How To Remove Glue From Weft Weaving Hair

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of the most popular books that natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so if you have any questions you like for me to answer check out the description box for more information this video is due to an email I received from Cecelia and she goes on to say that she has used weft glue on her extensions to glue in her hair and now that she take them out it's hard reuse them because it's hard for her to get the glue off of her extensions so of course that's a big issue especially if you want to keep your extensions and reuse them again so Im going to give you some tips to help you out for the situation the very first thing is that I suggest that if you are going to be gluing in your extensions that you use extensions that you don't mind throwning away not now the problem with using very expensive extensions is that if you are putting glue on it youre try your best to get the glue off you are scraping it with your fingernails filing it and doing all types types of crazy stuff but it's very difficult to get glue off your extensions so it's just better to put glue on extensions that are disposable instead of wasting extensions that you spent a lot of money now my second tip is in a situation when you glued your expensive extensions anyway and you still trying to get the glue off is to use 100% pure acetone to get the glue to harden up and bead off the extensions so acetone is what you use as fingernail polish remover but I want you use 100% acetone because I know a lot of moisturizers and different things are put into regular nail polish remover and that won't make it easy enough for you to actually remove the glue off of the weft so use 100% pure acetone pour it over just the wefted part of your tracks so that way the glue will harden and you can actually get it off now my last tip that I suggest for you to do is to make sure that when you are putting the acetone on your tracks or on the weft part of your tracks that you actually make sure to put some type of moisturizer on the hair or deep condition your extensions first prior to doing acetone is very drying if you've ever noticed using nail polish remover on your fingers that they kinda look a little crackly when you're getting a polish off its because it has a very drying effect it's wicking away any moisture in any product that's on your finger so when you're putting acetone on your extensions it can make your extensions very dry especially right under the weft so make sure that you're putting a moisturizer on your hair or deep condition your hair first before removing the glue so Cecelia I hope everything goes well for you and It should because acetone is great for removing glue off of your hair so next time make sure that you are going to buy some disposable extension so that way and I having this issue anymore out this video helped you and also have everyone else who is watching and before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically entered for giveaways that I do and also only they are update you all the exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video

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