Green House Effect For Hair Growth

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the Natural Hair Bible and founder of for these videos is the questions that you are send me via email so you have any questions you like for me to answer check out the description box for more information this video is because of email I received from Karen, Karen emailed me asking whether or not the greenhouse effect is something she should do to keep her hair healthy and moisturized while wearing braids so Karen tell you some things by the greenhouse effect to help you understand a little bit better and also give you tips along the way to keep your hair healthy so the very first thing is that the greenhouse effect is just literally an overnight deep conditioning process what you're supposed to do is put your deep conditioner on your hair and then you supposed to secure the hair in the conditioner and trapping heat from your scalp was some type of plastic covering whether you're using a shower cap or a plastic bag of that sort the greenhouse effect is the effect of the heat escaping your scalp staying trapped within your on headspace so that way your cuticles can remain open as a deep conditioning product penetrates the hair now I don't suggest for anyone to do this for a number of reasons number one because when you are deep conditioning your hair there's only a potential amount of space that the inside of your hair holds him out on the products you put onto your hair your hair is has limited amount of space so even if your hair is very dry or you have to much protein there is only so much protein your hair can hold as well as so much moisture your hair can hold that's why don't you just the greenhouse effect because you are leaving the product on for too long you're going to get the effect in about 10 to 15 minutes from doing a deep conditioning process anyway and then if you're leaving it on for too long it is over time make your hair mushy and it’s going to make it hard for your hair to maintain a certain level of protein so instead of doing the greenhouse effect I suggest that alternately you make sure that you're supplying your hair while wearing braids with some type of moisturizing product or a protein product now if you already deep conditioned your hair first before you actually began doing your braids or putting your braids into your head then you can just spray your braids with some type of just water and then you can put oil onto the outside of your braids so what you can do is just take a little small spritz bottle, fill it with water spray your braids lubricate your hands with oil and run your hands down your braids this is going to seal the moisture into your hair and keep it moisturized for longer period of time now if you didn't do this you didn't do your deep conditioner before you got a style installed then you have to make sure that you are alternating between moisturizing your hair as well as adding protein to your hair want to know more information all about moisture and protein balance when it comes to hair care then check out my website for that but I wanted to focus this video on letting you know that the greenhouse effect is not what I suggest because your hair only has a limited amount of space to hold product and water and the only thing that you're doing is just leaving it on longer than what you actually have to which could lead to limp and dull hair so I hope you understand those tips and that you just incorporate some moisture and protein alternately at least every day or every other day to your hair whatever is needed for you so thanks for email Karen and I want to thank you all for watching as well before any of you go make sure to sign up to my email is so that way can be automatically entered for giveaways that I do and only their update you are with exclusive content so until then I'll see you all in my very next video

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