How Do You Keep Your Hair Moisturized In Box Braids?

Breanna Rutter


Rhonda asked this question because she wants to wear box braids more often so I hope this video helps you!


It is so easy to keep your hair moisturized in box braids, way more easier that moisturizing your hair underneath a sew in hair style.


1st Answer: Moisten your scalp with water and run oiled fingers down your parts.

Water Spray Bottle

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil (My Favorite oil to use)


2nd Answer: Spray box braids with a conditioner/water solution, gently run oiled hands down braids.

Spray Bottle

Conditioner from My Book, “The Natural Hair Bible”


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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for this special vlog I love to answer all of the questions that you are send me via email so you have any questions that you would like to be answered make sure to check out the description box for more information so now we're going to get right on to the vlog in this vlog is inspired by question that Rhonda sent me Rhonda sent me a question asking me how do I keep my hair moisturizing box braids she was telling me that she had a problem with her already dry hair and that when she wears her box braids and takes them down her hair is even drier and she hates going through that she hates the brittle feeling that at leaves her hair feeling like so Rhonda I'm going to give you some tips that is going to keep your hair moisturizer and keep your hair healthy even though your way extensions my very first tip to keeping your hair moisturized is to simply moisturize your hair a lot of women think that things change the whole game changes when they get extensions done they think they have to care after it differently they can't wash their hair they can’t conditioner their hair or do anything to it and thats totally false because you have to do the same types of things that you do if your hair is not in extensions just like you do when it’s in extensions so I am going to explain this a little bit more is that when you're taking care of your hair just think that you want to do the same things but everything is watered-down say for instance you are wearing box braids on his Rhonda is wearing box braids and say for instance she likes to keep her box braids in for three months what she needs to do is wash her hair as frequently as she has always done say fro instance she washes her hair once a week what you want to do is grab your favorite shampoo that you always even though you got braids in her hair you want to use the same things you always use on your hair to get your favorite shampoo and get some type of a bottle that you could use not really a spray bottle but more of an applicator bottle so that solution can come out and you want to water it down so you can display were portions where you can do one part shampoo and two parts water or one part shampoo with three parts water you just want to be liquidy enough to really help run for your braids and cleanse your scalp if it's really goopy shampooed you're working into your braids and on your parts its going to be hard to wash all the shampoo out and it going to strip your hair really bad so water down your shampoo squirt it on your scalp and use your finger pads to massage your parts your roots and your scalp the cleanse your hair of any bacteria or debris that you have and then as you normally do you condition your hair afterwards you do the same thing you use a cup or applicator bottle whatever you can store a little bit of solution in and you put in your conditioner and water it down with water then you apply it onto your braids and onto your scalp you rub it in gently and you rinse it out you that that's how you can do a co wash with your braids you can even deep condition your hair put on your favorite conditioner but just water it down a little bit and deep condition your hair whether you like to do that for about 20 or 30 minutes have a long the main point of this is that you don't have to worry about doing anything different with your hair if you are wearing extensions you just want to water down your product and go to the same motion but because you have braids and you don't want to be too aggressive just use the pads of your fingers and gently massage your scalp gently massage your braids and rinse all of the product out of your hair so the second part to this question the second answer portion to this question that she had about keeping her hair moisturized is that you have the seal in the moisture so as I’ve said you can use the same products you going to go about the same routine you've always done you just watering down your products and the same applies to keeping your hair locked in with moisture so if you have a favorite moisturizer you like to use rub it in your palms first and then rub your hands over your scalp in your braids and then to seal in that moisture you take your favorite oil that you like to use to lock in moisture into your hair you are going to rub that oil on your hands and you are just going to rub it down your braids its just as simple is then you can even take the nozzle that’s connected to your oil if you could squirt it onto your scalp just squirt a little bit once your scalp were put on your fingertips to really massage and moisturize your scalp to keep your hair and your scalp moisturize while you are wearing extensions it's super easy it's not as difficult as some people may make it seem just when you are wearing extensions to the same thing they've always done but water down all of your products so you can effectively rinse it out of your hair so I hope this video help you Rhonda the just know they know you your box braids you can do the same things you've always done even with your hair free and if any of you have any additional questions that you would like answered make sure to check out the description box for more information but until then see you all in my next vlog


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