Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair Home Remedies

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions that you all send me via email so maybe if you have any questions you would like for me to answer check out the description box for more information this video is focused on an email that I received from Abby, Abby emailed me saying that she's trying to figure out what type of hair damage she is having because is looks like she has some split ends and then some knots at the ends of her hair and she hates this because she likes wearing it straight but her ends always look so scraggly and knotted and things like like that so I'm going to just tell you some typical ways to see the different types of damage you will have near the ends and what you can do to fix it and also what you can do to keep your hair healthy especially when you want to do different types of hair styles so first there are so many different ways to identify what damage looks like near the ends and the 3 most infamous ways of seeing damage in the ends are single-strand knots tapered ends and split ends now you have different things like a right offshoot or a tree split ends and things like that and if in really what you need to focus on is the fact that when you look at the ends of your hair that it is consistently is the same diameter from the midshaft or at your root and all the way down if you are noticing that your hair is gradually getting thinner that means you may be experiencing some breakage near the ends and its causing your hair to look thinner near the ends or if you get your hair cut in a certain type of layered style with your hair is cut in layers then you will notice that your hair looks to be a little bit more thinner near the ends and this doesn't mean damage that's why you have to look at your ends and you've already identified that you have and is in single-strand knots now split ends is the natural cure is this just the weather and tear of your hair when the and split this could be from you using heat on your hair too frequently that can cause your hair to split at the ends or can just be just the natural just the natural evolution of the ends of your hair you don't have a little bit of breakage here and there throughout your entire life even if you do everything healthy the ends are the oldest part of your hair so one day or another you are going to see a few split ends you just have to maintain the health of your hair with some occasional trims now single-strand knots comes from your hair actually curling near the ends on itself the best way to eliminate that and also minimize it is to make sure that your hair is in a stretched style as its drying so most likely if you're experiencing a lot of single-strand knots it will be safe to assume that you have natural hair because this is a huge problem especially with very coily natural hair is that the ends will actually call upon himself and create a fairy knot a.k.a. single-strand knot so make sure that when you are done washing or co washing your hair and you put your moisturizer on it that you braid or twist all the way down to the ends to make the hair as stretched as possible so it's not actually shrinking on itself as its drying that's how the knots are actual created so its not you flat ironing your hair that is creating these knots it’s the way that you are allowing your hair to dry before you actually begin flat ironing so just incorporate those tips and be sure to make sure that your deep conditioning to keep your hair healthy especially if you are straightening your hair I'll suggest that you use a deep conditioner that's built with humectants and cold pressed virgin oils so that way can penetrate your hair best and keep moisturizer for a longer period of time some great ways to make a homemade conditioner of course is to use things like banana egg honey and maybe even some mayo to help you to maintain moisturized hair on the other hand if you need some more protein in your hair because your hair doesn't feel as strong throughout the week then you should probably try making some type of egg concoction with maybe a egg and mayo or egg and banana to do a mild protein treatment but if you need something more intensive then I would suggest that you use hydrolyzed protein so go ahead and go into the description box to find out more information that you need or search for anything that I've talked about in this video on my website if you want to learn more so I hope this has helped you to understand that yes as many as you know what it is so is time for you to trim and just keep incorporate good things to keep you healthy and thriving so thanks for your email and also I want to thank all of you for watching these videos before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list because only their I update you all with exclusive content and you will be answered into giveaways so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video

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