Blending & Straightening Your Leave Out With Your Sew In Weave Tutorial – (Part 4 of 7)

Breanna Rutter


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In this step of the Sew In With Leave Out Tutorial, Breanna Rutter will teach you how to blend your leave out hair with your sew in install! Breanna Rutter has relaxed 4c hair but similar results can be achieved with natural hair as well. When blending natural hair with weave, make sure that your hair was previously stretched or blow dried (preferred) and then flat iron in small sections with heat protectant to avoid heat damage. To avoid heat damage on your real hair as well as with Mrs. Rutter’s Hair Extensions, do not exceed 350° degrees when applying heat!


4 Mrs. Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: 26 in, 24 in, 22 in & 20 in
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)
Weaving Net
Braiding Hair
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Dry Towel
Hair Cutting Scissors
Edge Control (Design Essentials)
Rubber Bands
Hair Holding Spray (Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control)
Ponytail Holders
Duck Bill Clips
Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)
Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)
1 inch Curling Wand (HSI Curling Tool)


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Here we are in step number four of the partial sew in hairstyle using Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions from in this step I'm going to be teaching you how to straighten your hair extensions as well as how to straighten your leave out to blend with your look in this step I'm going to be focused on teaching you how to straighten your extensions and I'm also going to show you how to straighten your leave out now when you are straightening your extensions the process is very easy and simple and really quick I am going to show you how to do that what you want to do is make sure the hair is divided in half and then you want to take a clip and keep one side sectioned just in the back the reason why you want to do this is so that when you're focusing on straightening another section it’s not going to mix with your wavy hair so you are going to grab small sections working your way in the back and you are straightening you are going to throw it behind your back and then you are going to keep doing this over and over and over again grabbing very small sections and putting it behind you until you straighten your whole side so now you are going to push the side right back in front take your clip and you going to now keep your straightened section out of the way so that way it doesn't mix with the wavy hair and then you are going to do the same process start in the back straighten it and just keep throwing sections to the back of your head until all of your hair straightened also after you do this then you are going to straighten your leave out so that way it’s more of a smooth transition and you are not fighting to try to straighten your leave out while also straightening your extensions that's why you have to straighten your extensions first and then straighten you leave out when you straightening your extensions I suggest that you don't go over the temperature of 350° the reason why is because when you're doing this you could encourage heat damage and with heat damage it makes it hard for the curl pattern to return to his natural state so it's safe to just go up to a maximum of 350° when you straightening your extensions and with your real hair as well now with my hair I don't have to straighten on 350° to get my straightest result I can achieve that one 300° now I have also straightened out my real hair just on the edges except for the very top which I will show you how I do that working with small sections you will ensure that you can get your hair straight as possible with your style so I have already done the sides and the back and then I'm going to be showing you how you want straighten out the very top of the hair so I have already prepped you on how you want straighten your hair extensions and now I am going to be showing you specifically how to blend your leave out with your partial sew in I have already straightened the sides of my leave out as well as the back and I am just going to be focused on teaching you how to do so at the top my flatiron is already on 300° and my hair has been prepped with heat protectant when I'm straightening my leave out I like to do some small sections and I suggest that you do as well because when you're doing this this is going to make sure that each section is as straight as possible if your sections are too big or too wide or you parted to far back when you're doing it you may not successfully straighten it out so it may leave behind some wave or kink and if you want a smooth and silky results you have to do so in small sections when I straighten my hair I like to do so in three parts so I like to start at the back and part a small section and keep that clip because that hair is going to flow back this way then I like to part this in half and have one section going this way and one section going this way and I like to work in section so now I am just going to take my rat tail comb and I'm going to section the hair out and keep the sections clipped where you can see its going to be straightening going in these directions and then this is going to be straight going back to the way the hair isn’t resistant when I comb it all down in its directions so now I'm going to start on this section here and I'm going to part a very thin amount hair now if you have a wavy hair you can probably get away the paring a much wider section in this but this is how thin I like to do my sections so now you are just going to comb your hair through if necessary you are going to start at the root and then as soon as you close the actual blades the actual plates as soon as you close them on your roots you are going to slide through your hair so you close and start sliding as you can see very simple now keep doing this in small sections so that this is straightened and then you can move to this side or you can do the back first it doesn't matter just work on one section at a time once you straighten you leave out this is how your hair should look Mrs. Rutter's hair extensions so now that all of your hair has been straightened in the very next step, step number five I'm going to be teaching you how to achieve a high ponytail as well as add big curls to your partial sewin hairstyle


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