Hair Tips For Winter Weather!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions that you all send me via email so you have any questions that you will like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is all because of an email that I received from Carissa, Carissa email me because she says it gets so cold in Canada and when that wind is wicking at her hair and she often experiences breakage so what can she do to minimize this she doesn't want to where we as a braids and things like that she just wants to wear her hair how it is but she's having issues with her hair in the wintertime in Canada so Carissa I am going to give you some tips that want to preserve you and keep your hair healthy and something that you can do to minimize this so the very first thing is that when you are applying products your hair make sure that you're using ingredients that is going to help you to actually seal in your moisture now for many people using products like coconut oil and on olive oil and sometimes grape seed oil is not heavy enough to provide that sealed in locked and moisture that they would need to maintain moisturized hair the best way to prevent your hair from being wicked of too much moisture from your hair is to use some type of heavy oil or butter on your hair so refer to my book the black hair manual pocket guide for choosing your best hair care products because I created the book to teach you what ingredients to look for your specific type of hair is everyone's hair is different you have different curl type and you have different porosity which puts a lot into the type of product that is going to actually prevent your hair from losing moisture so go ahead and check that out if you need help shopping for products but just make sure they are products contain heavier borders or oils to prevent moisture from leaving your hair not another thing is that no matter where you're at your hair is going to be affected by temperature in the air has too much water in it such as a high level of humidity you going to have frizzy hair more often in the hair is going to always feel like it swelled up with water and if you live in a climate that's dry you have the opposite your hair is always going to be dry its going to always feel like it needs moisture now our hair is also affected by temperatures when you're rinsing your hair with hot water for example your cuticles raise which is why it's very important when you're deep conditioning you have some type of heat source to keep your cuticles raised so that your hair can absorb the product very easily and then when rinsing with cold water what happens is if you could lie down flat and this helps your hair to retain moisture easier and better and makes it to have more shiny hair know my last tip is that you have to protective style so that your ends are not being treated so harshly by the cold weather no you don't have to where we don't have to wear braids or extensions anything like that you do need to work in some type of style is going to conceal your ends so great style that you can to our being to not another great style banti knot another great style are twist outs you can do two strand twists you can do mini twists another style you can do our individual braids onto your hair a great way to preserve your length to prevent a lot of single-strand knots and breakage and things like that is to somehow braid your ends together and tuck them with pin them onto your hair so you can do a lot of creative styles with this you can even do flat twists with two strands with some type of the Mohawk style but you need to contain all of your hair together to prevent the extreme temperatures for making your and very brittle so I hope those tips is helped you and that you can to that Canadian weather so thank you for your email and I want to thank all of you for watching as well so what are the type of things that you all like to do in the wintertime let me know and I'll before you go make sure to sign up for my email is so that way you can be automatically answered for giveaways that I do it only their I will update while the exclusive content so until then I was you are in my very next video

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