How To Remove A Lace Closure Sew In Yourself Tutorial – (Part 7 of 7)

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Remove your hairstyle by working your way backwards from how you installed your hair. That means that you need to remove your lace closure first, extensions second , weaving net and then your braid pattern! Open and close the blades of your scissors ONLY around nylon thread and knots to safely remove your install without cutting your real hair or accidentally cutting your wefts or lace. If you cannot see and safely cut off your thread from your sew in install, ask a friend to assist you in this process.



3 Mrs. Rutter’s Bundles Lengths: (2) 20 in and 22 in

Mrs. Rutter’s Lace Closure 14 in

Black Nylon Sewing Thread

Weaving Needles (Curved C-Needle)

Weaving Net

Braiding Hair

Rat Tail Comb

Wide Tooth Comb

Dry Towel

Hair Cutting Scissors

Rubber Bands

Flat Eyeliner Brush

Cream Concealer

Edge Control (Alma Legend Oil Infused)

Hair Holding Spray (Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control)

Ponytail Holders

Duck Bill Clips

Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 ½ inch

Flat Iron (Nano Titanium Babybliss PRO)

Heat Protectant (Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy)


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Welcome to step number seven of the lace closure sew in hairstyle in this step I'm going to walk you through the process to teach you how to safely remove your closure and hair extensions so make sure you have a couple of duckbill clips and scissors on hand to help you throughout the process when taking down your lace closure sewin you have to do so by working backward what I mean by this is that when you did your install you first braided down your braid pattern sewed on your weaving net sewed on your extensions and then your actual closure so when taking it down you have to go backwards you have to take off your closure first and then your extensions and then your weaving net so now you know what to do I will start by showing you how you want to reveal the knots at the front of the closure cut those knots off and then go ahead and cut the string that’s around the closure to remove the closure so at this point you want to make sure that you parted off your hair in front of the closure to reveal the knots you created you some clips to hold your hair down and also some clips to hold back the rest of the hair on the closure now this part is very important you want to make sure that when you are cutting your knots you want a slide part of the scissors directly underneath the thread to cut the knot so that way you're not guessing it as you are cutting your knots which would actually cause you to create holes in your closure so go ahead open your scissors slide it underneath the knot and then cut the knot to release so that way you can finish taking on your closure after you finish cutting off the top knots in the front you are going to go work your way all we around the perimeter and you are going to trim off any visible thread that you see on your closure after you slide your scissors up right underneath the knot go ahead and cut so as you can see I've cut the knot loose but as you can see there are still little pieces of thread above my closure here is because most of the thread is underneath the lace closure from using my technique of stitching down the front so after you cut off all of your knots all the way to the end then you are going to go ahead and trim off the thread that’s around the entire closure to remove the closure next I am going to show you how to remove your extensions off the weaving net so now as you can see I've removed the entire lace closure from the very top of my head and I you want to make sure that your pinning down your leave out right in front where your lace closure was so that when you're cutting your actual extensions from off the weaving net you are not going to actually cut any of your real hair now after I show you how easy it is trim your extensions while some of them have already been trimmed from the lace closure I am going to show you how to finish trimming and then I am also going to show you how to remove your net so take your scissors and what you want to do is use your other hand to lift up your extensions to reveal any thread so you can see I have a piece of thread here you want to lift the thread right against the weft to make sure it's thread if you're not sure make sure to reinsert your scissors to check and then only snip when you are sure that it's thread there you go so I've released some of these because the extensions right next to the lace closure which will happen you will automatically cut some of the actual knots off so we are just going to work our way up and I am going to trim a couple more to show you sometimes also you can use your fingers to pull loose some of the thread but if not it's always good to use your scissors so lift up the extension in and slide your scissors right next to the weft so that you're only catching some thread and then you make your snip and if necessary you can snip a couple more if there is still any more there because it will release on its own now as I've shown you want to keep lifting your extension and snipping any visible knots and thread that you see and you keep working your way back in a U-shaped fashion to release all of your extensions off of your weaving net so now that you understand how easy the process is I am going to show you how to remove the net from you braid pattern make sure that you have your mirror very close to use that you can see exactly where the netting is as well as where the thread is carefully take your scissors and start to release knots without necessarily worrying about the net if it’s hard for you to cut a knot just move on and continue to work your way around because you can always come back to where we left off on a good rule of thumb is to take your scissors and slide it directly on top of your braid to lift now once you lift if you notice that you only have to thread in between the actual shears go ahead and cut but if you can't tell don't force it because you don't want to accidently cut your hair so as you can see you are just going to continue to skim right against the braid where you have sewn down your actual net the net was sewn right here around with where the closure was also sewn right around the perimeter braid also keep working your way back in a U-shaped fashion to release your extensions you are then go to work your way all way around where you actually sewed down your weaving net to remove it so just keep doing the process and you finish taking all of your extensions first and then take down your weaving net as you can see from removing your hair extensions is a very simple and easy process thanks so much for watching this tutorial for more hairstyling videos on all things related to hair go on over to for your hair extension needs make sure to purchase your hair from thanks for watching this tutorial


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