How Fast & Long Can Black Hair Grow?

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of for these videos I answer the questions that you all send via email so you have any questions that you would like for me to answer check out the description box below for more information this video is dedicated to an email that I received from Trish, Trish emailed me saying that she has a long natural hair when she straightens it, it goes past her shoulders but she's trying to figure out how to get along hair and how to get it faster so I know a lot of you always send me a lot of emails I get probably every other emails about how to get long hair past and I'm here to tell you that just like everyone else you have an average rate of growth hair is going to only grow on average about half an inch of my some individuals may grow little faster some individuals may grow a little slower but this is just average so if you are seeing a length of an additional half an inch or little under that were little over that every month the means you are growing hair as fast as what's naturally capable of growing hair now there are things that you can do to help increase your rate of growth and another thing that you can do is to make sure to incorporate essential oils into your hair care regimen the three essential oils the Kings of essential oils that I always recommend when you want to grow your hair long and speed up the growth is by using lavender essential oil sage essential oil and rosemary essential oil these oils are superb and when you match them up to others they compete way better to grow your hair Then other oils to so if you want to know more information about that check out my website but also another thing that is going to help you to grow your hair is by doing it through food is the best way to get your best hair and to get your best overall self eating well is going to give you this clarity in your mind it's not going to feel all foggy it's going to make you feel more clearheaded eating well is also going to help you on the waistline and eating well is also going to help you to grow your hair faster especially if you're eating with a purpose so if you want to learn more about books and things that I've talked about how to do that go and check out the description box as well as my website but the key things is going to help you to increase that growth in your hair is by increasing your protein levels and also your Omega fat levels is very easy to increase your protein levels by eating things like eggs and fish and turkey and steak and things like that and if you choose not to actually eat any animal products you can get a lot of protein through almonds and almond milk and in different nuts and seeds and things like that and then also you can increase your Omega fats by taking on fish Vitamins and Also by Actually Just Eating Fish Eating Oysters and Eating Things That Are High in Those Omega Fats You Can Also Get Omega Fats Instead of Getting from Animals Is to Eat Them from Avocados, Avocados Are High in Omega Fats, Omega Fats and Proteins Are the Two Key Things that is Responsible for Helping You to Grow Your Hair at a Faster Pace Now a Faster Pace Could Mean That Maybe Instead of Your Hair Growing on Average of Half an Inch a Month It Actually Grows a Two Thirds of an Inch a Month so Just Keep Doing All the Things That You Need to Do to Help Your Hair Grow Long and Another Thing Is That You Can Just Make Sure Also to Take a Multivitamin Every Day When All of Your on the Needs of Your Cells in Your Body Are Being Met the Extra Vitamins in Your Body Is Going to Be Pushed Towards Your External Extremities Such As Your Nails and Your Hair Your Eyelashes and Your Skin the Body Is Only Going to Prioritize What Is Best for the inside First so First the Body Is Going to Make Sure to Assimilate All Your Vitamins and Nutrients That You're Eating to the Organs in Your Body to Your Actual cells on a Cellular Level and Then What's Left over Will Show in Your Nails and Show Your Hair and Things like That and I Know There's Been a Huge Thing about the Whole Hair Vitamin Thing and on Whether or Not It Works or Doesn't Work Whether You're Specifically Taking Something Labeled a Hair Vitamins Were Specifically Taking Something Labeled a Multivitamin Both of Them Have the Same Type of Ingredients Is Want to Help You to Grow Your Hair Because When You Have an Excess of Vitamins Is Going to Show through Your Skin through Your Hair and through Your Nails Solve This Is Help You to Understand That to Grow Your Hair Fast You Can Do so by Eating with a Purpose of Increasing Your Vitamin Levels and Also Making Sure That You're Keeping up with All the Basic Things That You Need to Take Care of Your Hair so Thanks for Your Email and I Want to Thank Everyone for Watching and i Also Had a Question Do You Think That Shoulderlength Hair Is Long or Do You Feel like Longer Determined by You Is Something of a Differently What Are You Link Goals so until Then I'll See All of You in My Very Next Video

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