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Sherrie started having problems after switching relaxer treatments and immediately notices thinner straighter hair with breakage. 


#1 Switch to a milder version of the relaxer offered by the brand you were originally using

Go back to using the original relaxer that you were previously using or you could use the mildest version of the relaxer you were once using. Since a relaxer is a chemical processing treatment, I suggest that you consult with a licensed hairstylist that will work with your hair to make sure that you are getting the proper correction.


#2 Get layers cut into your hair to make your hair appear more voluminous

To help tailor your hair to the thinning caused by your relaxers, add layers into your hair for movement and body. If you trim your hair like a blunt cut, it will make your hair look even thinner so request for your stylist or consult with them on whether or not adding layers into your hair will work for your hair.

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer questions that you all send me via email so you have any questions you like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is because of an email I received from Sherry, Sherry emailed me saying that she relaxes her own hair and she switched between using a different type of relaxer or a different lots of brand she's noticing that her hair is dramatically thinning and breaking she's really afraid she doesn't want to lose her hair so she needs some help as far as what she needs to do to get it back healthy so my very first tip is that I suggest that you switch back to the relaxer that has been working the thing is that depending on the type relaxer use is going to contain higher level of sodium hydroxide guanidine or different things like that so these are straightening agent that's in the product that's the most active part or the most active ingredient in the product that actually straightness your hair of your balance between brands and between strains you want to get an adverse effect on your hair because it can cause thinning and things like that now my second tip is that when you do go back to your brand to make sure that you're using a milder version of the one you were when using I know that most things are most relaxes are labeled like a relaxers mild super an extra super strength and you just need to use the lowest strength offered by your specific brand that you were using before so that way you're not straightening your hair too much because whatever you are using is causing your hair to get thinner so definitely switch back to the brand that you have been using from the beginning to make sure you're using the strength that is of the lowest strength within that brand my last tip that I'm going to suggest is that when you have done this process on your hair you cannot reverse the fact that you've thinned because you chemically change the composition of your hair so in order to make your hair look a little bit more of a woman as you can add some layers into your hair if you know how to cut your hair to layers you can go ahead and do that or you can go to someone who is licensed or someone who has the ability to do a great cup for you and have them add some layers into your hair this will dramatically thicken the appearance of your hair but it will give your hair more movement as if it's thicker you can have a blunt cut were all of the ends are at one point in it all goes down to a to a straight line or to an even point that this is a want to make your hair look bigger just to make your hair look blunt so to give the illusion of thickness you have to get some layers out into your hair you definitely have to switch back to the relaxer you originally started with so I'm sorry to tell you but if you want to be chemically changing the structure of your hair to straighten it and it dramatically gets then you wont have to go back to a different relaxer and just try your best to allow your hair to grow in as thick as it used to be so I hope these tips to help you and deafly be careful when you're doing this process because that's why I always suggest that everyone sees a licensed cosmetologist because when you are dealing with chemicals you can permanently damage your hair so we this in the hands of someone who's been trained to do the service for you I hope all my tips of help if any of you have any questions or comments make sure to let me know and also before any of you go sign up to my email list so that way can be automatically answered for giveaways that do and only their update you with exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video


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