What Is My Hair Porosity? FIND OUT HERE!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions that you all send me via email so any of you had any questions that you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is dedicated to an email that I received from Tiffany, Tiffany says that she has relaxed hair and that also she hardly uses he and she tried the strand test to see how is her porosity levels of her hair but she said he gave her inconsistent results so she's not sure if that's the way to test her hair or how she's actually able to figure out her level of porosity so thanks for your email Tiffany because I want to address actually the whole strand water testing thing for porosity because I don't agree with the technique for a number of reasons first of all it is a given that you can have inconsistent results when you're doing a strength test because not all of your hair is at the same level of porosity now most of your hair will either leave one of the many three different types of porosity levels your hair most of your hair will either be high porosity low porosity or average or medium porosity so if I test a strand of hair from the left side of my head and then I test one from the right side of my head is going to respond differently when doing the strand test with water that's why I don't suggest it's if you want to figure it out what I suggest doing other things to see where your hair falls in line with that so if you have high porosity hair and you're doing the water test was supposed to happen is that your hair is supposed to become filled with so much water and get heavier and actually sinks to the bottom and according to the test if you have media porosity it's supposed to flow somewhere in the middle of the cup of water and if you have low porosity that means has a hard time absorbing water which means it just sticks to the top because it can't have any additional weight since its low porosity now the way you're supposed to do this test is you're supposed to get just a regular cup of water you're supposed to fill it with water and make sure that it's at room temperature so leave the cup water account for about eight hours or maybe a couple of hours and then go ahead and drop strand of hair to see what happens but you're going to inconsistent results depending on the fact that not all of your hair is the exact same level of product so in order to determine you have to see what's their overall porosity and the first thing is that when you have high porosity here usually notice that you suffer from a lot of chronic dryness so you know they are always having to put a moisturizer in your hair your eyes having to wet your hair to keep the moisturize this is probably mostly due to the fact that you have high porosity now if you have medium porosity hair your hair doesn't tend to be as dry because you can usually maintain an appropriate level of moisture using typical hair care products and then if you have low porosity hair you'll usually notice that your hair may feel a little bit as if it's more thicker in a sense because it will feel as though your hair isn't really grasping or the individual strands of hair isn't really as moisturized even though you just put a moisturizer in its hey tall tale way to tell if you have low porosity hair is that your products will sit on top of your strands and take forever to absorb a great way to test this out is by using extra-virgin oils to see how well your hair Response to them while it's actually absorbing the product so of course you can use coconut oil you can use avocado oil you can use olive oil you can use one or blend of all three you want to place that on your hair while it is wet and you want to test to see how long it's taking for your hair to actually dry so if you wake up in the morning your hair is still wet this is mostly due to the fact that you have low porosity hair now if your hair takes average time throughout the day to dry it's usually medium porosity and then if it's high porosity your hair should usually dry anywhere between an hour to three or maybe an hour to about four hours and that's usually of hair that has a very high porosity level so the best way to tell is always to see how well your hair is actually responding to specific ingredients in your products and also the last tip that I want to make sure to let you know is that when you're using heat on your hair it will give you a false sense of high porosity because what heat does is it forces your cuticles to be raised and open which allows for product to penetrate very quickly and easily into your strands so that's why it's such a great thing that when your deep conditioning you are using heat to open up your cuticles that the purpose of using heat from your actual just had alone put a cap over your head or to use a steamer because Heat is opening up your cuticles to allow more penetration of a product thus keeping your hair moisturized so I hope you understand that the water test is not that I suggest that a lot of individuals but as though they figured out their hair porosity from doing so you just have to see how your hair is actually responding to using certain products if you want to know more information go ahead and search for the things that you need for my website if you want more info on this topic but until then I'll see you all in my next video 

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