Wrapping Your Hair With A Scarf At Night For Healthy Black Hair

Breanna Rutter


Alexandra heard that wrapping your relaxed hair keeps your ends healthy but her ends look fried and she is not sure if she is wrapping her hair correctly. 


#1 Perform a protein or deep condition treatment to repair hair


A deep conditioning treatment repairs your hair and protects your hair from chronic dryness and without the usage of a deep conditioner in your hair care regimen, you will often be left with dry brittle hair. Deep conditioning also repairs with your hair what is repairable with moisture and if you still have apparent hair damage, you would then perform a protein treatment and trim or dust what is left as damage on your hair to bring your hair back to its ideal healthy state.


#2 Trim damaged ends that did not repair after your treatments


After performing your hair care treatments, trim off the damaged ends because there is nothing more that you can do to repair that hair. In some cases, a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment will bring your hair back to 100% health but when damaged, splitting or over processed hair is present, you have to trim the damaged portion or the damage will continue to break of and affect the rest of your length of hair. That is exactly why trims are so important especially if you want long hair because leaving damaged or thinning hairs untrimmed will make your hair shorter over the course of time because of the constant breakage you are experiencing with your hair.


Hair Cutting Shears for Trimming Damaged Hair


#3 Wrap hair with a moisturizer and a paddle brush


Wrapping your hair at night is only necessary if you are preserving a soft curly or straight hairstyle. Excessively wrapping your hair every night and with the wrong styling tools, very quickly leads to damage and breakage. Make sure you are using the appropriate styling tools to maintain your straightened hair while preserving the health of your hair.


Paddle Brush
Silk Head Scarf (preffered)
Satin Head Scarf

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of, for these videos I love as the questions that you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is because of an email that I received from Alexandria and Alexandria says that she's trying to keep ends healthy and she heard that wrapping her hair helps but she is noticing that her ends are looking fried so she doesn't know she's actually wrapping correctly or if it's something that she's missing so its a couple of things that you're missing and I'm going to give you some advice on what to do to keep her ends healthy and also to wrap your hair properly so the very first thing especially if your ends looking fried is that you need to make sure they are always keeping your hair healthy by doing deep conditioning treatments protein treatment these are the top two things that going to keep your ends strong in your hands healthy as well as all your overall hair so depending on which one you need more of it's an easy way to tell if you understand your hair and how hair works but if not go ahead and refer to my website to learn detailed information about how to tell the difference between when you need protein and when you need to deep condition but for the most part is best to balance your hair when you're deep conditioning and doing your protein treatment about every other week so do that for probably about a month and then see where hair stands in a situation now my second tip is that if your ends are looking damaged you need to to clip those ends I know a lot of you email me are are afraid to clip your ends and and you often tell me everything I'm supposed to do under my treatment protective styling I am moisturizing and then y'all forget to tell me about your trims so make sure you are trimming your ends because of if you're ends are split or damaged or broken or have fairy knots and are thinning it's going to continue to thin and break and make you actually lose length so trim the ends of your hair so that way its not constant looking fried and damaged and is not making you lose the length you would like to have the last tip that I'm going to say is that this is one of the best ways to wrap your hair to prevent your ends from snagging and causing any damage whatsoever the first thing to do is to first put some type of moisturizer with an oil on your hair and make sure you're adding a little bit of water or moisture to your hair is going to make your hair more elastic so that when you wrapping it the ends aren't breaking and snagging so if you are having this issue is probably because you're doing on dry hair you have to add a little bit moisture to your ends and a little bit of oil to make your ends very elastic now instead of using a wide tooth, or a small tooth comb or a brush use an actual paddle brush to do this the nods are the nodes on the end of the brush are a little bit gentler on your hair as well as the design of a paddle brush rather than using a comb in between the spaces of your comb you have a very small space depending on how many teeth on your comb whether using a wide tooth, or a small to tooth comb and you don't want to do that because is constantly putting a lot of friction on your hair so you want to use a paddle brush because the bristles are spread apart and there are a lot wider so you don't have much friction interacting with your hair as you are wrapping it and of course you gotta make sure you're working around in a circle with your paddle brush to get your hair wrapped around very smooth and then protect your hair was some type of scarf like a satin or silk scarf or with the bonnet but in most cases you want to put a scarf on because in a bonnet that its little bit more roomy which actually makes your wrap fall down so wrap your hair with a scarf and night and incorporate all those tips so that you're doing it properly without causing any breakage so of course Alexandria you have to trim your ends first or is going to continue to snap and pop and those are my tips that I have to use so that you can wrap your hair better for when you're going to bed at night or just to prepare you for a style so thats it I hope this video has also help you all who have wondered about that as well and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you be automatically entered for giveaways that I do and also only there I update you all with exclusive content so until then I'll see each and every one of you in my very next video


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