Transitioning Relaxed Hair Breakage!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I answer questions that you all send me via email so you have any questions you like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is because of an email that I received from Aja says that she's 13 years old and she seen plenty of adults and plenty of adults try the conversion method she says she has only thing one kid try and she doesn’t know how the result worked out for them but she wants to know how do you actually do it and what will happen and how much growth can see with your hair when doing so Aja I am going to give you some tips but first I want to disclaim the fact that if you are going to do this got to do it, the supervision of your parents or an adult I don't suggest that you try to by yourself whatsoever in the also consult with a doctor because if you have any type of issues with blood pressure or have had strokes previously this can be an issue with doing the inversion method so I am going to give you some tips and as scary I probably made it sound it’s really not that scary but I do suggest that you consult with an adult before trying this yourself now the very first thing is that the inversion method is becoming so popular because it supposedly helps you gain more of a length of hair then you would a typical rate of growth the typical rate of growth is about half an inch of hair per month so that means that end-of-the-year you should see a growth of about 6 inches a lot of people don't want to 6 inches of growth in a year and that's why the inversion method is so popular is because it's is supposed to help you to grow your hair at a faster rate now to do the inversion method the very first thing you have to do is perform a hot oil treatment your choice of oil depends on or you like to use but the quality of your oil should be virgin cold pressed oils virgin oils contain just the oil from that specific seed plant and the fact that has cold pressed me that the process that it went through to be extracted from the seed or plant is allowing for it to be very absorbable into your skin and hair cold pressed virgin oils are oils of the highest quality whether you are using coconut oil Olive Oil grapeseed oil or whatever your oil of choice so refer to the description box if you want links to the oils and I prefer for you to use but any who you want to make sure that you ae using a cold pressed virgin oil and they are doing and hot oil treatment your hair first treat scalp and also your hair you can warm oil up in like a little bowl or cup or container something like that in the microwave for maybe about a minute or less you don’t want the oil to because it'll burn you scalp so I would say do it for about 20 to 30 seconds and then add more time for heating up the oil you need to know the second thing that you're supposed to do is you're supposed to tilt your head at a downward elevation for about 15 minutes (correction 5 minutes) you are supposed to lower your head slowly either over a sink or laydown in your bed and lower your head over the bed for about 15 minutes (correction 5 minutes) and then after that you supposed to slowly rise up now the point of doing this is simple for a variety reason first you're using a highly penetrable oil is moisturizing your hair and scalp in delivering the nutrients they need also because oil is warm is going to increase blood flow because if more nutrients are flowing to your hair your hair can grow faster and then the fact that you tilt upside down for about 15 minutes (correction 5 minutes) is going to rush blood to your head to actually benefit the growth of your hair now the last thing I want to mention is that a lot of people have said that they've been able to grow 1/2 inch of hair and week 1/3 and inch of hair in two weeks and even to 3 inches in one month and I've never personally tried it once you probably should because hey who doesn’t want more length of hair but I just don't really want to in a sense because I don't want to have any head rushes I want to go to any situations where having headaches or anything like that but if you want to do this you can try under the supervision of an adult or consulting with your doctor before doing this because you want to have anything wrong with you know any situations like that so if you are going to do this you can try to see if it works for you this has not worked out for everyone there but when you people who have tried this but this is like the new craze with doing the inversion method to actually grow your hair longer so go ahead and give it a try it checked out my book not in my book but what I mean is according to what I believe grow your hair what I know will grow your hair increase blood flow and increase the chance to your scalp and hair this was going to definitely promote growth so we understand that and they take all this into consideration and give it a try if you would like and also for all of you watching I would love you share me anything that has worked for you if you've even tried this or any results you have gotten from it so thanks for your email and also want to thank all of you for watching this video before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that way you can be automatically answered for giveaways that do and also only their I update you all with exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video


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