BEST Oil For Oil Rinsing!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for this video I will be answering a question that was sent to me from Pamela Pamela emailed me saying that she's new to the idea of oil rinsing she's heard me mention in various other videos but what she wants me to do is actually go with an explanation as far as how to actually perform an oil rinse and also give some tips along the way so thank you Pamela for your email I am going to breakdown some things that you want to do when oil rinsing as well as provide some tips so the very first thing that I am going to state is that you have to begin with freshly shampoo washed hair you don't want any product buildup on your hair you don't want dirty hair you don't want two day old twist out hair you want freshly damp shampooed hair your hair has to be clean and I prefer that right before you do an oil rinse that you shampoo with a sulfate shampoo now I dont suggest shampooing your hair frequently with a sulfate shampoo I suggest that you only do it to do a deep cleans to strip the outside of your hair of any type of product buildup or grime or anything like that so that way is starting off with clean perfectly clean hair now after you shampooed hair the next thing that you want to do is make sure that you are applying an adequate supply of oil to your hair so when you are using oil it has to be of course of a liquidy consistency which is about the third said that I was going to suggest is that you want to make sure that the your oil of choice is a loose consistency this gives you a range of oils from using castor oil for example coconut oil almond oil grape seed oil olive oil jojoba oil those are very great ways to use when you are oil rinsing because the thing is if use very heavy oils like maybe Shea oil for example or other type of seed or nut oils this will cause a lot of buildup and it will be harder to actually rinse out it effectively as you are oil rinsing the trick is that you want to use as light of an oil as possible while also rinsing out the remaining oil that is left on your hair so on wet shampooed hair previously shampooed you have to apply large amount maybe possibly a palm-sized amount of oil to your hair you are going to rub it all through your hair make sure you're focusing on root to mid-shaft because the remaining oil will actually start to drip and slide down your hair regardless so don't worry about the ends worry about oiling you root area and mid-length or mid-shaft area of your hair and then continue to rub the oil down section by section depending on how thick your hair is to make sure that all of your hair is covered now for the last part of oil rinsing you have to actually rinse your hair out you don't want to just go on and just style your hair because now you have oil everywhere you oil dripping off already previously shampooed hair is you hair because your hair is wet when you put the oil on so what you want to do is gently rinse your hair with warm to cool water first I will suggest that you rinse your hair with warm water for about three to four minutes to make sure that the oil is very lubricated all the way down your strands and then for the last minute I want you to make sure that your rinsing your hair with cool water make sure you do this with the coolest water you can stand because the thing is that your hair is very sensitive to temperature all of our hairs are very sensitive to temperature when you are washing your hair with warm water your cuticles raise or your scales raise on the outside of the hair strands and that allows for the hair to absorb oil and also to observe water as well now when you rinse with cold water what it does is it forces your hair to be as smooth and as shiny as possible this will force your cuticles to lie straight flat now which actually retains the water in the oil that you have placed on your hair so the final rinse is like a little shock rinse you are just going to gently rinse your hair through with the coolest water you can stand so that way you're helping your hair to retain as much moisture as possible this is a great tip for people who feel like i what’s hard for them to manage their hair because it's dry all the time is that when you are rinsing your hair out the shower whether it's after you've just finished co-washing or shampooing hit your hair with a little bit of cool water run it through for about a minute or two as much as you can stand so that way it minimizes the frizziness and the poofiness also it helps your cuticles to lie down and straight as flat as possible to your hair so that way its not exposing and moving moisture away from the inside of your hair so that's kind of I guess like a talk through explanation about how to oil rinse now everyone is different some people like to make sure that they actually deep condition first before the oil rinse because they feel like they can benefit more and in some individuals like to use and what thicker consistency of oil to oil rinse with so start off with the suggestions that I've given you but adapt your hair and your specific things to what work best for you as well so thanks for your email thank you all watching and before any of you go make sure to sign up to my email list so that you can be automatically entered into any giveaways that I do and also only there you can receive exclusive content so until then I'll see all of you in my very next video


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