How To Get Hair Glue OUT OF YOUR HAIR! Tutorial Step 6 of 6

Breanna Rutter


In The Quick Weave Glue In Extensions Tutorial, I inform you of all the products that you will need to achieve this style.

To achieve this style, you will need as follows;


(1) Pack of Human Hair Weft Extensions

Ethnic Manikin Head

Hair Bonding Glue

Hair Comb

Flat Iron

Hair Scissors

Hair Ties

Duck Bill Clips

Blow dryer

Hair Conditioner


In this step of the Quick Weave Hairstyle, I will be teaching you how to take down your glued in hair extensions with ease.


The reason why quick weave hairstyles have a bad reputation is because they are mostly done by those who aren’t knowledgeable enough in how to properly install and uninstall this hairstyle.


Since this style is called a quick weave, it is often the easiest style for anyone to do but that doesn’t mean that is the best style to do especially if you don't know much about how to even properly take care of you hair in the first place.


This step will eliminate the fear that you have with Quick Weave Hairstyles as I will show you a stylist secret with removing glued in hair extensions from a client’s hair!



Welcome to step number six of the partial quick weave hairstyle in this that I will show you how to safely take down and remove your hair extensions even though glue is not the best adhesive you want to use when applying your extensions you could still remove your extensions safely and still have all of your hair intact so in this step we will be using hair conditioner a blow dryer and a hair comb to aid us as we take down the glued extensions from our hair so now we are here at the most important moment of this hairstyle the reason why this part of the style is very important is because this is where you actually begin taking down your hair extensions now if you actually had your extensions on and it's a little bit more easier because you can just the off the thread from his style was sent your extensions are glued onto your real hair you have to be extremely careful when you are removing your hair extensions this is the part that really scares a lot of people from getting any quick eave styles into their hair because they're scared of what the glue can do to their hair now glue is not the best thing you want to put on your hair for hairstyle is actually the least thing that you want to go after when you're going for a look but this is extremely quick style and that's why this is called a quick weave and when you're taking out your extensions you have to practice and be extremely careful at the way you manipulate your hair and use your hair conditioner and heat remove the so from this moment when I'm going to do is remove the best in the ponytail are going to work our way from the top of our head on down now usually when you take down some styles it's best to work your way from the back on up but because of the way the hair naturally falls when I want to keep constantly fighting against each layer of hair so what is gradually working the top and work our way down so now I'm just going to remove the band from the back and I'm going to find a section of real hair that's at the top and put that into a ponytail to keep the sectioned off because I only want to focus on the area that has glue so now at this moment what you want to do is take some hair conditioner that you have on hand the hair conditioner that I have is just a simple generic cheap hair conditioner that I use to remove glued extensions you do not want to use your most valuable product to remove the glue because once you put this on is going to wash it right away so you just need your very cheap slippery conditioner to apply onto the glue to help remove your style so now I'm just going take this off and with this little opening I'm going to use this and to direct me to squeeze exactly what I want to conditioner to go so now at this moment you can use your fingers to help to push the conditioner closer to your hair where the glue is and then once you were to conditioner in far enough into your hair you are going to blowdry along the entire general area this will warm up the conditioner which will also help warm up the glue even more so that you can slide in your extensions right out of your so now that we have the conditioner were in your going to turn your blowdry when you are going to thoroughly warm-up the area where the conditioner is which is also where the glue is so as you can see taking out this extension is extremely easy to do you just have a couple of hairs here on where your glue is a just easily take out strands of the time and you can gently slide them out with a comb its very easily but if ever it's kind of hard because you have to use a lot of tension when you take your extension off of your hair all you have to do is apply just a little bit of conditioner and then your strands will slide right out this and not feel uncomfortable you should not feel any tension whatsoever you just need to slightly pull just a little bit to help slide the hair out that's why making sure you put your extensions onto your hair with tacky glue is very important because tacky glue was only designated for certain area if it was wet it would trip on down your hair so applying to conditioner exactly where the glue meets your hair is why it's so easy to remove this and there's not even any glue on the hair here whatsoever because it's still on the extension so now we're just going to continue to apply as we slightly pull the extensions and let it slide off of the hair so now you can slide the strands off areas that still here and there still any tough spots to supply more hair conditioner and warm-up the area and just slightly with barely any tension slide the extension off of your hair so now that you removed all of your extensions away from the area that you've had your glue you are going to go in section by section and just gently comb to make sure you have any glue left on and if you do you can easily work it out of the hair because it's very slippery and you could just slide it right off of your strands that was very simple and easy as you can see there are no balding spots whatsoever ordinal areas where you will see any breakage so you will continue this technique and just take your hair to set top put into a ponytail applier conditioner on your next layer to remove all of your hair extensions taking down your glued in hair extensions could be the easiest or hardest part of this entire process the reason why is because glue on your hair can be pretty scary but just know that removing glue from your hair could be a very easy thing to do if you do so appropriately when removing hair bonding glue from your hair the best thing to do is to apply heat onto the glue and also use a slipping agent to slide the glue off of your hair that's why applying hair conditioner onto the glued section and using a blow dryer to heat up the glue and the hair conditioner is best when removing these extensions once you do that the extensions will slide off of your hair with no problem whatsoever and you will have very little to no glue left on your strands to comb out of your hair so thank you for watching the partial quick weave hairstyle be sure to check out our videos blog and online store at thanks for watching


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