Breanna Rutter

Using Food To Grow Long & Healthy Strong Hair

When I created The Dieting For Hair Growth Manual, it was important for me to share all the knowledge I have accumulated in regards to to eating and supplementing a diet for optimal hair growth, along with sharing with you how eating specific has given me dramatic results with my hair as well!
In short, I felt pushed by all of you ladies to create a book that answered your concerns in regards to eating foods that would directly help your hair to grow longer.

Some common things you ladies have stressed to me were things like;
  • Do you suggest biotin for hair growth and how much should I take?
  • Are there foods I can eat to grow my hair long?
  • Can you please suggest to me what hair growth vitamins are the best?

I wrote this book because your hair will grow faster and longer if you eat a diet rich in specific vitamins, nutrients and minerals so that you can have the hair that you have always dreamed of and that is why I truly want to help!

My book, The Dieting For Hair Growth Manual will teach you step by step how to significant each specific food choice is to the science of hair growth and health and I will also tie it all in with a suggested hair care regimen so that you are giving your hair the best treatment from the inside and the outide!

I received quite a few emails stating that some of you can't afford my book (valued at $9.99) and that you wondered if my book will teach you how to use vitamins and food to grow long hair. I always reply, its costly not to buy this book because you will spend more money and time making mistakes on your hair growth journey when you can just buy my book to learn and implement the information right away.

If you want all of the information you need, organized in one place, easy to understand & implement at an affordable price, then go ahead and pick up your copy of my book today!
The Dieting For Hair Growth Manual!

Also, for those of you who said you can't afford my book, I listened and created a digital version of my book so that you can get the exact same book, in a digital version, for $6.99! Get your copy so that I can walk you step by step towards getting healthier longer hair in no time!

Some of you have already purchased this manual and if you haven't, The Dieting For Hair Growth Manual is available for purchase HERE.

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