason why it's very important that you use 100% acrylic yarn is because any other yarn like cotton yarn or wool yarn it will lock on your hair I highly discourage using cotton or wool yarn because it locks and that makes it extremely difficult to take down off of your hair there have even been some stories of women will have to cut out the yarn from their hair because they just could not detangle or take it down so with when using acrylic yarn will not stick on your hair will not match your hair or lock you can take it down with ease so now to talk about the ways that you can take down your yarn in your yarn when your preparing yarn wraps so you have a piece of string that hangs around yarn here in you can unraveling this way you see where unwinds around the entire spool or you can unravel it from the end here where just come straight out like this and that's the way I'm going to measure my mine out so I'm going to do is unravels the yarn here and I'm going to pull out a large length long length to begin measuring so now the piece that I have here is pretty long and I'm going to measure out the length that I want I want my locks to be about 20 inches long at least to go at my shoulders or past my shoulders so I'm going to actually measure to 40 inches the reason why is because when you're braiding you fold the yarn in half so when you fold in half that's the actual length you're going to have to your brain but to measure out the link you have to double that of what you want so I want my yarn wraps to be 20 inches have to measure out 40 inches in length in inches so now I am just going t grab my measuring tape and of the place my tape on the top and I'm gonna measure out 40 inches now before you cut 40 inches you want to add a few more inches just to give you room for a little bit of error because some braids may be a little bit shorter when you cut the ends of your yarn off so depends so just to be safe than all of them will at least be 20 inches I'm just going to measure out about three more inches of yarn and I'm going to hold that piece there and tie a knot around the yarn so now what my picture finger my thumb is is where the 40 inch mark is what I'm going to do so at the end of the other piece of my are hold it there and simply tie a knot this is just going to form from your full circle as you see here of how long it so you can imagine braiding you have to locate the middle area of the yarn and then you begin braiding so this measurement should be about 20 inches so now I'm going to do to prepare multiple pieces of yarn is simply continue to rotate the circle I formed here all the way around my hands so I'm just going to stretch the yarn around the full circle like that and just keep going grab my other hand and then stretch my other hand around you just going to keep pulling very tightly to make sure you have the form of the yarn you want and then you're just going to continue to go around the circle constantly and then when you have a huge amount you going to cut this amount have to serve for your pieces of yarn make sure that has you're doing is your fully stretching out your yarn as you see here so that way you don't have pieces that are too long or too short than what you actually want so for now just going to stop here for example, grab a section you can cut anywhere you want your piece I’m going to grab scissors going to stretch the yarn over the blade and then make my cut as you see here these are my pieces of yarn and these are the pieces you going to be using to braid so gather a couple of more bunches of these pieces of yarn here and then I'll show you how to actually begin doing your yarn braids for your yarn wraps so now want to be teaching you step-by-step how to do your yarn as you can see all of my hair is pretty much complete I've braided all of my yarn braids and wrapped yarn around each individual braid as you can see here so I am almost finished but I have two more to do and that's want to show you how to do it in detail I have some hair that I already pre-sectioned I am going to be teaching use slowly in step-by-step detail on this year and then for the second one going at a more normal speed as I teach you how to do this one in detail you of course are going to do the same thing for all of your yarn wraps so now to begin what I'm going to do is grab my sections of yarn depending on the size of your yarn wrap you're going to need more yarn per braid or less before my size 5 pieces of yarn is perfect so now I am just going to grab five pieces then I'm going to position it in my fingers just like regular braiding so you going to take to your pieces away from three going to wrap it to pieces around the three pieces of your this serves as three individual legs braid so for the piece that has two your pieces you want to use your index middle finger and thumb to hold that section they with your other hand you going to insert your index finger through and wrap the rest of your fingers around the yarn so this is how your hand should look so far now take this hand that has the thumb index and middle finger and go underneath to insert your index finger through and pinch the yarn in between your thumb and your index so once again will show you how that is done so with all five pieces together you take to wrap the to your pieces around the three pieces to form three legs with your dominant hand you can use these three fingers to pinch the hair that has two pieces of thread now with your other hand insert your index and just close fingers around hair now take these fingers here turn it underneath insert index through and pinch the yarn in between you that's how you always start with my technique braiding and that's exactly how to teach as well with your yarn braids so now you are going to go up to your scalp and then you going to gather all of your hair here with your other hand make us you get close to the roots so you have all of your gather open up your index and your and grab all of your hair like that so once again you just open up your index and you don't you grab all of your hair and then you begin braiding so you are just going to continue braiding until you pass your real hair when doing your yarn wraps you do not have to braiding our braids down to the very ends you only have to braid past your real hair so I have braided about an inch to 2 inches past my real hair I can now begin wrapping my yarn braids so now I am just going to drop my braid down just like that and I'm going to grab some yarn to begin wrapping you don't have to use much yarn to wrap around your yarn braids but for the size of using two strands of yarn is perfect so I am just going to grab two pieces going to make sure they're pretty even here at the beginning so that when I'm wrapping I can clearly go past the little ends that hangs there and I am going to show you what I mean by that so now this is where you want to pinch the hair so that way you have a good handle on where you want to start and how long you have to wrap before you pass the end pieces so now at this point going to go up to the place it firmly against my braid using other hand and using my thumb underneath the braid to guide some I am just going to place it there right at the beginning of the braid and I'm going to use my pincher and thumb to hold the hair on both ends and literally wrap it around your braid as you wrapping you want to make sure that you're keeping the thread very flat against the braid so when you wrap it around make sure it goes flat against the braid and as you're bringing it back around continue to keep it flat you don't want the yarn to twist on itself as your wrapping because it won't look as consistent so make sure every time it's winding around the braid it's very flat so just continue to rotate it around just like so so now I'm nearing where I am almost going to pass the very end of my yarn that I placed on my braid so as you can see here these are the two pieces that were ends when I started you want to make sure that it's a very short amount you don't need to directly grab yarn in the middle you just want to start off by making sure you have enough yarn wrap as much as you possibly can so that's why I made this little piece here very short so I can go past that so in order to go past that it conceal it you just keep wrapping around very tight making sure that your yarn is flat and now when my yarn runs out I am going to come back and show you how to use your next set of pieces to continue on as you wrap all the way down your son out you can see this is about how far my two yarn pieces have gotten me when I started wrapping the very top of my yarn braid I continued to wind our way around keeping the yarn very flat until I ran out and as you can see here these are the two pieces that stick out so in order to continue what you have to do is grab two more pieces of yarn lay this piece down very flatly in a downward direction as you see here so lay the two pieces downward and then I take my next two pieces I lay these pieces downward as well and I'm going to overlap some of the yarn I had already wrapped that's perfectly fine is going to behind just perfect so begin wrapping it the same way you have to the piece that you originally ran out the to is that hang down got a ladles down flat and then when you start wrapping your new your you have to lay those two pieces down flat as well and then just continue wrapping some as I am can see as I am nearing the bottom here there's a couple of short pieces to their and there's two more hidden in his yarn somewhere else and I have to do is continue to wrap your yarn around she has all the pieces and you just want to make sure to be very conscious that as you are passing the short pieces that there laying down very flatly so that way your your yarn can go over without sticking out and if it does take out there's no worries you can just use your scissors to trim those little stubby pieces you just want to keep wrapping to you need very ends so now that you can see him approaching the ends and I'm running out of my yarn that I've added in my fingers here this is a perfect time to seal of your yarn wrap so from those two pieces of yarn that you have been wrapping entire time naturally there's goint to be one that's a little bit longer piece than any other take the longer piece leave that out to the site take the shorter piece and lay it flatly down not take the longer piece wrap It around your wrap and tie a knot very tightly make sure pull very tight and then do it once more wrapped around the lock pull it through and create your second not pull it very tightly not this point you can begin trimming off your yarn most people like to use a candle lighter or a cigarrete lighter to burn the ends but I highly discourage it because I don't want you have any accidents or any problems when dealing with hot flames and that is why I never use lighters to seal the ends of any of my braids or twists only using scissors to trim off for braid feeling braid sealers not work best with yarn so it's better just use scissors to cut off so now I'm just going to grab my scissors and I'm just going to cut off the pieces of yarn now you can cut off any way you can cut out all at once or you can cut it off at each individual piece at a time and I highly suggest that you cut off each individual piece so that way you don't make the accident of cutting off you're knot you just have to retire now little bit higher you will unravel your whole yarn lot if you accidentally cut your knot all you have to do is read tied both knots a little bit higher on your lock its perfectly fine so when you're cutting just make sure focus on cutting one individual piece of yarn at a time get as close as possible cleanup any pieces that can stick out make sure not to trim your knot be very careful so as you can see this is a complete yarn loc it was very easy very simple technique creates a very flawless looking loc so now for my very last yarn wrap I am going to teach you more at a little bit of a faster pace will still talk in detail on tips on how to make sure that you braiding your yarn braids and wrapping your yarn correctly so we are gonna go through one more time going to just going to prepare the yarn in my hands so now you want to make sure use of the hands to gather all of your hair open up your index and your fingers that have the yarn like that grab the hair and then you want to begin braiding if you want more step-by-step details of everything there is to know about doing a yarn braid sure to visit for the yarn braiding dvd so of course continue braiding it to you braid about an inch or 2 past your real hair it's not necessary to braid all the way to the ends so now no we are gonna begin wrapping of course you only need about two pieces of yarn you should answer pretty even use you thumb of you left on the less dominant hand place it underneath the braid lay down flat against directly underneath the braid use your two fingers to make sure that it is very flat agoingst your braid and begin wrapping every time you wrap concentrate on making sure that the yarn is very flat all the way around the braid so once again lay that flat and begin wrapping in this step of the yarn wrap hairstyle I've taught you how to do the technique of yarn wrapping step-by-step so first is the overview this that I've talked about the importance of the type of yarn you have to use that's best for your hair I've also talked about how to use a measuring tape to determine the overall length that you want with your yarn wraps as well as how many pieces of yarn you going to need for braiding your yarn braids even the pieces of yarn you going to need for wrapping I've taught you the techniques for doing the style and so much more so now that you know how to do yarn wraps continuing to all of your hair is finished and then in the very next step, step number three I will be teaching you some haircare tips and maintenance suggestions for your very new hairstyle


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