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Jazzy said for the last seven years she has studied black hair care and she has been following all of the advice for growing her hair and retaining length but she still can’t get her hair to grow past a certain length. She even listed all the things that she uses and does to keep her hair healthy and growing and in my book, she is doing everything right. The only reason left as to why she can’t grow past a certain length is because of genetics.

I will give you 5 points on why I believe some people will never have long hair.


• For hair and in life, genetics play a bigger role than many of us would not like to acknowledge. For example, you are born at a certain height, eye color, hair type, body shape and so much more that results from the genetics you were born with. Someone may be born with hair that can grow all the way to the floor and someone may only be able to grow their hair to their shoulders despite doing everything it takes to retain length.


• You can only blame genetics if for at least 6 years, you have done everything best for your hair day in and day out to grow your hair and it is still at a certain length. That’s when you can conclude that you are affected by genetics but if you have not done the best for your hair every single day for 6 years straight, you cants blame genetics, you have to keep taking care of your hair in the best way to grow it and retain length.


• I've met so many people who don’t do anything but shampoo and condition their hair and their hair still flourish and grow to long lengths. Some individuals can retain length easily with little to no help and some individuals have to do everything they possibly can to retain length. I’ve also met people who have been doing everything they can for 5 years and still have shorter hair than someone who have been growing their hair for 2 years with no research or maintenance on how to care for their hair. This is true to the varying differences in genetics.


• Personally, I do not have the best genetics when it comes to achieving very long hair because of how coily my hair is. This is only a disadvantage genetically if you care to have long hair. I believe I can and will have long hair but I know that I will have a harder time because I have to do everything it takes to grow and retain length to achieve my goals. Is it a bad thing? No because I have advantages and disadvantages to the genetics I was dealt and so does everyone else. The grass is always greener on the other side so keep watering your grass to make it greener. Do everything you can to grow long hair to reach your best potential despite how easy it may be for someone else.


• Accept your hair at the length that you have and love yourself despite your hair length because these are some things you just can’t change because there are some things you just can’t change about yourself no matter how hard you try.

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so any of you have any questions that you would like for me to answer check out its box below for more information this video is because of an email that I received from jazzy and jazzy goes on to say that for seven years she has been doing everything that she can and learning as much as she can for hair growth so for seven years she's been applying all of this knowledge to her hair and its stagnant at the same length she feels as though she doesn't understand why this is happening and if there's anything that she's doing wrong to let her know so she gave me the whole spill about all the products the different things that she's using what she's doing to take care of her hair at night in the morning and different things like that and in my book everything checked out to the fact that she should be growing her hair and retaining length so she doesn't understand why she cannot go back to certainly considering that she's doing everything that's possible to help the hair and I see where she's at and am also going to break down five points on why I believe that a lot of people will never be able to achieve long hair point number one so jazzy my first point is that I know that you are doing everything correct you are keeping up with your trims you are deep conditioning you make sure the sleep with a satin or silk bonnet and everything possible it is to retain length you doing everything correct and the only issue of why your hair will never be able to reach past a certain length is because of genetics. genetics controls everything about you you're born with a certain tone or look to your skin your born with a certain eye color your one with a certain bone structure you're born at a certain height you're going to be athletic are not as athletic as someone else so genetics has a lot to do with your highest potential and because you've been doing everything you can for seven years every day in and out doing what's best for your hair and following everything to a T you're at your terminal length you're at the longest length that you as a person individually genetically can naturally reach now someone else may genetically be able to reach a longer length and there has been plenty of different situations of women I've seen have hair that reached down to the floor and some people want the hair some people don't but genetically that's probably the longest length that they can actually grow as an individual person now someone else may be able to only go there hair say for instance to their shoulders and after that it just doesn't get any longer no matter how much they do to it or what they're doing to keep it healthy so just to let you know yes you are doing everything and your hair is growing in its healthy but you will only be able to reach a specifically because it's all due to genetics point number two so my second point is to talk a little bit more about genetics and what it has to do with hair growth for hair length because I know a lot of you watching are wondering okay what how do I know if my genetics is affecting the length that I am at or whether or not I will be at a longer length or a shorter length and what I want to tell you is that genetics the only way you can blame genetics is if day in and day out for six years you've been doing everything you possibly can to grow your hair and retain length and yet is still stagnant at a specifically length this is due to the fact that hair goes to a lifecycle and there's three stages of this lifecycle you have the Anagen phase the Catagen phase and the Telogen phase and I go through extreme detail about the phases of hair growth in my books so if you want to learn detail information about hair and what to do to combat different things to grow your hair longer and understand the growth cycle then you can check that out but a break down really quick is that the Anagen phase is the phase in which her hair is growing from the scalp the Catagen phase is the resting phase because this is the phase hair is no longer growing but this is the phase where its shifting into the Telogen phase and the Telogen phase is when you shed your hair and a new hair begins to grow and which is the Anagen phase now the last phase before your hair actually falls out which is the Catagen phase is the phase that is at least about four somewhere between 4 to 6 years so if you been doing everything day in and day out on the dot to grow your hair and retain length and you're doing everything that you're possibly supposed to do to do that for six years straight that's your terminal length thats your longest length of hair whether its waist length whether it's back length whether it shoulder length whether his neck length so if you're doing everything you possibly can that's your longest length of hair so do not dismiss genetics if you have not been going in day in and day out doing trims your deep conditions and protective styling and things like that to keep your hair growing your retaining length for six years straight she's been doing everything for seven years straight in her hair still is that is certain length so that's her terminally now you have to keep doing the things that's right and keep learning your hair if you don't meet those specific requirements because when you do you will see where your terminal length is as well point number three so jazzy my third point is that in this instance some people are just more genetically blessed than others to grow their hair to long lengths and what I mean by this is that it's present in a lot of different ethnicities you will see someone who's white who simply just shampoo and conditions there hair and making it there hair to grow all the way to their hips and yet you can see an instance of someone who's been growing there hair for five years and been day in and day out doing everything possible to retain link and grow their hair and are still growing very slowly or that at a stagnant length this is just a difference and a prime example in genetics someone can literally have no experience with styling or caring for their hair or maintaining it and yet they can just make sure to just keep her hair clean and maybe not even condition it as much as what you would in a can still get very long hair especially when it comes to the actual grade or texture of your hair now if you have very curly or coily hair like say for instance like I do I have type 4 natural hair I have to do everything that I could possibly do to get my hair to grow to a length that I want and also to grow consistently I had to keep up with my trims because I can easily get split ends and single-strand knots at the ends have to keep it protected so that way is not going through that additional manipulation that will also cause breakage and I have to keep my hair moisturize of the dryness will make it break and also make it become very frizzy near the ends which leads to damage so this is just the cards that I've been dealt I know that I can get longhair if I keep putting in the work just like anyone else who has long hair in my situation they just kept doing the right things every single day to grow their hair and at a long length but at one point you going to hit that terminal length because that's how genetics is so I want you to understand that yes you can keep doing everything that you can but it's obvious that you've already hit the length or the length of hair that you are already genetically predisposed to point number four so my forth point is that we always want to believe that the grass is greener on the other side but in reality each and every one of us has advantages and disadvantages in life and genetically so genetically speaking your at your terminal length of hair that's the longest length of hair that you genetically been blessed with now this is a problem if this is not the length that you want you because actually want to longer length so in a sense that's your disadvantage genetically but you may have a different advantage in another area if you have naturally white teeth or if you have a naturally very curvy structure to your body or a very slender and petite frame to your body you may be at an advantage because you're smarter than someone else or you have accumulated certain degrees and things like that so just because you are at a disadvantage genetically doesn't mean that you are not or that you are in different areas of your life whether we're speaking just on genetics or also in other realms of your life for some people they wish to have a certain relationship like somebody else because they felt like their love is perfect rather than a relationship they have so there is always something that you feel that you have or don't have that you think someone else has or doesn’t and we are at an equal playing field here because there are advantages and disadvantages that I have genetically and even in my life than someone else has in their situation point number five so jazzy my last and final point that I want to express to just tie this all in together to bring home is that you just have to love your hair no matter what length you have or what length you are desiring to have and then you also just have except yourself and always because there's a lot of things that no matter how hard we try we cannot change about ourselves so in this instance whether your hair is a collarbone length shoulderlength waist length floor length you just have to accept the hair that you have because is your hair there is somebody trust me there is somebody wishing they had your hair they had the type of thickness or the type of thinness that you have to look to your hair they want the type of curls you have or the type of straightness that you have does something that you have with your hair that someone is coveting over and wishing they could have and everyone is like that in different ways because we always look to someone else or something else to say I wish to have that will be so cool my hair look like that were my hair did this so that accept the length that you have and flaunted and appreciated and embrace it because trust me there are a lot of people both in different situations in life and different things that happened that wish they could have hair so simply appreciate the fact that you can actually have hair and grow your hair and enjoy your hair and also in the sense of even in body types that are always of people wish that they body looked a certain way some people wish there will be more muscular some people wish they had a little bit more on cushion to their body because they feel like their bodies are too masculine or muscular some people wish they were taller shorter were genetically here where genetically at the position that would had to look a certain way speak a certain way to sound a certain way to like certain colors to appreciate certain styles and things like that so just to tie it in together your hair appreciate it and love it so thank you for your email I hope that I can put a lot of things into perspective as far genetics and things like that to help you to understand that everyone does have a terminal length especially if you've been doing everything day in and day out to grow your hair as I want to thank all of you for watching and of course leave me any comments on anything that was spoken and continue to express the things that you would like to continue to see and of course email me before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically entered for giveaways that I do and also only their I will update you all with exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video


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