How To Create A Closure For A Full Sew In Tutorial – (Part 4 of 7)

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In this step of the Full Sew In Hairstyling Tutorial, Breanna Rutter will teach you step by step how create a full sew in closure piece to finish your sew in install! To do this, prepare threaded needles that are short in length to help you neatly create knots on your closure without causing tangling. Incorporate Mrs. Rutter’s Knotting Technique and stitch very close knots throughout the entire process for a sturdy long lasting install. When sewing your first and last stich, secure your first knot with two and your very last knot with two to prevent the closure from unraveling when wearing your install. No glue is required to secure your closure for your full sew in! Only needle, thread and a flat iron is required!


3 Mrs. Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: 24 in, 22 in & 20 in
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)
Weaving Net
Braiding Hair
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Dry Towel
Hair Cutting Scissors
Rubber Bands
Duck Bill Clips
Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)
Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)


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Here we are in step number four of the full sew in hairstyle with Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions in this step I'm going to be teaching you how to create your hand made closure to close off your full sew in look now here we are at the point where I am going to be teaching you how to make your hand may closure from the space that you left the top your head you want to make sure that when you place your two fingers on this space and go in any direction it’s about the space of two fingers for me that's about 2 inches wide when you create your closure I suggest that you use your hand is a guide to make sure that the length of your weft is long enough so literally make sure that the weft is from your middle finger all the way down to the bottom of a palm your hand for me that will be 7 inches at this point what you want to do is make sure that you have your needles and thread prepared your hair clips a rubber band hair cutting scissors your comb and your flat iron with a dry towel because we will have to flatten out the closure after you create it so we first began what you want to do is take your closure you want to insert your needle and thread right at the tip of it and create two knots and when you create two knots you are going to fold the weft and you are going to sew it with two knots and then continue to fold it into a circle which will see as is the second so take your needle and thread and go through the weft once you go through the weft create a knot and then you are going to do it once more to secure the knot by going through the weft so now after you have done that you going to roll the weft into a circle after you create a circle you are going to secure that circle with two knots so you are going to go underneath all of the wefts create your first knot and then your second knot and then you going to keep doing this process by creating two knots along the fold of each circle and when you reach the end you going to go through the very tip of the weft twice to create your knot just like you did at the beginning so what you seen at the beginning at the tip of the weft is what you are going to do at the and on the last tip of the weft so just keep rolling it into a circle and create two knots along the way so now as I have stated before when you reach the end you want to go to the tip of the weft once to create a knot and then go through again twice to create a knot this will prevent the edge of your closure from unraveling once you finish creating your two knots leave your needle and thread intact so that way when you sewing at the top of your head the needle is already connected to your closure so now when you finish sewing on your closure and your needle and thread is still connected what you want to do is turn the closure over so you want to comb all of the hair down evenly and then flatten it with your flat iron make sure that the setting is on 350° to make the hair as flat as possible after you finish flattening down your closure I will then show you how to sew your closure at the very top of your sewin after you finish flattening your closure this is what the underside would look like now the underside won’t be seen all it will be right against your net as you sew your closure down you want to sew your closure down you want to take your needle that you left connected and you want to go through your netting and then hook through the side of the weft to pull out and then create a knot so as your sewing around your closure you are going through your weaving net through the edge of the weft come out and create a knot do the same thing go through your weaving net go through this edge here pull out and then create a knot do that all the way around until your closure is fully sewn down also what you want to do to prevent these hairs from getting stuck is you want to put a rubber band on and also if it helps use clips to hold the hair as well to keep hair out the way some so now at this point you just going to use your hands and just place your closure where you want it to sit on top of your head and then you are just going to grab your needle and thread and begin stitching it down so this is where I am going to place it now if its helpful use a mirror or two to make sure that you can see the top of your head so what you want to do is grab your needle you want to go through your net then you want to go through the edge of your closure then you are going to pull through to create your knot now just work your way going all the way around in very small increments to make sure that your knots are fully sewn down now so now you are just going to go over just a little bit of space insert your needle into your weaving and then go to the edge of your closure then create your knot so do just as I've stated before to keep repeating this process to work your way all the way when you closure and then to come back to your starting point and secure your last knot where your first knot was created so as you can see after you completely sewn down your hand made closure this is how your hair should look at this point with your full sew in style use your flat iron to press against your closure once you've installed it if you want to be just a little bit more flatter so now that you’re at this point in the very next step, step number five going to be teaching you how to create bangs with your full sew in hairstyle


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