Can You Heat Train Natural Hair?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I love to answer the questions that you all send me via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is because an email that I received from Tanisha, Tanisha goes on to say that she is a new subscriber to my YouTube channel and also she has armpit length curly hair and she's transitioning she likes to use heat very often which uses low heat and she's having issue with her thinning hair so how can she fix this situation of her hair thinning so Tanisha I got some tips for you and if you begin to apply these things you are going to get the thickness back in your hair so the very first thing I'm going to say is that you need to stop using heat on your hair even though you say you are using low heat the issue is that if your hair is thinning your singeing and burning your hair and that's what's causing it to actually thin so I don't know how low of a heat you're using but I always suggest that you start anywhere between 300 to 350° to achieve your highest level of straightness that you like but because I don't your temperature I can't say whether or not it is due to that so even though you say you are using low heat it's probably causing heat damage so right now you have to stop using heat on your hair now the second tip I want to suggest to get your hair back on the right track is you need to start alternating between deep conditioning treatments and protein treatments the problem with using heat on your hair is that over time if you're doing it constantly it is going to deplete your hair of protein and moisture so in order to get your hair back healthy you have to alternate between the two so once a week to a deep conditioning process and in the next week to a protein process and keep going back and forth if you're noticing that your hair is becoming too stiff maybe you need to let down on he protein but this should help you balance your hair back out this obviously is becoming unhealthy now my last tip is that is all around better for to just use a weave when you want to achieve straight hair when you are transitioning one of the biggest temptations is to try to blame both of you touches a pair with heat which is actually a worse option when you are trying to blend both different textures of hair it is best that you do for rods you do flexi rods braid outs and things like that never place your security on using heat because that's the easiest way to causing damage and a loss of length so instead do a full sewin or braids or different things like that to give you more of a straighter look instead of constantly putting heat on your hair so often and so I hope my advice has help you I know you probably didn't want to hear the advice of stopped using heat that's often the biggest crutch when it comes to transitioning hair that a lot of people feel the need to do which is actually the worst thing you can do for your hair in this situation so I hope this information has helped you all as well if you have any comments or further questions let me know but until then I will see all of you in my very next video

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