How To Get Naturally Perfect Looking Eyebrows Step By Step Tutorial

Breanna Rutter


I have been receiving overwhelming requests to do an eyebrow tutorial on how to fill in eyebrows, specifically my brows because they look very natural and beautiful. I noticed there wasn't many eyebrow tutorials for black women so I thought that you all would enjoy this tutorial on how I do my brows. Thanks for the compliments everybody, I had no idea my eyebrows really stood out C:


To honor your requests, I present you all a video on my eyebrow tutorial routine for your enjoyment!


Products Used For Eyebrow Tutorial


L.A. Colors Auto Eye Liner Pencil


L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder Collection Warm Caramel #308


Makeup Brush Kit 22pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set With Pink Bag
Contains Spoolie and Flat Eyeshadow Brush


Hairstyle Worn In This Eyebrow Tutorial
Yarn Wraps DVD 


Thanks For Watching!



Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and today this video is because of the overwhelming request I've gotten to do an eyebrow tutorial a lot of people say that they really like my eyebrows because they look very natural and I think it was really that special but I guess I do a pretty good job at it because so many people want to see how I do it so I'm going to be teaching you how I do my eyebrows my way with my technique so as you can see one of my brows look a lot more neat and filled in while the other looks a little bit different and that's because my left eyebrow is finished and my right eyebrow is not I do not have any product on my right brow and my right brow is the natural look of my brow now right before I show you how to fill in my eyebrow to complete the look that I like what I am going to do is briefly explain how I get the desired shape or how I actually grown them so as you can see what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my clean mascara wand or it's called a spoolie as well and what I do to groom my brow is I take my spoolie and I comb all of my hair's straight up so I just generally comb all the way up making sure all of my hairs are straight up and then I take a pair of scissors and I skim any hairs that hang over my brow straight across were very clean and consistent cut that now you can see some of them kind of like lay different weird directions everyone's eyebrows are unique and I just make sure that when I comb my hairs up I take my scissors and I gently trim straight across the top of them and then when I'm finished I take my spoolie and I comb all of my hairs in its natural shape I rarely ever pluck my brows I like to just make sure that my hairs arent too long when I comb them over and as you can see naturally it looks like I have holes in my eyebrow like little small gaps and spaces and I don't it's just that some of my hairs are fine and some of my hairs in my brow are a little bit thicker everyone's brows are different so to make sure that have a consistent look in my brow what I do is I fill it in with an eye liner pencil so the eyeliner pencil I like to use when doing so is called an auto pencil or a auto eyeliner and the reason why it's called and auto eyeliner is because you can screw the cap to make the top of your eyeliner come up or out up or down and I like to use this instead of using a regular pencil liner that I will have to constantly shave with a pencil sharpener so this is a lot more easier for me and it gives a more consistent look I like to use the color black because I like my brows to look more dark and richer you can always use a dark brown a light brown or even shades of red if you want your brow to have some type of tone or color to it but just with this black eyeliner pencil what I'm going to do is use very small strokes like this to imitate the fact that it looks like a hair so that way it blends in with my brow more effectively so what I like to do is always start in the beginning area of my brow and work my way back and what you do is you find an area where it looks a little bit sparse and you place your pencil there and you lightly stroke up you just flick your pencil upwards to mimic the hairs or the shape of your hairs on your brow now you never want to place your pencil on your brow and drag it across your skin to fill in because it will make it look like you did eyebrows with a sharpie or very thick pencil and you dont want that type of look to have a very natural look you have to mimic little small strokes as if you're actually drawing individual pieces of hairs on your brow thats how you get the best brows for your face so now just find spaces that needs to be filled in now just a little do very small strokes right up into that space you just want to pay attention to the growth pattern of different hairs across your brow so my growth pattern here kind of sticks this way so what I do is I kind of draw like little small little hairs as if it's growing like that and then here's an area here at the top so I just fill in and just like that I'm barely touching my skin or my hair with my pencil that's the technique to making sure that your brows are natural is barely want to use any product so what I'm doing is I'm just finding any spaces that I want to fill in and I know it looks a little messy but once you finish doing this you going to comb all of your hairs in place so what I am going to do is continue finishing filling spaces to finish off the ends what I like to do is always a little small strokes as if my brows a little bit longer around towards the ends more than it normally is just because I like my brow to extend out just a little bit so now I'm almost finished and what I want to do is use my spoolie to comb all of my hairs in place when you are combing your hairs if you notice that you need to add a little bit more product you can do so after you comb you can just fill in any areas that you want to fill in some after you do that you can leave your brow as is or you can add a highlight so that way it looks a little bit more clean and sharp so in order to add a highlight what you want to do is use a flat stiff eye shadow brush and you want to use some type of pressed powder that's one or two shades lighter than your skin tone it can be one shade for more of a milder effect which I like to use or if you need two shades lighter so that way it looks more dramatic so you just use the tip of your brush you just pick up just a little bit of product if you always use a little bit of product every step of the way your brows look very natural so then all you do is you go right underneath the arch of your brow's and you press there and then you just bring the rest down to the tips or right underneath the ends and what I like to do is pat and then as I near the end I like to drag it just a little bit so that way looks a little bit more sharp at the very ends of my brow in then for the very top you take a little bit more product with your stiff Eyeshadow brush and you are going to do the same thing to the top of your brow some i am going to go at the very top of the arch right here and I am going to press just a little bit and then I'm drag the rest down towards the ends so now once more I am going to add another layer to the top like that and I'm going to drag the rest down to the ends so that is the big secret to my brow is that I just make sure that I only use a little bit of product is a black eyeliner pencil and then I just pressed powder that's about a shade lighter into my skin tone to give a very natural even a consistent looking affect so that way my brows look very natural and beautiful so as you can see filling in your brows is a super easy and quick process and the biggest secret is now all you have to do is just use a little bit of product so if you have your spoolie a stiff eye shadow brush a little bit of pressed powder and eyeliner you can achieve the perfect brows for your face so I hope this tutorial has helped I hope youve learned a lot about how to do some little simple things to pull of the look that you want and thank you all so must for your compliments I really didn't think my brows were really that special but I just hope that this tutorial has helped someone and if you want to know more information about the products that I used to achieve my brown check out the description box below for more thanks for watching and until next time I'll see you all in another video


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