What Size Locs Should I Get? Locing Hair 101!

Breanna Rutter


Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these videos I love to answer the question you all send me via email so any of you have any questions you would like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for more information so I am going to get right into this video and this video is because of an email Velsa sent me Velsa says that she's interested and possibly locking her hair but she's not sure about the different kinds of locks so that way she can gauge what kind of look she wants as well as what maintenance things she wants to keep up with if she does decide to lock her hair so you gave such a loaded question that is so much to explain what want to do him to break down some to simple key elements as far as locks and give you some context along the way as far as maintenance and different things like that then you have to incorporate if you do decide to travel to the locking world so the very first thing that I want to talk about just is the different kinds of locks there there are many but it's really not a big difference between them really the difference is in the size so you have your traditional locks or dreadlocks which are probably no bigger than your actual index finger or maybe a little bit bigger than your index finger and then you have sister locks which are very small tiny amounts of hair that have been locked so it almost looks like from a distance that the hair is unlocked but it really is a just called sister locks and then you also have freeform locks which means that you actually allow your hair to grow and mat just allow it to mat and takes the different shapes of what it looks like as it clumps together some people like this look some people hate this look but these are a just the different kinds of looks that you can achieve with your locks another thing I want to mention is that if you really want to have a more neat appearance or visible parting in your hair I will suggest that you steer away from the freeform locks and you just go more towards a traditional locks or sister locks what you want to do as well when you are doing your locks or someone else is doing locks is that they do a technique called Palm rolling which helps to condense the hair just a little bit for more natural appearance as well as help tighten your hair at the roots so this is just called re-twisting or re-tightening your locks when you're Palm rolling to achieve so and then another maintenance or technique tip that some people do when you're taking care of your locks is that they the latch hook technique what you would use is a regular crochet latch hook that you want used to do crochet braids you want to make sure that you use a small one and you use this tool to reach in through your lock and pull stray hairs or short hairs up through your locks so you actually going all the way through the lock you're just focusing on the roots this is just to help tidy and grab all the hair and keep it all tidy together because when you're twisting your generally just more so twisting the outside and overtime the inside of the lock actually mats and condenses but with the latch you are forcing the inside of your roots to be more tighter as you are tightening your locks the more you get into this you are going to understand all the things that I'm talking about this is a general overview of the different types of maintenance things that you are you going to have to incorporate if you do decide to lock your hair and I'm just going to talk about freeform locks just a little bit more with freeform locks they are just as clean and neat as traditional locks but it depends on the wearer it depends if you want your hair to take a shape it just goes where wants want to go that's really what freeform is is that your hair is growing out you're just letting it you're letting it mat and letting it shape and you can use your fingers to mold certain sections of your hair to go certain directions but it really you know incorporate the latching technique or you don't incorporate Palm rolling whatsoever so sometimes you will notice that if you're sleeping on your locks in the morning the back and be flat or it just looks a little weird but naturally as it gets longer it will hang but the purpose of freeform is to allow your hair to just look like a different like weird pieces are sticking up or clumping or breaking off in different directions is a very free type of hairstyle so I hope all these explanations has helped you to guide you on what you want because if you want very small tiny locks then you should go more with sister locks if you want to go to traditional route you should go with traditional locks or you can even do freeform locks if you want so thank you and yeah thank you all for watching this video if any of you are interested in not leave any comments below any other questions you may have or if you are locking your hair will have had locks leave down suggestions or tips or just your experience and testimony as well when you are locking and wearing locks with your hair so thank you all for watching thank you all for your emails and until next time I'll see you are in my very next video

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