3 Yarn Wrap Hairstyles | How To Style Your Yarn Wraps Tutorial Part 5 of 6

Breanna Rutter


In The Yarn Wraps / Yarn Locs Tutorial, Breanna Rutter informs you of all the products that you will need to achieve this particular hairstyle!


To achieve the Yarn Wraps Hair Style, you will need as follows;

(4) Spools of 100% Acrylic Yarn
Wide Tooth Detangling Comb
Rat Tail Comb
Bobby Pins
Duck Bill Clips
Hair Cutting Scissors
Measuring Tape


Yarn Locs is an advanced hairstyle because you have to know how to do Yarn Braids to understand how to follow along with this Yarn Wraps Tutorial.


Purchase the Yarn Braids DVD to prepare you for this advanced hairstyle!

Yarn Braids DVD


To follow this Yarn Locs Tutorial, you want to make sure that the yarn you purchase for your Yarn Wraps is 100% acrylic yarn because this is the only yarn that is safe for this Yarn Wrap Style. You can purchase your yarn in any color of choice if you want to have yarn locs with color or you can match the color of the yarn close to your natural hair color. Make sure that you have all of your hair supplies listed above to do this hairstyle on your own hair.


Breanna Rutter will demonstrate 3 yarn locs styles on her yarn loc extensions. In previous steps she has taught everyone how to do fake locs or yarn dread extensions but now this step will be focused on faux locs hairstyles. Yarn locs on short hair was achieved through this yarn dreads tutorial but you can also perform. Yarn locs hairstyles will be up next and the styles predominately cater to yarn dreads for women but they can also apply with yarn dreads for men.


The three yarn wraps that will be performed are a Double Bun Updo, a French Braid Pompadour and a Bun Mohawk!




Welcome to step number five of the yarn wraps hairstyle in this step I will be teaching you three very cute and easy hairstyles to achieve with your new look the first hairstyle going to be a mini bun Mohawk the second is going to be a double bun updo and the third will be a high ponytail pompadour so for first style you’re only going to need bobby pins going to grab small sections of wraps you going to roll it into a bun and pin in place with bobby pin so when doing your Mohawk bun hairstyle you want to make sure to take small sections and wrap them into a bun as you are doing so use bobby pins to pin down your hair once you finish penning all the way around make sure that your fun is secure it's unnecessary to talk just a few ends right underneath your bun so that way you don't have to use bobby pins so as long as your bun is secure and you have a few little pieces that stick out in your yard wraps just use your fingers to tuck them underneath your bun to complete your look so here you have style number one next will be style number two for style number two I will be teaching you how to do the double bun updo you going to be taking a small section of your yarn wraps it up the ponytail by using your warps and then you do the same thing for the rest of your hair so now with your two ponytail to be focusing on one by taking small amounts of yarn wraps rolling them around your fingers and pinning into place until you have created two separate buns so now that we've done style number two next will be style number three so for style number three I will be teaching you how to do a high ponytail pompadour that style is not really a high ponytail but you will be braiding your hair from the back all the way up to the top to create high ponytail affect going to save a couple of rows of your yarn wraps and to roll into a pompadour as a complete your look last but certainly not least style number three so I taught you three cute ways to style your yarn wraps and next step, number six I will be teaching you how to take down your yarn wraps hairstyle


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